Monday, February 28, 2005

Here's one of Johnny....

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I felt like I was leaving him out. I love the man to death, but the facial hair is kind of scraggly...oh well, he's gorgeous anyway!!!!

The Full Oscar Recap...

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Well, we'll start with a picture. I'd just like to remark that God must have spent way more time on Josh's hair genes, because I have yet to see anybody with curls that look that good. Okay, moving on...(I would have a picture of Johnny up as well, but I couldn't find one that would work. Bummer.)

In my not-so-expert opinion, the Academy screwed up royally last night. I love Chris Rock, I really do. I mean, yeah, sometimes he's kind of offensive, but usually I find him hilarious. But I didn't think he did all that great with the monologue. And the "Gap employees bleeding all over the khaki's" joke was way out of line. We're at war. Mothers and fathers and sons and daughers are dying. I don't think you should be joking about that. But that's just my humble opinion. And he kind of made it all about race. I'm not racist, I think that we shouldn't even really consider race in our dealings with people. It was great that Don Cheadle, Jamie Foxx, and Morgan Freeman were all nominated and Beyonce was singing, but it was just as great that Hilary Swank, Kate Winslet, and Leonardo DiCaprio were nominated. They're all fantastic actors.

I don't actually remember much about the first couple of categories, because they were kind of small and inconsequential. I, however, do not like the new idea of having all the contestents up on stage like a beauty pagent and then hustling the losers off the stage while the winner steps forward. And I really don't like the idea of having the presenter out in the audience and then kind of handing the Oscar to the winner and then kind of pushing them back into their seats. If they're so pressed for time, how about we cut out the two lifetime achievment awards (and the little montage footage that goes along with it), or move more of the slightly technical awards (sound mixing? If you have to explain what is does, all of America probably doesn't need to see it.) to a different broadcast. Or just accept the fact that it's the Academy Awards and it's going to be a long night! They went over by about fifteen minutes, anyway, and they did everything short of mailing the awards to the winners!

Anyway, I kind of only paid attention to the best song and acting awards. Josh sounded great-he looked kind of nervous, but he sounded great. Beyonce was kind of screwing up the chorus, though. If she had been singing alone it wouldn't have been so bad, but when you're doing a duet it's kind of necessary to stick to the melody. I don't understand why the song (sorry, I forgot the name) that won did so. I mean, if Believe didn't, why not Accidentially in Love? That was huge this year- both the movie and the song. Every time I turn on the radio, I hear that or "Pieces of Me". And what about "Learn to be Lonely"? That was beautiful (although Beyonce was kind of screwing up the melody on that one too). Grrr. At least I got to see Josh- and in a tux, too :)!!!!!

The best supporting actress category went the way I wanted it too. Personally, I would have liked to see Kate Winslet nominated for her work in Finding Neverland, because it was really beautiful, but I love Cate Blanchett. I haven't had time to see The Aviator yet, but from the clips I've seen, she did a great job. It looks like a really good movie.  The best supporting actor category was kind of surprising. I really though Thomas Haden Church was going to get it, because of how much the critics loved "Sideways". But I like Morgan Freeman, so that was okay. If I were choosing, Jamie Foxx would have won for "Collateral". He did a great job in that movie, really good acting.

Best Director was hardly surprising. I agree that Martin Scorsese deserves an Oscar, but I think everybody knew that Clint Eastwood was going to get it. What is it about Hollywood and boxing movies? I find them rather boring and dull, but the Academy seems to just eat them up. Anyway...

The best actor and actress categories were hardly surprising, although not upsetting. Best actress was okay. I love Kate Winslet, but I didn't see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so I can't really speak for her performance there. I guess Hilary Swank did a good job, and she probably deserves it. Best Actor was way more upsetting personally. I knew that Johnny Depp had little to no shot of winning, but I liked to hope. My personal feelings aside, he did a really good job in "Finding Neverland". He really deserved this award. And if anybody had to win it, I would have preferred Leonardo DiCaprio. I haven't liked him since I was ten, but he looks like he did a great job in "The Aviator". And, as great a job in Ray as I'm sure Jamie Foxx did, he was imitating a singer. That's not how you win acting awards. You take a role and make it your own, putting a lot of yourself into it. Not imitation. He deserved best supporting actor for Collateral, not this one.

Best picture was not too eventful, either. I think everybody knew Million Dollar Baby was going to win. Of course, I would have preferred Finding Neverland, as I really don't agree with some of the stuff in Million Dollar Baby. I would have rather had The Aviator win over that, as well, but that wasn't going to happen. The other two (Sideways and Ray), I didn't see or care that much about.

So, in general, it was a pretty predictable, sort of disappointing night. But Johnny and Josh were there---looking great. So I'm happy! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Very Long Movie Post

Nobody probably cares about this, but I felt like I was ignoring my poor little blog. And as I have nothing to write about except the fact that Johnny Depp should win an Oscar tomorrow, you're going to get a long list of my favorite movies and why they are so darn important. Enjoy!!! :) These are in no particular order, by the way...

Gone With the Wind- Um, the greatest movie ever???? This is so beautiful---so perfectly done. I love it. No, I adoit. And read the book, too. It really helps enhance the experience. Everybody, man or woman, should see this movie in it's entirety (without commercials) at least once in their lifetime. I'm serious. This is history.

National Treasure- Yes, I know it's completely implausible and just one of Bruckheimer's overblown movies that only aim to give people a few hours of mindlessness, but I really must ask you- what's wrong with a few hours of mindless entertainment? I love history, and I love going to movies that enlighten you or make you think, but I've got to tell you, I loved this. It was just such a fun movie. Go see it!

