Tuesday, March 02, 2010

News You Can Use

Copying and collating 350 copies of a six-page program? Takes a really long time. So...if you wanted coffee, you should definitely get it first. Because otherwise you will be forced to hit cancel at 10:10 even though you've been there since 8:45 and done all your homework and caught up on Twitter and downloaded a bunch of useless apps because you seriously need that latte and what? There's milk in it so it's totally healthy. And then you'll feel like a bad employee and have to try to figure out when to come back and do the final sixty copies. Thankfully, the number I had was enough.

Ooh. I ran into (quite literally, I couldn't really see over the stack of 20,000 pages I was holding) my thesis advisor in the hallway. And we had an actual conversation. That did not involve him looking past my head or at the ground or anything. Complete sentences, y'all. I'm almost sad I have to leave.

Big Daddy also came into the office but he didn't see me and I would have had to go flying out of the copy room screaming, "Joe! Hey! Remember me!? You accepted me into grad school! Yeah. Thanks for that! Have you heard anything about the TA positions yet???"

And that would have just been weird.

Okay. So that's the story of my morning. Very exciting.

Not so exciting- I'm watching The Longest Hatred in class for the third time. We're about to get to the Nostra Aetate shout-out.

This is clearly my favorite part. Obviously.


mickey said...

I heard about the TA position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rockford said...

I guess if you had asked him this morning about the TA positions he would have known!!!! Congratulations!!! This was one of the best days ever!!!!