Saturday, December 31, 2005

Little Things

These are da bomb. Feel free to get them for Lupe for next Christmas.

Happy New Year...

But you probably could have figured it out from the picture, now, couldn't you??? I have such intelligent readers. :)

I will again be eschewing what I like to think would be bountiful invitations to major events and staying home with my parents (who will probably fall asleep) and drink Baileys and probably read an esoteric history of some British monarch. Fun, huh? Do I know how to be young or what??? I feel so werid, like I skipped the whole part of my life where I need to have constant stimulation and human contact and am now in the mid-thirties where I really just want to stay home with my husband and children. Except I lack either a husband or children. Which makes staying home with them a little bit of an issue.

But I kid, our New Years is always fun. My dad makes a lot of food, and usually milkshakes, but I didn't see any preparations for those today, so not so sure about that, and we just watch TV. When we were little we watched New Years Eve on Sesame Street, which I thought was just the bomb because all the adults came back home and had celebrated at midnight with their kids and their Muppets. As a child who had amazing parents who also eschewed numerous party invitations to stay home and watch Sesame Street, I was appalled that Maria and Louis would go out and leave Gabriella. But then they came back, and everything was happy again. Now we watch Dick Clark and yell at the moronic pop stars...good times...

Totally changing the topic, I have too many e-mail addresses. It's crazy. They take up half the space on that little AOL bar up there. I've got my regular screen name, the super-secret screen name I had to set up when Stalker Boy decided I was the mother of his children despite the fact that I think I made it pretty damn clear that having his children was not incredibly high on my To Do list for that week (which nobody uses except eBay...), the Yahoo one that I use at least as much as AOL because it's the only one I can get at school and they give you fun little graphics, the one from the school I actually go to, which sometimes decides to be a bitch and not work at all, and finally today I got one from the school that hasn't even accepted me yet, but they sent a little note urging me to check it every day. That's five. For a girl who could assign one to each friend and come up with an obscenely high number left over, this is a little bit irritating.

Going to go eat...everybody drink your orange juice...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cutest Little Crazy...

...that you ever did see!!!!!

Lupe's Christmas

...was surprisingly good. Especially since I was expecting one that we'd all just as soon forget about. But it wasn't---it was really good. Santa went a little teeny bit crazy this year, which I totally didn't mind. I got a bunch of DVD sets (both Arrested Developments!!!!!! YAY!!!!!), and a bunch of DVDs (expensive Apollo 13!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!), a couple of books (Her Little Majesty!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!), a beautiful box (increased economy for third world nations!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) American Girl (a friend for Felicity!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!).

Yes, I realize that I'm eighteen.

But Felicity needed a friend. Kind of like when Mom took Imladris and me to the the American Girl store when we were really little, and we could each buy one thing for our dolls. I chose a dress or something. Colleen chose a friend. :) And got lots of loverly gifts from family, too. Lurve my Magic Erasers... ;)

It feels like I've seen bunches and bunches of movies lately, but I guess it's really only been two. Fun With Dick and Jane was quite funny...but it's a lot of Jim Carrey. I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Carrey's, but it was a lot of him. Still funny. And the Family Stone was funnier than I thought it would be, actually. But there was that dying mom storyline that you totally didn't see coming that made Finding Neverland look like the feel-good movie of the year. Still really good, though. I still need to see Cheaper By the Dozen and Rumor Has It.

Hung out with Mary at Borders yesterday---super fun. Except I wasted five bucks on an icky frozen pretzel and bad coffee. But I got two books and a CD. (Requiem!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Note: The Mozart Requiem is the best background music for daydreaming, musing, or just being upset. It makes everything seem way more dramatic. Seriously, I sat on my floor staring at a dust bunny for an hour last night, and I wasn't bored. Amazing.

Crap, I'm late...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Am Domestic Goddess

(Note: These are not my cookies. These were downloaded off of Google Images. I did not take the time to decorete them with different colors. I prefer the method of decorating where you just turn the bowl of frosting upside down and let it drizzle over the cookies. Way more easy.)

Am like a prison-tattoo-free Martha Stewart. Am also talking like Bridget Jones. Must stop now.

Anyhoodles, I have made three batches of cookies in the last two days, as well as some rather deleriously good fudge, if I do say so myself. What brought on this sudden burst of domesticity, you ask???
1.) We were getting dangerously low on cookies.
2.) Mommie Dearest always insists on being hospitable and offering Christmas cookies for desert on Chrismas.
3.) While this is a lovely habit, I wanted cookies left over. ;)

And they all turned out pretty well. Mexican Wedding Cakes were easy and quick and made five dozen (always a Good Thing). I had to use a flashlight and a yardstick trying to find the various parts of the spritz machine in our Completely Impractical Corner Cabinet, but we eventually found them, and eventually figured out how to work it, and eventually made cookies that really did resemble wreaths and not just blobs of green crap. And the cute little cutouts were going quite well until I got about halfway through and knocked the bowl off the counter and it dumped the dough right in the trash, which I was kind of secretly thankful for because then I didn't have to wipe it up off the floor. How sad is that???

The fudge is Pretty Damn Awesome, too, if you ask me. Hopefully there will be more than four people to eat it... :P

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

HAHAHAHA...okay, only one person will get this. Whatever.

Today's Drool-Worthy Picture...

...goes to, who else??? The Revered Mr. Depp. I'm in a pro-Finding Neverland mood after watching Jamie Foxx "sing" on Regis and Kelly this morning. *gag* Except it wasn't Regis and Kelly, it was Regis and Bonnie Hunt, which was okay too because she's hilarious and they showed clips from Cheaper By the Dozen 2. I have a confession to make. *looks around* I loved Cheaper By the Dozen. I really did. Even though I was ready to kill Hillary Duff after twenty minutes, I still loved it. I even bought the DVD. I have issues.

So many movies coming out, no??? There are like three that I want to see this week, and Flighplan is at a cheap theater, but it leaves on Friday, so I'm trying to figure out a time when that would work. Fun with Dick and Jane looks absolutely hilarious, and I really want to see the Family Stone. And then Rumor Has It comes out on Christmas, which looks kinda funny. Maybe because I find the idea of Anne Bancroft (rest her soul) morphing into Shirley McClaine a Little Bit Hilarious.

I am sitting here drinking my coffee with soy milk because we're out of real milk. Word of advice- Don't. Just. Don't. You will regret it. It's not pretty.

Oh, and I'm sending telepathic thoughts to my professors to send me my grades. Law Person is already two days late, and this is not good for my nerves. I need to know if I failed!!!! *looks at picture above and calms down---then goes crazy for completely different reason*

Going to go attempt to bake Christmas cookies in spite of the fact that I cannot seem to figure out how to work that damn Spritz machine thingy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's amazing

Johnny makes everything better... :D

Monday, December 19, 2005


..who else thinks that Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman are the same person???

(P.S. Read the other post from today. I know its long and boring but I need your approval to know my self worth!!!! :)

The caption on this picture...

...actually said, "Yes, you may right click and save." Because clearly this person who owned the website realized that this picture was too good for her to keep to herself. I find that a Little Bit Funny.

Anyhoodles, how is everybody's Monday going??? Good, I hope. Mine's not, really. I'm torn between worrying about the alive members of my family and mourning the loss of the furry ones, and comforting the other, more emotional members of my family who are really mourning the loss of the furry ones. It's a very confusing time. Hence the need to find odd Alan pictures on the internet.

That aside, I'm quite content now with having surfed the web for half an hour with a loverly little cup of coffee. I actually haven't had breakfast since last Monday, for the simply reason that I could not figure out what normal people ate for breakfast. Usually, this is not a problem, as I buy coffee and a bagel/muffin at school on the days that I have school, and sleep past the time I get hungry on the days that I don't. See? Need for breakfast alieviated. Unfortunately, the Cute Little Cafe would be upset if I showed up every morning now that school's over. However, being a Smart Young Woman, I decided to go to the grocery and get bagels and coffee and make my own breakfast. (Or, really, I put them on a list and my dad got them. I'm not making drastic strides towards independence here...) How industrious is that??? ;)

Saw King Kong this weekend. Yeah, pretty good. I mean, I'm glad I went, kind of in that War of the Worlds sense, where you're glad you saw this huge movie, but it was too long and there were too many odd creatures and shooting. I couldn't really not go, though, because every time I pass up going to a movie with Imladris I end up falling desperatly in love with whoever starred in it. It's just a curse. That didn't happen this time, though. I was only into Adrian Brody for three minutes freshman year when we had a TA in gym who looked kind of like him. Pretty good, though. We lurve Peter Jackson.

Went electronics shopping in my mom's room yesterday. Quite fun, actually. I was randomly commenting on the fact that my alarm clock/radio/CD player was broken, and I really needed a new one, and she offered me my dad's, who hadn't used it since, oh, we moved in. So I got that all set up, and then I realized that my phone was really annoying me, because it was corded and what's the point of having a phone in your room if you have to sit on the floor with your back against a box spring anyway? So I commented again on how I needed a cordless phone. And my mom gave me one that they had in their room, but weren't really using. It was awesome. She saved me like seventy bucks of electronics!!!!

I am being forced against my will to wear my glasses for the next two days. Damn prescription eye drops...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I promise I'm not stealing Imladris's idea...

Image hosted by          bloodyhell.png

...but these were too good to pass up. Love the pissed off one. :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Image hosted by

Even as Willy Freakin' Wonka Johnny deserves an award!!! Apparently the HFPA thought so too, because he's nominated for a Golden Globe!!!!!!!!! *thud* I'm so happy!!!!

Of course, he's up against Joaquin Phoenix, who is such a critical darling despite being a crazy, but I can still hope, right??? And Hugh Laurie's up for best actor in a TV series!!! It's a good day!!!!! :D

Pride and Prejudice is up for best musical or comedy!!! Yay!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Exams Taken: 3
Exams Failed: 1 definately, two probably. Hell, maybe even three!
Exams Left: 1
Percentage of Me that Cares Anymore: .5

I have a constant headache. It's not fair.

This weekend was good---saw Pride and Prejudice again. Super good movie. The crowd was full of lonely single women who were still clinging to the idea that their Mr. Darcy is going to come...of course, I was with my sister, so that's kind of sad, too. But I'm young. I have an excuse for being pitiful. Anyhoodles, we luuurrrrrrrrvvvvvveeeeeee Mr. Darcy. :D

And Imladris and I did our traditional holiday viewing of Love, Actually...ah, good movie. Although we realized that the more we watch a movie, the less of it we actually see, because we're just yelling random comments at the screen. The necklace is mine, bitch!!!!!!! ;)

Why doesn't anybody write about Artemisia Gentileschi??? I could only find one book on her, and it was a novel, and it dealt mainly with incest. Ick. Going to go read about Catherine de Medici instead.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I Rock

I do. I've been accepted to one of the schools I applied to with a several-thousand dollar scholarship right off the bat, I got an A on my research paper, I'm totally ready/don't even care anymore (accounting) for exams next week, and I just took an accounting quiz (which we all know is the work of the devil and should be banned) and only had to guess on like three questions! Now, granted the quiz was only ten quetsions, but still. I'm feeling rather good about this. :)

Anyhoodles, who saw CSI last night??? Was it good??? I had to go to Mass and haven't watched the tape yet. And I couldn't even concentrate during Mass. Thought about Point of No Return throughout most of it. Inappropriate, I know. Mary kept looking at me and laughing. I don't think that was terribly appropriate either... ;) And, for her enjoyment, so she doesn't have to keep scrolling down the page, I'll repost our phone conversation that she gets so much joy from, although I'm not entirely sure why...

Mary: Mary: What was your risk? I need a risk!!
Me: Um...I left high school and started college at fifteen.
Mary: *pause* Damn!!! That's a good risk!!! How did you start?
Me: With a quote by Anais Nin.
Mary: You know what? I'm hanging up now...

Happy now???

Monday, December 05, 2005

That's it...

Image hosted by

...we're buying The Island. And National Treasure. And a South Korean bootleg copy of Anna Karenina.

Too Many Books

Do you ever have this problem? When you simply have too many books to read? I'm finishing one today, I have one on the Medici family that looks amazing, a great biography of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt out from the library, and volumes of Dostoyvesky that I really, really want to read but never seem to find the time to. (They are seven hundred pages, in my defense...) And 1776. I've had that one for two months.

But before all these I have to go to Borders and buy The Moonstone. Elizabeth Kostova, who wrote the amazingly brilliant The Historian (everyone go buy it- NOW!!!) was recommending it in Entertainment Weekly this week, and it sounded really good. And then I remembered- it was on Wishbone!!!! Remember that one, girls??? I only have a vague recollection of it, I think there was a servant girl standing on a cliff and something about a poison ring, and Wishbone, of course, was the main guy. So now I have to buy it. Thank goodness it's only $6.75!

And then that got me thinking about Wishbone, and how awesome that show was. I never had an aversion to being taught, but for kids who didn't really want to learn, it was the perfect way to introduce them to literature. And even I, who enjoy nineteeth century Russian literature, was not devouring Shakespeare and Dumas at seven. Not even Austen. I still haven't read Ivanhoe or The Prince and the Pauper, because they both looke exceedingly boring, but I know what they're about, and that makes me feel like a Productive Member of Society. :) I really hope they either come back on again or release them on DVD before I have kids, because I can't imagine them not having them see those.

Onto non-book related items, because I know certain people make it a point never to read anything other than a Las Vegas Guide Book or anything that starts and/or ends with "Walt Disney World", I really hurt. We decorated for Chrstimas yesterday, and I pulled something lugging one of the huge trees upstairs. And now I've got that sciatic pain down the back of my leg. You know, the one that makes you not able to move??? Lupe's not pleased. And she's got a boatload of work to do this week. Grrr. Not in a good mood. Especially since I was researching this sculpture I have to write a paper on, and it said that there was a replica in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, which made me remember that memebers of my family will be there next week for the second time in the last three hours or something and I'm just going to be writing about good ol' Nike of Samothrace. Grrr. And why the hell is she in Caesar's Palace, anyway???? She was a Greek sculpture, not Roman, and not from when Julius Caesar was around- or any of the Caesars for that matter. Ugh. Crap, I'm late for class...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Finally Updated... TV blog. This is what avoiding your research papers will get you. Read and comment, please!!! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Josh is happy for me...

Image hosted by I am now a full college applicant. You know, the stuff that everybody else does in the first couple of weeks of September? I prefer the last three days before the deadline. It's not like this semester has been really easy on me, people!!! Most seniors don't have to worry about Clorox vs. Lysol toilet bowl cleaners!!!

Anyhoodles, I started- and finished- them on Monday night. Including a beautiful essay about a risk I took. Mary was having trouble with hers. This was our conversation last night.

Mary: What was your risk? I need a risk!!

Me: Um...I left high school and started college at fifteen.

Mary: *pause* Damn!!! That's a good risk!!! How did you start?

Me: With a quote by Anais Nin.

Mary: You know what? I'm hanging up now... killed me.

So now I have nothing left to do but wait for the "I'm sorry, you are simply not qualified enough to attend out institution" letters to start rolling in. I catastrophize like this. There is no reason for at least a couple of the schools I applied to to accept me- suffice to say we stayed away from the Ivy League, but I'm convinced they're not going to. Ugh.

Best part of the whole thing is that now I can finally stop getting those threatening e-mails from my first-choice school. The ones that open with, "You moron. You only have a week before the friggin' deadline. Now, I'm not saying that it's going to affect your admission, but if you can't even figure out the DEADLINE, mabye you shouldn't be considering our institute of higher learning. IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU? WHAT, IS MENSA CALLING???? Sincerely, ----- University Admissions Department." I love those. And this is one of the places that rates you based on how many time you contact the university for information. Hmmm. Given that I delete the e-mails before reading because I regret beig made to feel like a loser, I'm thinking this is not boding well for me. Hmmm.

Ugh. But it's over now. Yay!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Except it's not. It's ten to eight in the morning. But it looks like nightime. It's very dark, and very rainy, and very foggy, and there were lots of Irresponsible Drivers on the road who thought it was a good idea to pass somebody when your visibility is like 1%. Okay, only one, but still. And my hair is a wet ball of fuzz now because it was raining so hard when I walked in. Bugger. Not that I'm happy to be here in the first place, because it's always hard to go back after a long break.

Anyhoodles, I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. Well, I kind of know how everybody's went. Imladris's apparently sucked, Mary didn't do anything, and anonymous spent part of the evening with me. Which I totally appreciate, by the way. Despite the fact that it wasn't the way it was supposed to be, it ended up okay. And I'm not holding out for Christmas. Optimism has never served me well. I'm from the Oscar Wilde school of thought.

What else did I do this weekend? (I'm seriously thinking, I don't remember...) Oh- I went to see Pride and Prejudice on Friday, which was super amazingly good. I forgot the conglomeration of guys that Imladris suggested, but Mr. Darcy is HOT. I love Colin Firth to death, and he will always be special to me, but this guy was more like Book Darcy, I thought. As I was buying tickets the young woman behind the desk was like, "Yeah, it's not sold out. Although it should be, because it's friggin' amazing!" HAHAHAHA. And yesterday I saw Just Friends with Imladris and Mary. It was incredibly funny! I thought it was going to be a super stupid rather Suriving-Christmas-like movie, but it really wasn't. Ryan Reynolds is so funny. How he puts up with Alanis Morisette, I don't know...

Also watched Apollo 13 on TV this weekend. I love that movie. I was incredibly young the first time I saw it...I watched it with a friend and her mom who sadly passed away when I was nine or ten, so I must have been younger than that. Which is strange, because it's PG-13, and my parents gave the MPAA a run for their money in terms of protectedness. I understood none of it, though. Why that woman was in Kevin Bacon's shower was a mystery to me (and frankly, even now I don't want to think about it). I personally think Kevin Bacon was a poor casting choice. Do you really want to be orbitting the earth with your life in Six-Degrees-Of's hands??? I wouldn't. And poor Mac!!! They should have let him go up. He never got the measles!!! Even though he ended up saving all of their asses in the end. Showed that surgeon.

Going to go glance over my accounting homework. Ick.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


GAH!!! It's snowing!!!!!!!!! Love the snow! So pretty and soft and a b*tch to drive in, but I don't even care because it's so pretty when it falls on the trees. And right before Thanksgiving, too!!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday, because you know you still have a month of festivity...with Christmas it's like, yeah, I'm gonna go eat the rest of the turkey and then pass out. And then go back to school. But with Thanksgiving you still have all that to look forward to! I do hope it stops before I have to drive again, though. :p

Didn't do much yesterday...pretty boring, actually. Went shopping, but only for boring stuff, and then sat at the doctor's office for and hour and a half. Not fun.

Am now trying to eat a muffin without getting it on my white sweater. Hmmm...Oooh, and tonight I get to bake! I suck at it. These pumpkin pies should be interesting....

New CSI:NY episode tonight---yay!!! It looks like a creepy one, too---dolls. Dolls are inherantly creepy. Except the American Girls. I still play with mine. Well, not really play, but dress up. Felicity is in her palace gown sitting on my bed right now, and Kirsten in dressed up and in a chair. The rest of them are around the house...I remember when I told my dad that I wanted Molly (this was a couple of years after I had gotten Kirsten). His reply? "Why? You already have one of those." See, I think they should not let the guys work this case. Because you know it's gonna be like this...

Danny: We found your hair on this doll.
Stella: *cough*Uh, no, we didn't, Danny...we found his hair on the other one...
Danny: What? They look the same...

That would be how my father would be as a CSI. :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas Music...

...before Thanksgiving should be outlawed. Not all of it, of course, because I listen to Joshie sing Believe and O Holy Night all year round, but that's kind of for a different reason. But when the radio station you listen to plays it nonstop...that's what gets kind of annoying...

Good weekend. Tiring weekend, but good nonetheless. I kept waking up at like eight and then feeling really rested, so I got up. And then by ten it was like my body realized "Wait. You kept us up till two last night. Now we will make you pay." Not fun. Breakfast with Mary was good though...mmmm...Snape...ahem, moving on...

And good news on my whole quest for higher education front (not that I've actually started applying to colleges yet...I'm such a bad person...), but I got into the class that I really wanted but was waitlisted for. So I have my ideal schedule! Well, not really, because my law class got moved, so I have to go every single day now, but still. This is awesome- it means I don't have to take accounting again!!! Alleluia!

Didn't really watch any good TV this weekend. Saw the beginning of Grey's Anatomy last night, but then turned it off to read Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens because I was totally into it and Mary was about to go all crazy on Elizabeth's a** when she wouldn't give her safe passage through to Scotland. I don't think that was very nice. Everyone should read this book, by the way. It looks kind of long and intimidating and boring, but it's totally not. I read over two hundred pages of it yesterday...

Everybody should watch CSI: Miami tonight!!! Looks quite interesting!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Things I Will Do for Middle Aged British Men... include sitting in a theater until three in the morning for movies I don't even like. Wow, I have some serious issues. :p

No, I kid, the movie was good. It was fun..."Come on, you're the adult!!!" And the sheer anticipation that all the other people in the theater were showing was kind of infectious. Or maybe Imladris was just hitting my arm so hard I started to get lightheaded. Either way, I saw the fourth Harry Potter movie last night. Pretty good. Not as good a film as the third one, but a very entertaining movie.

Alan was in it in the background a lot, even though he only had one line for the first two hours. And only like three in the whole thing. But the "The use of it on students is...regrettably forbidden" line was worth the price of admission. Well, especially for me since my parents bought the tickets, but whatever... Why doesn't Snape ever show his little deatheater mark thing??? That would rock!!!

Q: What does Ralph Fiennes look like without a nose?
A: Not nearly as hot. At least seventy-five percent of his hotness is in the nose apparently. And in not being evil incarnate. But that's rather irrelevant, really, given my fascination with other slightly misguided characters in the franchise...

Speaking of which, I would personally like to thank Eileen for coming up with a theory that explains the events that happen at the end of the sixth book (that I've never read, btw) in a sympathetic-to-Snape light...I appreciate it!

And the Moaning Myrtle part was hilarious, but only if you know Jude from Bridget Jones's Diary. I was just sitting there thinking, "Oh my gosh, Jude is harassing Harry Potter...this can't be right..."

I was quite tired this morning, though, when my rude alarm awoke me at ten to seven. Grrr. I bought the biggest coffee this damn place offers...

My art class was mercifully low-impact- we watched a PBS video on the Medici family. Ah, those Medici's...15th century Florence's answer to the mob. Except they don't have a Francis Ford Coppola movie made about them. Still, they bought the papacy. That's gotta count for something...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Two Good Things and One Bad Thing

It's a pretty good ratio, I think...

First Good Thing: It's snowing!!! Yay!!!! I mean, just that piddly little lake effect stuff that doesn't really count, but still!!! Everybody whines about snow, but I just love it. Unless it means I can't go somewhere. Then I don't like it. But this is just beautiful!!!

Second Good Thing: I got my keys with my Josh keychains back!!! I lost them like a month ago at a hospital, and figured that, as it's been a long time, I was never going to see them again. But they found them!!! Yayness!!!

One Bad Thing: Matthew McConaughey was named Sexiest Man Alive. Grrr. What the hell??? Why not Johnny again??? Hmmm??? Matthew McConaughey just bugs me. He looks so arrogant and so "I know I'm hot" and it negates any physical hotness he may have had in the first place. (And it's there- I'm not blind...) He just seems like an arrogant person to me. At least it wasn't that guy from Desperate Housewives. That would have really sucked. He bugs me for than Matthew McConaughey...

Finally, I updated my TV blog with stuff about CSI: Miami this and comment, please!!! :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Too Early For a Title

So you're not getting one. Deal with it.

I'm so tired. So unbelievably tired. I don't know why- I didn't exactly do anything strenuous yesterday, or all weekend for that matter, and I went to bed at ten thirty last night. I don't know, it's like I've been in a perpetual state of exhaustion since eighth grade.

Maybe it was because I was freaking out about my law test this morning. It's on seven whole chapters of contracts. Yeah, I can hear your sighs of envy over the computer. Because really, when you're looking for fun extremely long bordering on sadist essay questions, you think contracts, right??? Ugh. I'm so going to fail.

And my art professor is ticking me off. She's upset that people aren't doing the reading (which they're not) and decided to take it out on all of us (I am doing the reading) and told us on Friday that "there is a very good reason for you to do your reading for Monday..." I hate cryptic people. A quiz? And essay? What??? I did the reading, but I did it last week when it was actually assigned, and therefore have forgotton much of it. A essay I could bs my way through, but I'm not so sure about a quiz. So now I have to read the fifty pages again in the next half hour. Bugger.

But as of eleven o'clock this morning, I will be feeling quite good. Even though I have homework in every class and have to lug all the incredibly heavy books home, and then back on Wednesday, at least I won't have to worry about another law test until the final exam. Yay!!! I'm not sure that law school is the best choice for me.... :p

At least it was a good weekend- got two really cute skirts. Which is difficult, because I do not look good in skirts. It's a given. I just don't. But I found some cute ones. Ooh, and a pretty sparkly (but not in a cheap way) sweater to wear for the holidays!!! And it's slimming, which is good when you're consuming a large percentage of your body weight in pumpkin pie. Slimming is what we're going for.

And it's finally cold outside!!!! Yay!!! Thank goodness, I got outside this morning and my dad had scraped off my car (okay, his car. But I was driving it...). Thank you, Daddy!!! I'm such a little princess. Probably a good thing, too, as I wouldn't really know where to find that scrapy thing. Hmmm. I should probably figure that out before winter really comes...

Have a good Monday, everybody, and watch CSI:Miami tonight. I know, I know, it could never be as good as last weeks. But still...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm such a vindictive little b*tch...

Image hosted by


FYI, for those of you who don't know, this is January Jones (paramour of my beloved Joshie) at a function with a ginormous diamond on the only finger that really matters.

Now I know how my aunt felt when Paul McCartney announced he was getting married.

They haven't announced anything though, so I'm holding out for she just thought it looked pretty with the dress.

CSI had better be frickin' good tonight, because I need to watch a pretty blond die a horrible death. Going to go buy Tears in Heaven off of iTunes and dress in black.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Doctor Zhivago

I couldn't fall asleep until two thirty. So I watched Doctor Zhivago for a couple of hours instead. Reminded me how much loved it---I haven't seen it in a couple of months. Although Lara's theme was getting kind of annoying. As was Julie Christie's cake makeup. And she's clearly not seventeen at the beginning. Try closer to thirty. And who decided that when casting the archetypical Russian Omar Shariff was the way to go??? Not that his portrayal wasn't really good, it's just...the man's from Egypt for heaven's sakes!!!

Anyhoodles, my favorite part is when they imprison the tsar and all the little Bolshevik's are celebrating and going crazy and are all "Just workers in a worker's state!!!". Yuri and Lara are just standing there going, " This totally isn't gonna work..." Love me some commies...

Speaking of commies, I finished The Sisters today. Super good. I love how they all embraced their own little branches of facism. Lovely, really. I have a new favorite line (this totally trumps "Hitler send roses.") "Why do all my daughters fall for dictators!?!?" HAHAHAHA

Finally, I watched the first part of the CSI:Miami/NY crossover last night. Oh. My. Ga---. So amazingly good. Even though it was like nine forty before Mac showed up. Still. Jerry Bruckheimer can totally take my first born. I'm not going to post anything on my other blog about it until after the conclusion, but I definately will then. Everybody must watch Wednesday at 9 central, k????

Monday, November 07, 2005

Long Break

I love my law professor. She presumably had to go be a lawyer and cancelled class today. Yay!!! So I have an hour and forty minute break with nothing to do!!! Well, except homework, but really, that's just a bummer if you know what I mean.

Of course, it's not as good as the long weekend some people in my family have. Who were all cozy and warm in bed as I was shivering in the closet without insulation trying to find my coat at seven thirty this morning. And will be arising in probably and hour to leisurly get dressed, have breakfast, and then be chaufferred to a friends house. Grrrr. But I digress...

Weekend was fun though. Got two adorable sweaters at Boston Store---loves me that store!!! Saturday night was full of thunderstorms...really big ones with loud thunder and lightning and sheets of rain. It was frickin' awesome!!! I love storms. I sat up on my bed and watched the rain fall for like half an hour. Then I got bored and watched my CSI: NY DVDs...we have decided (this is the royal we, I haven't actually discussed this with anyone...) that The Fall is Flack's greatest episode. He's so tortured and conflicted and everything...I do love me a tortured, conflicted guy that I can save!!! I think I have a maternal complex or something...

Sunday was good. We got up late and were kind of late for Mass, but no biggie. Kind of just lounged around the house for the rest of the day. Did Panera with Mary---super fun, girls. "There's a donut in the street!!! Let me out!!! Swing low and I'll just pick it up!!!" HAHAHAHA...Imladris, you crack me up...

Oooh, reading a super-good book, The Sisters. About the Mitford family. (Yeah, I didn't know hwo they were, either.) That Unity was messed up. Seriously, anybody who was that into Hitler...yeah, something's not quite right. My favorite line of the whole book so far was about the gifts that Unity received after she shot herself in the head (another Hitler thing, btw...). "Hitler sent a dozen roses." Now, that doesn't even seem real, does it??? We don't think about Hitler sending flowers, do we??? Freaky. And three of the five girls were devoted to one kind of facism or another!!! Decca was a communist, Unity wanted to sleep with Hitler (say it with me now..."ewwww!!!!"), and Diana was just a freak!!! Kudos to Imladris for recommending it. Love me some crazies!!!

Approximately twelve hours and forty-seven minutes before CSI:Miami tonight---crossover!!!! Yay!!!!

Approximately twenty-three hours and forty-seven minutes before I can go buy my copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD!!! Yay!!!!! :D

Friday, November 04, 2005


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...was in a very generous mood in 1963.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Things I Did Today

1.) Went to the grocery.

2.) Managed to get lost trying to find oatmeal.

3.) Bought oatmeal.

4.) Mixed oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

5.) Set something on fire, causing the stove to smoke.

6.) Filled kitchen with smoke.

7.) Set off smoke alarm.

8.) Fanned smoke away from the smoke alarm long enough to make it stop screaching.

9.) Baked approximately four dozen perfectly moist, chewy cookies.

10.) Ate approximately three dozen perfectly moist, chewy cookies.

11.) Watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on DVD.

A productive day, I think.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I don't like school. It should die. And never come back. Is that okay, everybody???

I'm freakin' exhausted. I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday, didn't get home until eleven, and then cleaned the house until two fifteen when I had to leave to go pick up my sister. And I did the silver service. How great am I??? I think I can sleep tomorrow...

Crap, it's 8:20...I have four minutes to finish my bagel...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creepiest Story of the Day

Woody Allen is doing his best to keep Halloween from ending by telling Vanity Fair that he enjoys "a more paternal relationship" with Soon-Yi. *screams*


Monday, October 31, 2005

I Don't Like This

I like my fall break. I don't appreciate this school thing. I really don't appreciate having to actually pay for my muffin and yogurt as opposed to getting them free with a continental breakfast. Humph.

And I come home to find out that Brooke Shields is preggers and Sulu's gay!!! Shocking!!!

The weekend was good though, we went to Peoria. Quite a pretty little city. And Josh sang there, which was enough to endure it to me forever. *sigh* He's so pretty...

Also reread Bridget Jones's Diary (both of them) in the car. So freakin' hilarious. "Bridget. The baby. It's bawling it's 'ead off!" "Daniel. I'm 'aving my fag!!!" And "I respect you not only as a prime minister, but as a man." HAHAHAHAHA...those are the best books ever. Now I have to watch the movies again, even though they're not as good.

Going to go mourn about my lost opportunity to sleep, okay???

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Got a new template...the same as the original TV Watch was...

And a little explanation about last night's was late. I was goofy. And I was on the phone with Mary. That's the only reason that that picture ended up on here. But I can't force myself to take it off... ;)

Have a good Wednesday, CSI:NY tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Monday, October 24, 2005

Very Important Question

For the two people who will understand what I'm talking about:

Who thinks that Alan's girlfriend needs to put her extensive economic and political background to use and join the peace corps and live someplace far, far away for the rest of her natural life? Anybody? It's her duty to humanity, for heaven's sakes...

I didn't come up with this---some other crazy person on the boards did. But I agree wholeheartedly.


They are worse than the plauge. Every single frickin' teacher decides that the two weeks at the end of October are their time to work out any sadist ideas they may have and torture poor, unsuspecting students. (Well, not too unsuspecting, as they are listed in the syllabus, but still...)

I'm now eating yogurt that I think was open in an effort to get poisoned and die before I have to take my art midterm in fifteen minutes. At this point, unless it's cyanide or the like, I'm not thinking it will work. At best I'll just start seizing during the class, and that would just be embarrassing.

Note: Hitchcock week starts tonight on TCM. YAY!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dead Poet's Society...

...pretty much sucks. Not the whole thing, but the one part that I don't want to give away for people who haven't seen the movie. But for those who have, doesn't that suck??? I thought so. But the cute end part where they all stand up on their desks and go "O Captain, my captain" was worth it... of course, I have inadvertantly aquired three dollars worth of overage fees on that DVD, so I'm not entirely sure that it was that cute... :P

Josh sang the National Anthem last night at the first World Series game. Even though they took House and Arrested Development from me, they let Joshie sing. Baseball is now okay in my book. I didn't get to see it, but there are clips out there on the internet. I highly suggest it, as Joshie was wearing an adorable little jacket and scarf with adorable hair. I'll post a picture as soon I can find one.

Let's see, not much going on...should be studying for my art history midterm, but find stalking various actors a way more interesting way to spend the evening. My dad and brother are watching ROTK, but it's the gross Shelob the Killer Spider part that makes me rather ill. Hmmm. Maybe I'll go back in for the part where Aragorn goes "My friends, you bow to no one." *tear* Best part. Not really. The part where he sees Arwen and pounces on her was pretty good, too. And the part where Frodo sees everybody in the fellowhship (except Boromir, who was unfortunately killed and then kissed by Viggo Mortensen. Lucky bastard- it doesn't matter which one, really...). I lost a contact lense during that part when I saw it in the theater. I'm a mess at tear-jerkers. Really. I don't cry in real life, but give me a movie with something abandoned and I'll be bawling.

Went to Starbucks with Mary and Colleen today...pumpkin spice lattes are da bomb. They taste like melted pumpkin pie but with caffeine---how do you get better than that??? Ridiculously overpriced at $3.90 for a grande, but almost worth it.

Final note before I go attempt to be a good student and study the Paleolithic era artifacts, everyone must watch CSI: Miami tomorrow night. Apparently, the woman that Horatio has been dating (!!!) turns up dead!!!! *gasps* This one I've gotta see...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

O Happy Day!!!

It is a glorious day in TV Land, children. Almost enough to make me forget that House is MIA for the third week in a row and Arrested Development is being pre-empted by baseball. And that's no mean feat, let me tell you.

The reason for our jubilation??? The first season of CSI: NY was released on DVD today. (Picture choirs of angels singing now please...) This means I can watch Flack throw a rapist against a wall any time at my convenience. And listen to him talk about his character on the little documentary. Hehehe... :)

The commentary was really interesting, too. Apparently, that first scene in Blink when Mac is sitting in the church in front of the Blessed Mother statue was Gary Sinise's idea, because he thought this was how Mac would deal with things. How sweet is that??? More reason why he should get together with Stella rather than the whore from the crime scene last spring. Sheesh.

Anyhoodles, people should go buy this. Best forty five bucks I've ever spent.

Monday, October 17, 2005

This is my response to moody song lyrics...

...posted on blogs. They bug the hell out of me. So you're getting nineteenth century Russians, darn it... :) No, really, I just really liked this quote...

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

-Leo Tolstoy

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's Official

I spend too much time in hospitals. :P

Totally ripping off Imladris' post, but I found this quote on a website, and it kind of sums up how I'm feeling abou this week... "There are so many different ways lives work out, so many stories, and every one of them is precious: full of joy and heartbreak, and a fair amount of situation comedy. "Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle, 2004

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Funniest Thing Ever

My personal favorite...

31. You’re convinced your grandma didn’t die. She simply moved to Russia to run her own mercenary intelligence directorate.

Here's the website...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

We can now add...

...Maria Bello to my List of Hated Women. Seriously. Johnny. Viggo. Sean. And she threatens to leave/actually leaves every single one of them. *cough*whore*cough*

Image hosted by

Friday, October 07, 2005

2nd Post Today

And there will probably be more. I have an hour and a half with nothing to do. Except annoy you all. :)

Anyhoodles, art history was awesome. Maybe it was because it's Friday, and we turned in our super-freaky long papers that were bugging me, and that I had 16 oz. of caffeine in my system, but I think it was mainly that the whole class was pretty much devoted to Troy. Yes, the movie.

Okay, not really, but the whole class made me think about it. The first picture we looked at was a vase of Achilles killing some guy. Which, of course, made me think (and almost exclaim) "Take it, it's yours!!!!!!!!!!". Hehehe...

Then we did about ten slides on Odysseus, which made me first think about Colleen's hilarious blog post (it's been six months and I'm still laughing), and then pretty quickly we moved on to the upstanding, warm and cuddly Odysseus, which, as I'm sure Colleen and Mary could attest too, led to twenty minutes of fun little fantasies. *sighs*

And finally we saw a picture of Pericles, who was wearing those Greek helmets that Brad Pitt sported in Troy. And the prof even brought it up, because her daughter was in the room while she was putting the powerpoint together, and said that the picture looked just like Brad Pitt. :) Which, of course, made me think of, "I know this is wrong, but...". Although I'm not entirely sure how this little girl knew it looked like Brad Pitt in Troy, because she's only like nine, but whatever. Still good

And this doesn't have anything at all to do with Troy or Odysseus, but it was funny. The prof was telling this hilarious story about how she went to Florence with her best friend when they were in college, and they went to see the David. Well, I can't really repeat the whole thing, but it was hilarious... Suffice to say that the prof was standing there in awe, and her friend suggested that maybe the statue wasn't quite as anatomically accurate as it could be and therefore maybe shouldn't be quite as revered. Okay, you kind of had to be there, but it was so funny.

Okay, gonna go be serious for a moment and finish Latin...yeah, or not...

Watch for something up on TV Watch in the next hour, okay???


Conquered the funerary cloth of Isetnefret!!! Am feeling rather good about self. Unfortunately, not feeling so good about latin. Was up until eleven thirty last night doing sentences before finally throwing hte book in a corner and going to sleep. As result, still have three sentences left to do. Fortunately, do not have business law this morning. Yay! Long break!!!

(Side Note: Just realized I sounded like Bridget Jones there...sorry...)

(Other Side Note: OMG, there's this guy who totally looks like Andy Roddick sitting across the room at one of the computors. Hair and everything. Hmmm...)

However, because I conquered Isetnefret (duh, she was the second wife of Ramsesses the second...*eye roll*), I had time to do absolutely nothing else yesterday except errands.

Had to wake up tres early to drive my sister to school and take my mom to the doctor. Doesn't that sound like fun??? Then I had to got to the library, where I was a persona non grata, and pay off my ELEVEN DOLLAR FINE!!!!!!! Can you believe that??? I mean, I knew I was irresponsible, but that's bad even for me! I'm pretty sure they were going to start sending armored trucks to my house. And now I have no cash. Bummer. After paid fine, though, I was able to order "Don't Say a Word"...which almost makes up for the lack of money. Almost.

It's finally cold!!! After like four months of this eighty-degree crap I finally woke up yesterday morning and my hair wasn't a ball of red fuzz!!! I'm so freakin' happy!!! It makes everything seem better, doens't it? LIke I can do anything as long as I'm not sweaty and uncomfortable.

And saw a chiropractor yesterday. I'm flexible. See, all that money for gymnastics lessons paid off, Mom. :)

And a little thank you to Mom--- je 'preciate being able to listen to music!!! And I know it's not like you need any more othings to worry about!!! Love you!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Breaking News Flash!!!!

This is bigger than Britney's baby!!! Katie Holmes is pregnant!!!

TomKat's having a baby!!!!!! I'm sure her Irish Catholic parents at home in Ohio are thrilled to death about this!!!!

Procrastination, Part III- The Morning After

Wrote a grand total of three words last night. Couldn't even come up with a frickin' title. And it's not like I'll have any time to do anything today. Or tomorrow. Maybe I'll do it during the night tonight. My writing always looks better during the night. Ugh. I'll be so happy when this week is over. Actually, I'll be happy when I get to school on Friday and turn that paper in. Because then I just have art and accounting, as law was cancelled, and I'm thinking I'll be skipping out on latin. Eh, what are you gonna do??? Family is way more important, right???

Did you know that St. Matthew is the patron saint of accountants??? As in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John...the big ones. Which I guess makes sense (as my mother pointed out to me in a lovely e-mail this morning) because he handled the apostles's money. I'll bet Jesus didn't make him do adjusting/closing entries...

The reason I'm harping on the patron saint of accounting is that I have a test in an hour and a half. That I'm totally gonna fail. This is the difficult multiple choice part, too. Bugger. Hate accounting. Numbers and I just don't mix.

Going to go search desperatly for something else to do...oooh, updated my other blog with stuff about last night's and comment, please!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Procrastination, Part II

*looks at ceiling*


Is a beautiful thing. It makes you feel all warm and cuddly. And then lonely and stressed. But warm and cuddly first, which is totally the important thing. And Boston Legal's on. How can I be compelled to write about burial cloth of Isetefret when Boston Legal's on. Grrrrr.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday, Monday...

...I feel all "Mamas and Papas" here, and not because of the fact that I've had "Make Your Own Kind of Music" stuck in my head for the last week and a half because of Lost. Damn J.J. Abrams... Rather, because it is a Monday, and I really don't like those. Especially when they're supposed to be unbelievably, unseasonably warm and will surely cause my hair to frizz. Or when I have a paper to write and really don't want to think about that. Even less when I have an accounting exam in three hours and don't really feel like reviewing. What kind of sadist gives you an alphabatized trial balance??? That's not GAAP!!!! Bugger.

Anyhoodles, did some scouting around while my notes were taking forever to print, and discovered that North Country opens in two and a half weeks. And then fired off appropriate e-mails to the appropriate parties. I totally feel like we should support this movie. Sexual harrassment is one of my favorite causes. I mean, I have other causes, too..."I stand with Josey," Hehe...yeah...

I should probably go do something constructive, like finish my bagel, but maybe I'll put something up later. And CSI:Miami is on tonight, so expect a review tomorrow sometime. I do have to run errands all day, though, so it could be a little bit later.

Start commenting!!!! I'm getting lonely!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Image hosted by

I really hate her. Huh.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

All sports should DIE!!!!!!!

I know a lot of people get enjoyment from them, and I know that you're hopelessly devoted you your little white supremacist, Mary, but they MUST BE STOPPED. *steam coming out of ears*

I can deal with the occasional nuisance of having a football game preempt Joey, or having TBS play baseball instead of Friends reruns, and even basketball on UPN instead of Frasier.

But not this. Never this.

FOX is running the stupid baseball playoffs (if that's even what they're called) all through October, thus disrupting their schedule. And it's not like it's even on a night where they have nothing, such as Fridays, but on a Tuesday. Preempting House for an entire freakin' month.

Five weeks.

Thirty five days.

Eight hundred and forty hours.

Without House.


I shall die. And it's not like they even say at the begining of the season "You'll have three weeks of this before we rip it from your hands for the stupidest, most boring game ever. HAHAHA". No, they wait until after the episode, and annouce with a cheery little commerical, "House is going bye-bye for awhile, but it'll be back with all new episodes on November 1st!!!" *scream*

And why FOX??? It's hardly a real network!! The other networks won't talk to it in the hallways. It gets dumped for prom. It has to eat with UPN and the WB at the lunchtable. Why isn't NBC, who doesn't have a single hit, broadcast these games??? It disgusts me. I don't know when I shall recover...

And while I'm pissed off, why isn't anybody commenting on my posts??? Mom, your username is "rockford", and you know your passoword! Come on, I'm feeling unloved!!!!! Going to go wallow in self pity. FYI, you can read what I thought of last night's episode and some other stuff on my TV blog, linked on the sidebar.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I pulled up People's website this morning, as I always do as I have no life, and found all of this!!!We're going to have to bullet point this one...

  • Melania Trump is pregnant!!!! Will there be a reality show to choose the ob-gyn???
  • Chad Michael Murray getting divorced. Honestly, I don't care.
  • Kathy Griffin getting divorced!!!! NOOOO! She and Matt seemed so happy on her show!!!! And they were so cozy at the Emmys!!!

Whew...too much entertainment news!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Rainy Monday

Not that I mind, because I prefer rainy days to sunny ones. Although I am kind of bummed, as I just found an e-mail from my art history professor about our reseach paper.


I totally forgot about that. Completely and utterly forgot. And it's due next Friday. Not going to worry about that right now... e-mail is safely stored as new and I'll deal with it when I get home. Right now I have to worry about making myself sick before accounting so that I don't have to go and actually get the quiz that I'm fairly certain I failed on Friday. I have an hour and a half...too late for anything serious, but maybe I could make myself throw up???

On to real matters, yesterday was a great day. First, it was cold and rainy. Perfect day. Colleen and Mary and I went out to lunch at Panera, which was so freaky good because, well, it's Panera, and because we could watch the torrential downpours through the window. And it was freakin' hilarious. Worth the overpriced salad was the sight of Colleen collapsed in the corner of the booth unable to breath because she ws laughing so hard about "Screw the gondola..." And "I respect you not only as a prime minister, but as a man," and Mary just sitting there going "Wha....??? I don't get it!". This is why we can never stop being friends. We are capable of destroying each other. :D :D :D

After a rather mad dash to the car where we all managed to get soaked, we went to see Flightplan.


You must go see this movie. I know it's completely implausible, and the arrogant Americans were kind of annoying, but still, you NOW!!! Incredibly interesting, with enough backstory that you didn't the two hours after the movie thinking about all the plot holes (and they were numerous. But you didn't really notice them). Artistically goood, too; I loved that the whole thriller part took place on the plane, I think a movie sometimes loses some credibility when it leaves the primary set. (Not that this was the only thing, but this is part of what bugged me about The Island. They were all over the freakin' desert. It was distracting.)

Jodie Foster was really quite good playing a paranoid mother, and the supporting cast was great. Peter Sarsgaard was the air marshal, who would have been way more imposing had he been in uniform, but I guess that's the point. And Sean Bean (Oh, hi, Boromir!!!!) was good too.

And, Jodie Foster is like my mom---she too would have the Captain ready to strangle her with his bare hands (...*ahem* moving on...). The air marshal would just quit. They'd land the plane to get away from her. Those Kewpie-Doll-like stewardesses would be crushed. (I'm serious about the Kewpie Doll---they all these huge round eyes!!!)

But the best part, undoubtedly, was in the car on the way home. When Colleen and Mary exploded with "Oh my gosh, I did too!!!!" Worth the price of admission. :)

Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm so freakin' weird

I actually taped that stupid Friends episode last night simply because of the "Your friend Pheebs" line...I'm this close to finding our old Stuart Little tape. Wow. I really need help.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blog Note!!! Read!!!

I updated TV Watch with stuff about my shows (yay---they're back on!!!!), and I changed the template because I was getting tired of the old one. However, I'm not entirely sure it worked because it won't let me see it. Whatever. I think what you have to do is click on a specific month in the archives (any one will do) before it lets you select "September" in the archives. Grrr. Technology hates me.

I also changed the template on here, back to the pretty original one. It looks kind of world travel-y... I likes it.

Read the other blog---there's more coming!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Note and Radiocarbon Dating

Okay, I know the title doesnt make a whole heck of a lot of sense, but stay with me. First, I just want do a little note about my other blog, but as nobody reads it, I thought I'd put it up here. (Side Note: Start reading it!!! I'm not doing this for me! I know how I feel! It's even linked on the sidebar, for heavens sakes!!!)

Anyhoodles, the new fall season has started (at least on most stations) and therefore all of my evenings are taken up by television. Aside from the detriment this poses to my social life (you'll be getting a schedule soon, Mary), it means I will be starting again with reviews of what was on the night before. But things are going to be a little bit different.

When I started TV Watch last season, my plan was to write about the shows that I watched the evening before and give everyone (or the three people who read it) my opinion. Thus, Arrested Development will have three more viewers. Or not. But whatever. This took some time and creativity. And, being lazy, I stopped doing it. However, this year, I have a fantastic schedule and a computor that I absolutely love typing on, so we're going back to basics.

For those of you who read the blog last season, you know my specialty is sarcastic reviews of my overly dramatic shows (CSI, Lost, Alias) as well as periodic reviews of train wreck shows that are just too good to pass up (Chaotic, Hooking Up). Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to parody sitcoms (unless they are completely unfunny on their own), as well as shows like ER that deal with topics that I even find hard to make fun of. How can you do a sarcastic review of Carter not being able to give AIDs medicine to starving mothers in Africa? Huh? You try. It doesn't work. (Of course, Carter's gone now, so I have no reason to watch...)

And I really, really love doing those. So we're going to keep it up. But I'm also returning to my original idea of periodically just writing regular reviews of shows that were on the night before, whether they were parody-worthy or not. This is especially true of the beginning of the season, as I will watch almost anything once (except Sex and the City). Also, if I haven't put up a review of a show within a week, forget about it. This was part of my problem last season. I would try to do six episodes of CSI: Miami from the last three months at one time and neglect the stuff that was on that week.

So, that's how things are going to work. CSI:Miami started on Monday, so expect a review shortly, and Lost is on tonight (we finally find out what's in the hatch!!!! I could pass out I'm so freakin' excited!!!), so that should be up soon. CSI: NY doesn't start until next week, but I will definately have something up on that, as it is right on par with oxygen in terms of importance for my existance. Okay? So we're good???

Moving on from stuff nobody cares about...all we did in art history this morning was have a little mock debate on radiocarbon dating. Three students pretended to be from the scientific point of view, and three pretended to be from the Christian point of view. And it was really interesting! Along with getting us out of actually having to pay attention to a powerpoint about prehistoric art and then do the corresponding reading, I mean. I understand what people mean when they advocate staying away from things that are contrary to your faith, because of the whole slippery slope mentality, but I kind of disagree on some points. Especially when it comes to science. I find that actually having to think about what your beliefs are, and entertain ways to fit different, new beliefs in makes you really think hard about your faith. In other words, I actually feel better about my faith after having to deal with other views, as I feel it strengthens it.

And now I'm late, so that was my philosophical thought for the day!!! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Diplomats are Hot

Image hosted by

'nuff said. By the way, I could be way better than the sixty-year-old...


Image hosted by

...the great Tanglewood picture. I have finally gained access to a computor that doesn't eat my save pictures! Yay!!! Anyhoodles, isn't this amazingly good???

BTW, I'm loving being able to have pictures again so much, I may have to do a couple more posts!!!

Not my pic, just so you know...

Saturday, September 17, 2005


First of all- a little gossip...Tori Spelling and her husband have split up. Bummer. Why can not a single one of those 90210 girls keep a husband??? Anyhoodles, on with the real reason for the post...

It's the Emmys tomorrow!!! I've been without a major awards show since the Oscars in March (MTV or VH1 doesn't count) and it's killing me!!! But tomorrrow night I get to see all my little TV friends honored. Yay!!!

Of course, nobody in the Academy actually asked for my opinion, or the nominations list would have been significantly different. For instance, why isn't a single CSI person up for Outstanding Actor/Actress??? Even one of the Vegas ones??? I would be okay with that. And why is Will and Grace given fifteen freakin' nominations when it hasn't been funny is years and is now simply degraded to making the same disgusting jokes it's been making since 1998? The only nom it deserved was the one for Sean Hayes, because he's stayed funny throughout the whole thing. Eric McCormack??? Not so much. And way too pretty for a straight man. Matthew Fox (Lost)should have been nominated, too.

The catagories are kind of screwed up, too. For instance, what makes Desperate Housewives a comedy and Boston Legal a drama? They both are funny about fifty percent of the time and devote the other half to dramatic/soapy story lines. In fact, Boston Legal is more consistantly comical, ala Ally McBeal, than Desperate Housewives is. William Shatner hasn't said a single serious thing since the show's inception.

Anyhoodles, you know I'm gonna have opinions on this one, not that I ever don't, so here's my suggestions for who should win tomorrow night. Not that they will, because I tend to like hopelessly unpopular shows/people. Or people who, while being hoplessly popular, are denied their rightful awards in favor of affirmative action. *cough*Jamie Foxx*cough**ahem* Sorry, got off track there a minute...Moving on...

Outstanding Comedy Series- Arrested Development. Truly the funniest show on television. However, Desperate Housewives will probably win, because everybody loves a skank. Ugh. Still don't know why that's a comedy.

Outstanding Drama Series-Lost. I think, because of the cult following this show has, it may actually have a chance. Honestly, I've never seen Deadwood or Six Feet Under because I don't have HBO like seventy percent of this country, and 24 is just boring. And the West Wing hasn't been good in years. My best bet for an upset would be 24 or Six Feet Under, only because one's popular and the other just ended. Nobody has ever seen Deadwood.

Actor in a Drama Series- Hugh Laurie, House. I'm torn about this one. He's up against James Spader, whom I simply adore in Boston Legal, and would love to win, but he's Mr. Palmer!!! You can't beat that! And the show is amazingly good, although there was that one episode that has almost ruined it for me. But still, I think he is the best actor in the bunch. As much as I love James Spader, he won for the Practice last year, so the only two I could see coming close to Hugh are Kiefer Sutherland or Ian McShane. As much of a critical darling as Ian McShane is, I don't think the general public cares that much about him, and that's bound to influence voters. Everybody's got FOX, though, and 24 has quite a following. I'm still rooting for House, though.

Actor in a Comedy Series- Jason Bateman, Arrested Development. He's amazing on this show. But I wouldn't totally mind if Ray Romano gets it, either, for sentimentalities sake. But Bateman deserves it. If anyone else gets it I may have to hurt someone.

Actress in a Drama- Jennifer Garner, Alias. Honestly, she may not be the best actress in the bunch, but it's the only show I've seen. Well, except SVU. That's pretty good. So if Mariska Harigitay wins, that'd be okay, I suppose. Patricia Arquette doesn't have a shot, and I don't think the Six Feet Under person has enough of a following. Glenn Close is my practical choice, she's adored by the critics, and FX is cable and therefore edgy enough to be cool. But I don't know how long Alias will be around, especially now that she's pregnant, so I'd like her to get it.

Actress in a Comedy- We all know that Teri Hatcher is going to get it, so it's hardly even worth thinking about. But I think Patricia Heaton deserves it.

Supporting Actor-Drama-William Shatner/Naveen Andrews. I really love Lost, but I think William Shatner has the better part. And he won best guest star last year, so this could be the next logical step. I don't like Terry O'Quinn, and Locke freaks me out, so I don't want him to win.

Supporting Actress-Drama-I don't give a crap.

Supporting Actor-Comedy- Peter O'Boyle. I dont' think he's going to win, but it would be nice for the whole cast to have won Emmys. My next pick would be Sean Hayes, who is hilarious.

Supporting Actress- Comedy-Jessica Walter, Arrested Development. I think this is a long shot, because I have a feeling that Doris Roberts will win for Raymond, but still, she's got the best part in the bunch.

So yeah, that's pretty much the big categories. Obviously, I think House should win for best writing, but I don't even know what it's up against. The episode that's nominated (Three Stories) was really good, even for that show.

Everybody watch!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


As if we didn't have enough natural disasters to worry about, now Britney Spears has reproduced. And not with a stellar genetic specimen that might possibly contribute enough chromosomes to improve, or at the very least cancel out, the disgustingly lilting Louisiana accent (aren't they in enough pain?) and seriously lacking mental capabilities, but with Kevin Federline. Known in some circles as "K. Fed." Doesn't a name like that just make you want to make him your baby's daddy??? Or not.

And according to sources (I know nothing, I'm just the messenger), she has named him Preston Michael Spears Federline. Preston? Cute name. My little brother named our rabbit that name. But I would not name my son that. And I really wouldn't give him enough names to ensure teasing on the playground well into junior high. As if being Britney Spears's son wasn't enough. "Hey, man, I saw your mom on MTV last night. The naughty parochial schoolgirl thing is hot." Then Preston would just have to get mad...I'm seeing a lot of frustration here... ;)

And in other news (any other day this would be front and center), Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney are splitsville. They're trying to get an annulment. Apparently, they've only spent fifteen days together since they got married four months ago. I got closer to all my lab partners. Much like Lisa Marie and Nicolas Cage, "that's not a marriage, that's a sleepover!" (yeah, I totally ripped that off Imladris. Kudos to her.)

And, for two relatively private people, this was the PR move of the year. When Britney is off multiplying and repopulating the earth, nobody really cares about Bridget Jones and the Country Singer who isn't Keith Urban (not that I really care about him, either, but he and Nicole Kidman are getting pretty cozy, or so I hear...). I wonder if they were sitting outside the Spears/Federline mansion this morning waiting for her to go into labor so that they could call their publicist. Personally, I would have gone with before the birth, because then everyone would have been like "Omg, what?!?!?!" for fifteen minutes and then moved on. But now it's the first story that pops up on Still, you can guarantee that it's not going to be on the cover of anything this week.

Well, except maybe the tabloids. Because giving birth isn't really a salacious event. Unless K. Fed. was in the other room knocking up his next interest, Star probably doesn't care.

Anyhoodles, this will cover my need for gossip until Bennifer II gives birth, totally!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cable Is Out To Get Me

I am soooooooo agreeing with the Unibomber right now (no, it's not a threat. Sheesh.). It's not enough that Roadrunner is incapable of working, although that is true. I sat on hold with the cable company yesterday before I finally got to talk to a human being, now that she acted like one. Here's an excerpt of our conversation.

New Service Person- Hello, how can I help you?
Me: Hi, I've had Roadrunner for about a week and it breaks every single day. I think we need somebody to come out and take a look at it.
New Service Person: That should not be happening. Let me transfer you to Tech Help.
Me: No! No, we've talked to them four times, I need somebody to come out and... (too late. Brilliant New Service Person has already switched me.)
Tech Person: Hi, how can I help you?
Me: (Thinking: You can send me your address and watch for packages in the mail!) *repeats problem, becoming more desperate*
Tech Person: How long does it take for the Roadrunner homepage to load in?
Me: About two minutes, and then it's just a blank page.
Tech Person: Well, that should not be happening. Roadrunner is always on and ten times faster than DSL.
Me: *bangs head into table*

I think it's safe to say that that brilliant tech girl didn't turn down tenure at MIT for this position, right?

Thankfully, my mom took over before I could yell obscenities at "Bridget" and got transferred back to New Service and got a guy to come out and fix it that afternoon. Problem? The modem was broken and blocking all the signal, hence our not being able to get online. And he fixed it. I love him.

So, for a brief few hours, we were all fine and dandy, with high speed internet to play with to my heart's content.

But all was not perfect in paradise. We were supposed to have some rain last night. Which I thought was just fine because that meant a cold front was coming through and I wouldn't have to suffer through any more ninety degree days. And I like rain. But, as it turns out, it wasn't a little bit of rain, it was a torrential downpour with eight-mile-and-hour winds. Like get-in-the-basement winds.

We spent a little time in the basement, and the power went off for a minute. I didn't really think that much of it, as it came back on in a minute. So my sister and I are sitting on the floor reading magazines when my mom offhandedly comments on how the cable is out. Now, I knew this. But the ramifications of this hit Imladris and I at the same time, and we just looked at each other.

The season premiere of House was on that night, and we didn't have a TV. Worse, the cable company had an hour and twenty nine minutes to correct this problem if I wanted to watch the show I had been waiting for for weeks. My sister was almost as upset, and she just started liking the show this weekend.

Of course, keeping with their customer service motto "Maybe we'll fix it, maybe not", the cable company did not deliver. So Colleen and I spent an hour in the den hunched over this little teeny-tiny portable black-and-white TV.

At least the show was good. :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Lessons From Life

Lesson #1: Always check your e-mail before going to school. Otherwise, you may get up obscenely early and run around in the heat and humidity like a banshee because you have an hour before class and you still have all the homework you neglected this weekend, only to stumble into the building and find a cute little sign on the door saying that art history has been canceled, you should have received this e-mail. Well, clearly, this would not work, as Road Runner was being a B*TCH again and not letting us on. So now I have nowhere to be until ten, but it's pretty pointless to waste the gas going home again. So I'll just sit here and drink coffee and get my work done. Bummer.

It's really early. I just tryed to use my student ID number to get into my yahoo e-mail. *rolls eyes*

Friday, September 09, 2005


Is everything I love ripped from me!?!?!?!? The wonderful incredibly fast internet that I had for a brief twelve hours is now gone!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! It was so great---so fast and so clear. Johnny is ten times hotter when he's on a 17" flat screen LCD monitor, let me tell you. And now it doesn't work. *sob* I think I shall try again when I get home, and the Geek Squad guy is coming this afternoon, so maybe he'll be able to fix it. *sigh*

So I was forced to come to school early this morning. Okay, not really forced, but my mom had to leave early to take my sister to school, and she wanted me up while I was alone. And, as we didn't have any internet (grrr) and it's not too much fun just to sit around an empy house for a short period of time, I decided to come here where they have food and internet access. Funness. And I'm actually being healthy this morning- I skipped the scone and coffee and went for a bagel and water. And it wasn't really a total desire to be healthy, it was just that I knew Senor Luna tonight would be, like, a billion calories. But so damn tasty. So I watched a little bit of my House DVD (I broke down and bought it. I shop when I'm stressed.) So good.

On a slightly similar British note before I go, Cherie Blair has managed to "stick it in it again", or so my little e-mail alert from the London Independent declared. Apparently, she was in Delhi this week and suggested that she didn't agree with the Muslim views on women, which is okay, I suppose, as long as you don't make those comments while you're sitting at a table with a bunch of Muslims. Cherie, dear, what were you thinking? Tony's not the popular anyways!!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Roadrunner is God's gift to humanity. Johnny Depp and Roadrunner. This is so amazingly fast!!! Yay!!!! I'm totally supposed to be doing school, but surfing for Joshie pictures after a week drought is way more fun!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long Awaited Update

I know, I know, you were all sitting at home over the holiday weekend constantly checking and wondering, "Where is Kathleen's update??? Well, my computor at home is still trying to kill me with a slow, painful, disconnected-from-the-internet death, and I could never get on the damn thing long enough to update. So you had to wait until I got back to school. And now I only have twenty minutes. This is also why I don't have a Tanglewood picture up yet...that should be coming on Thursday or Friday after the little Geek Squad guy comes and gives me high-speed internet again. I may love him. Anyhoodles, we have a lot to cover, as a lot has gone on...

First- diplomats are hot. Especially when played by a brooding Ralph Fiennes in The Constant Gardener. (No, Imladris, not in that "fabergeegg" way (btw, still laughing!!!). Brilliant movie, by the way. I mean, way too much Rachel Weisz (do you know how hard it is to find the "w" on the keyboard???), but other than thatl, brilliant. This is going to sound snobbish, but it's really not, because sometimes I love nothing more than a good stupid romantic comedy or mindless action/adventure flick, but at the end of summer it's kind of nice to see a movie that makes you think, but is still good and entertaining. Everyone should go see it. Torture scenes are kind of disturbing, though.

Oooh, I saw Red Eye with Imladris and Mary on Sunday...this, too, was a really good movie. Not stupid horror-flicky at all. I mean, except for that bathroom scene, Rachel McAdams was totally dressed at all times. Unlike the usual heroines, who appear to wander around in their perfectly coordinated underwear all day. And Cillian Murphy is brilliant as a creepy guy with weird eyes. Seriously, they're this close to albino. Despite Mary's objections that "too much of it took place on a plane" (it's called plot, sweetie), it was quite good.

Hmmm...oh, Rehnquist died, but I'm assuming you all knew that. It's so sad, but he was looking really bad towards the end. I mean, in January at the innauguration, those other justices were circling like vultures who saw dead meat. And W nominated Roberts to his post. Which would be good, if Roberts is as conservative as he says he is (lets not forget Souter, children. Benedict Arnold for the 20th century). He's only fifty, so he could be shaping the laws for thirty-forty more years. I mean, technically we were still feeling Nixon's influence, as he appointed Rehnquist. Anyway, I kind of wish that he hadn't died until after Roberts was confirmed, because it would have been a lot easier. However, that would have left a hole on the court with a month to go before the next term starts, which is kind of scary. At least this way, if Roberts is confirmed as Chief Justice, there will still be nine members of the court for the fall term, as O'Connor has said that she will stay until they confirm her replacement. Rehnquist made no such promise. :p Can you tell I love constitutional law???

Don't you hate it when a TV show comes out on DVD, and it's on sale, and you think "Oh, I heard about that. I wonder if it's a good show. Maybe I should start watching it." And then you do, and fall in love with it ("it" being the operative word, girls, not "him") and by the time you realize this the DVD set is not on sale any more and you face the choice of never seeing the entire first season or coughing up more money than you have right now (most of which is earmarked for the roughly ten DVDs that are coming out in the next month and a half that I feel compelled to buy)??? Sheesh. That birthday check had better arrive soon. ;)

For those who don't know and haven't heard my whining about this for the last week, that happened with me and House. Such a good show, and I've only seen like three episodes, and now the DVD is $44.99. Well, it's $41.99 on amazon, but by the time you pay for shipping it's way cheaper to buy it at an actual store. This sucks. At least the season premeire is next week. Except I don't like Sela Ward. She's way too Desperate housewives for me, you know, way too tight skin on her forehead, a better body than most twenty-year-olds, and that I'm-a-strong-woman-but-I'm-wounded-and-vulnerable-somebody-please-love-me look. You get the feeling she goes home at night and cried into her botox.

I have to get to class, and I'm sitting next to a smoker who is making me gag, so I'll be going now!!! I'll update later if I think of anything else.

Friday, September 02, 2005

AOL Is Trying To Kill Me

Maybe the Unibomber was right. Technology is evil. I am relegated to doing almost all of my internet work from school, as AOL decided to conk out and the super-slow dial-up laptop will remain our only source of internet access until the little Geek Squad guy comes out and hooks up Roadrunner. Which I'm desperately hoping will allow us to keep our own screenames, because, really, there's only so much togetherness we can all take, okay??? ;)

That's also why I haven't put up a picture of Josh at Tanglewood yet. Not, as Imladris was accusing, because I was doing my accounting homework. I spent half an hour on FOJG last night trying to find one, but it takes so long because everything takes twenty minutes to load in and nobody will just make a thead "Hot Pictures from Tanglewood"...sheesh. I did find one really smokin' one, but it wasn't the right format and I really didn't have the energy to try to reformat it. So I gave up and had dinner instead. I don't think you can blame me, it was almost nine o'clock.

(Side Note: Just spent ten freakin' minutes in line for a mocha and scone... I really did try to be healthy this morning, but they were out of bagels. God wants me to have a scone. On the bad side, I've only been here a week and spent twelve dollars already...scary...Tasty blueberry scone, though. And I kinda have to eat. I tried not doing that on Wednesday, but I ended up getting lightheaded in Latin and, really, don't I have enough to worry about with that class???)

Anyhoodles, not much is going on. We spent three hours in Best Buy yesterday. I was exhausted. I actually came home and took a nap. I haven't done that since I was three. Then I lounged around the house thanking my lucky stars that I finished all my homework on Wednesday and didn't have anything to do.

(Other Side Note: Latin's a b*tch. Six sentences took me an hour to translate.)

Also right up there with AOL, sports of all kinds are trying to hurt me now, too. My first choice for viewing on Thursday nights are reruns of Friends on TBS. So I flipped there last night at seven, and found *scary music* baseball. NOOOOOOO!!!! So I decided to go for Joey, on NBC. And guess what??? There was a freakin' football game on!!!!! What the hell???? So I ended up watching this really strange Oxygen movie with no point but Christian Bale. Colleen and I couldn't even figure out what it was called (TV Guide said it was playing something else.) So weird, but a very good look for Christian dear.

Wanna know something embarrassing? We were watching this and my mom walks through the room. She takes one look at the screen and goes "What are you watching?!? There's a naked woman on the screen!!!" Colleen and I are like, "Wha???" and we look...and there really was!!!! I mean, it was just from the side, and you didn't see anythign explicit, but it was still a NAKED WOMAN, and therefore rather offensive, on the screen and we hadn't noticed it because we were looking at Christian Bale. That's kind of scary. :p

Then I watched the last half hour of Maid in Manhatten on FX. Huh. I know I saw that movie in theaters, I even still have the ticket stub. But I do not remember a thing about it. Seriously, I didn't even remember that J. Lo's character had a little boy. And once I figured out that he existed (I'm not stupid), I couldn't figure out how he met Chris. My whole recollection of their relationship was that she lied and they spent one night together and then he left. Very confusing. Kind of an interesting movie, though, when you realize what's going on. And Ralph Fiennes is hot as a sensetive politician. So seeing The Constant Gardner...

I'm kinda late for class, but I will definately try to find a Josh picture for my blog, okay??? Ciao!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The cost of an iced mocha in the library has gone down from $3.80 to $3.50!!! All right!!!! Go Alterra!!!! :D

Anyhoodles, I've spent the last ten minutes on FOJG trying desperately to find a Tanglewood pic that I could download and put on here, because, let me tell you, Tanglewood was a good look for Joshie dear. ;) But then I remembered that I'm at school and they probably wouldn't appreciate me downloading flap pictures on their new, I guess that wouldn't be good. So I'll try to find a hot one this afternoon when I get home and am trying to avoid accounting homework...always fun!!!

Goodness, it's freakin' early!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to School

I am now officially the upper cookie in an Oreo...according to my mother, who informed me of this as she was sobbing in the bathroom this morning. (She figures that freshman year is the lower cookie, and sophomore and junior years are the stuffing. I, being a senior, am now the other cookie. Get it? :) I don't really blame her, because today is going to be kind of stressful as it is, and her oldest starting senior year just kind of hit her. And then she started crying about how it's been thirteen years since she stood crying in my school parking lot as I started K-4...I love that she cares so much!!! :)

So yeah, I'm sitting here in the library with my traditional frappuccino and scone...which I know is so totally unhealthy, but I really don't care right now because I'm feeling faint and haven't had time to eat anything today. And I'm kind of worried. But that's a whole different story.

They did, however, grossly overcharge me for this frappuccino, as I really don't think the little bottle is worth $2.65. I may have to wait for another before they figure out their pricing plans...on the upside, the rest of the drinks seem to be cheaper as they switched from Starbucks to Alterra coffee brands. Yayness!!! Scones are still just as tasty, and the woman who was at the counter every blessed morning of last year was there this year too, so it was nice to see her again.

And, shocker of shockers, art history is really, really interesting! The woman is really nice, and funny, which is a quality that I've found to be seriously lacking in female professors that I've run into. It's like they're all bitter and barren and mad that you're not. She's wonderful, though. And I suppose I shouldn't have been that surprised, because I actually to love art. My favorite museum on the mall is the National Gallery of Art (a bummer because we always seem to make it there five minutes before they close. That damn geology exhibit we spend days at, but we never seem to have enough time for the art... ;))

So I'm crossing my fingers for the rest of the day...accounting is looking boring, but whatever.

Ciao!!! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Laundry List

I think this must be a terribly uninteresting blog to people, as it's all kind of random and I'm kind of boring. And today will be no different...I have a veritable laundry list of things to discuss...

First, it's been a crappy week. Or, more correctly, a crappy four days. But I guess it hasn't been the crappy, because we've done a lot of fun stuff together, like go to this beautiful church and watch My Best Friend's Wedding last night.

That movie rocks. The best movie ever. Okay, not best, but darn close. I want Rupert Everett to come be my best friend. That would be great. And did you ever notice how Dermot Mulroney always plays a creep??? "You look good without your clothes on." *shivers* And let me tell you something- that scene is totally unrealistic. Nobody, whether you're Julia Roberts or not, wears a hundred dollar black lace bra and panties set underneath her slouchy two-sizes-too-big Dress Barn outfit. They just don't. In fact, nobody who owned that kind of an outfit would even think about owning said hundred dollar black bra and panties because they are completely impractical. White cotton would be their choice. Anyhoodles, good movie.

Oh, and on Thursday I walked into a doctor's office and they were playing Joshie! And then I started to cry. It had been that kind of a day. And then I almost hit the receptionist when she was on the phone and said "Oh, we have whats-his-name on here, and he's probably put you to sleep." !!!! Whoa!!! Thems fightin' words!!!

Let's see, not much going on... Saturday was kind of boring. We got three amazingly large zucchini on Saturday morning. They looked as though they were picked in northern Ukraine and just shipped here. Almost scared to eat them---afraid of the glowing. :) They should make way more bread than we could ever eat, but it's fun.

Oooh, another Saturday thing...totally random and nobody but Mary will understand it. A new dictionary entry:
Dummit- (n.) when you're tying to shout "dumba--" and miss. funny. "You dummit!!!"

Today has been pretty slow, too. We went to Mass. You know, it's amazing how many famous people go to our church. Steve Martin, Chander from Friends, Al Pacino, Kevin Bacon- all at church. ;) However, nobody that looks like Johnny, Josh, or Alan. Probably a good thing, as I would have to change parishs because my focus would so not be on the Mass...

Oooh, and I got my birthday gift from Mary. She was supremely generous and gave me the DVD of The Sound of Music!!! Oh Captain, my Captain!!! (Another good quote, Colleen: "You like Walt Whitman???") :) :) :) It earned a place on my DVD Shelf of Honor, reserved for only those DVDs which I truly love. Dear Frankie got bumped. Oh well.

This afternoon we had lunch at Noodles. Yay!!! Love me some noodles. I tried to eat with chopsticks. It didn't work. :P

And then I had to *sob* get ready for school. *gasping sob* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! DON'T MAKE ME GO!!!!!!!! (The sad part? I don't even dislike school that much!) I have huge overweight type books that are so big I can't even fit them all in my backpack. I have to carry art history because there's nor more room! And I can't dump them in my locker, because I only have ten minutes between classes and most of them are on opposite sides of the campus. I hate it when that happens. Like the college gods are conspiring against you. And I got my parking stickers mixed up so I'm not sure which ones go on which car. Grrrr.

All of this, however, was make remarkably better by the presence of what I believe to be the greatest invention of hte 21st century (I know it's only five years old)- the clickable Sharpie. OMG, these are the funnest things EVER. I was marking everything I could get my hands on just because they are so fun to use!!! I got clicky highlighters, too, but they aren't as fun as the Sharpies. I even asked for some for my sad is that???

Going to go scrounge for food...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I felt this deserved its own post. It was that traumatizing/hilarious/traumatizing again.

As one of my numerous posts from last week attested (I have no life and therefore spend most of it writing on here or raising Sims) I actually had my hair cut and styled on Wednesday. It was obscenly expensive, but I really didn't care because my hair looked wonderful. I'm not being vain, it just looked way better than it ever did before and made me look ten pounds lighter, which is always a good thing when you are religiously opposed to diet and exercise. *shivers* Anyhoodles, I was feeling quite good.

Then Saturday came. It was time to wash my hair. I was kind of apprehensive at first, but figured that the nice little stylist had told me exactly what to do and given me the products to do it with. And I'm not stupid. I figured I had it made. So I wash my hair and comb it out and put the stuff in and scrunch it and let it dry (as per her instructions). And it dried.

In a horrible flat-yet-frizzy shadow of what it had been a few hours earlier. Nothing resembling a curl was visible. It was just crunchy and straight and kind of resembled dreadlocks a little bit. I was horrified. So I , being an rather intelligent, mature young woman, went crying to my mommy. Well, I wasn't really crying yet, but still.

My wonderful mommy who raised me to be rather intelligent and mature yet to always come to her with my problems, told me that yes, my hair really did look awful, and that she would help me (she is something of a hair godess, she's been helping my sister for years.). So I dutifully washed my hair again and brought her all the obscenly expensive products that I had been instructed to use and let her do her thing.

Oh. my. gosh. It sooooo did not work. We tried scrunching, as that was supposed to give it height. I suppose it did, but only in the sense that I had a ball of fuzz where my hair was supposed to be that reached about six inches into the air. I looked like Fran Dresher stuck her finger in a light socket.

So I rewet my hair. We are going to start from scratch, this time trying to emulate the handy little dryer that they had at the salon with a diffuser.

Oh. my. gosh. It worked even less than the time before. First of all, my neck was stiff because we tried having me lie on the ground with my hair spread out behind me so that we didn't actually have to touch it dry it, thus negating the possibility of more frizz. It didn't work. So then we break out the curly product crap that is supposed to work and tried scrunching again. SOOOOO not.

Fran is now standing in a puddle during a thunderstorm with a frickin' pole putting Ben Franklin to shame.

My sister was sitting in the chair and just started laughing. When I looked up, rather hurt that she would find my follicle-related pain funny, she tried to convince me that she was simply "having a party in her head" and really wasn't laughing tears because of me. Yeah. Sure, sweetie. It lost some of it's crediblity when she looked away and stopped laughing but whenever she glanced back at me she would be choking laughter again. Even my dear sweet mother was like "Oh, thank goodness we're going to Irish Fest for Mass tomorrow, because I really don't think you'd want to go to church where people know you!"

The final straw was when my little brother, who is a typical male and wouldn't notice if my hair turned purple with pink polka-dots, walked in and his little eyes got really wide, really quickly. Ugh.

Finally, we agreed that the brillo pad on my head wasn't going to go away, and Mr. Sheffield wasn't showing up to ask me to be his nanny, so I should just wash all the junk out of it and just let it be, because, honestly, anything would have been bettter than that.

And do you want to know the ironic thing? I simply washed it, combed it and pulled it back, just like I've been doing for seventeen years (well, the first couple I wasn't doing it myself...), which flew in the face of everything that cute little stylist said at the salon. And it looks perfect.

Ironically, I love it even more now that it's so low maintenance. :)