The Passion of the Christ- Beautiful movie. I started crying when Peter denies Christ and didn't stop until about two hours after the movie. And not just a few tears- we're talking sobbing. Even if you don't agree with it, it's a beautifully shot movie. Mel Gibson is a genious (I know it's not spelled right...)

The Family Man- I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for guys with babies. (That ER episode where Noal Wylie fights for the baby's rights when the mom doesn't want it...I almost fell off the couch.) This is such a sweet one. Adorable. I love it. Go rent it. No, buy it.

Pirates of the Caribbean- Um, for those who know me, this is self-explanatory. Otherwise known as "The Theme of My Life for Summer of 2003"...and fall...and it a wonder why chemistry wasn't going so great????

Girl With a Pearl Earring- Lovely. I loved Colin Firth's performance- heck, I love all of Colin Firth's performances. But again, a very pretty movie. A great friend gave it to me for Christmas...:)

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- or, Why We Should All Move To Middle Earth Because the Guys are So Much Hotter. Totally deserved every award it won. BTW, one of my greatest memories is seeing it the night it came out with my sister and friend---so great!!!

Bridget Jones's Diary (the sequal too)- So hilarious!! I literally laugh out loud when I read the books, and I think the movies really captured that fun, conversational quality. And Colin Firth. And Hugh Grant. Fighting. To "It's Raining Men". *thud* Can't wait until the second one is released on DVD.

Rain Man- I have a thing for movies that make me cry. And Tom Cruise during the hot years. What more do you wand?

Sense and Sensibility- Great book, even better movie. I was just watching it this afternoon and re-realized how great it is. Love it. Love Colonal Brandon...(shut up girls) And I love that husband of the annoying woman. His facial expressions are priceless. And when he's holding the baby...I'm laughing just thinking about it!!!

The Godfather- A movie you can't refuse. (I know it was a bad pun...)

The Godfather II- When Michael and Kay fight- oh. I'm going to cry. Just stay away from the third one.

Love, Actually- Yeah, my reasons for loving this movie are kind of transparent. Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, and Colin Firth all in love and all in the same movie. Sign me up!!!! ;)

The Patriot- For maximum viewing pleasure, watch at two in the morning when you're slightly giddy and eating chocolate ice cream. Good times. Let me tell you, those two hot aussies really look good when you're sleep-deprived.

My Best Friends Wedding- One of the great chick flicks of all time. So cute. So funny. One of my all-time favorite movies---EVER!!! Love the gay best friend. I want a gay best friend...

Seabiscuit- Oh, another movie from the summer of '03. I dare you to watch it and not cry at the end. Read the book, too.

Die Hard- That whole Alan Rickman-being-a-hot-terrorist what if I was somewhere around infancy when it was released? Love can conquor all!

The Horse Whisperer- The movie that made me fall in love with Robert Redford. Still in love with him...

What Women Want- This is an absolutely hilarious movie. I love Mel Gibson trying to be sensitive, and then pretending to be gay- that part cracks me up!!

The Great Gatsby- That Robert Redford thing again. I know, my parent's hadn't even met when this was released- whatever (no, must stop saying that- it's Robert Redford's least favorite word. At least according to Inside the Actor's Studio.)

Apollo 13- The very first PG-13 movie I ever saw. Still one of my favorites.

Sleepy Hollow- The greatest way to freak youself out while still going "Wow, he's really hot!!"

Rebecca- The old Alfred Hitchcock version. One of my top five movies of all time. So great. I love it. I want her life (except without the dead wife's ghost. And the creepy housekeeper.) One must read the book.

The Count of Monte Cristo- Jim Caviezel sleeping on the floor. Yeah, very personally significant (right?)

Secret Window- one word: Braces!!!!!!! ;-)

Titanic- I know it's cheesy, but it is the biggest movie ever. And I love it so much! Especially the ending...

Where the Heart Is- So cute, and Forney is hot. Read the book first, though.

Collateral- Tom Cruise as the hottest criminal ever (excluding the Ocean's 11/12 gang- they're not really criminals. More like friends who happen to work together at something illegal). Jamie Foxx was quite good too.


The Phantom of the Opera- Gerry Butler. All you need to know. Buy the soundtrack too---excellent. Prepare to hate Emmy Rossum (she did a great job, though).

Donnie Brasco- The role that should have gotten Academy Awards for both Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. Great movie. I really hope Anne Heche was going through a straight period, because otherwise getting to make out with Johnny Depp on the stairs would just be a tragic waste.

Ocean's 11/12- So great. Even if you don't like the movies, just look at the people. It's the largest group of unnaturally pretty thieves I've ever seen!!!

Troy- Knife. Enough said.

Vanity Fair- I don't know why I liked this movie so much, but I really did. Maybe it was because it really caught your interest and then really delivered. I read the book afterwards, which is great as well. Reese Witherspoon is fantastic! So is the Irish Rooster (sorry, sweetie, I had to do it ;-)!)

Something the Lord Made- I know, I know "a long time ago" Really girls, it's been done. But the greatest HBO movie ever. And, for personal reasons, I cannot get over the end with Alan Rickman in a wheelchair (you've poisoned me against my soulmate! Are you happy now?????)

Chocolat- Johnny and chocolate---it's almost too much. Plus, it was the second movie with Johnny Depp that I saw. And the first non-POTC one. So monumental...

Benny and Joon- The funniest, most random movie ever. And so cute and endearing at the same time. You spend half the time thinking "what the heck?" and the other half going "oh, that's so sweet!" And it's got Johnny. You can't go wrong!!

Thirteen Days- I think this was the first real (i.e., not Disney or Indian in the Cupboard) movie I saw in theaters. I really liked it then, and I enjoy it even more now that I actually know where Russia is. Entertaining and educational- pleases everybody!!

A Beautiful Mind - and a beautiful man. Russell Crowe is fantastic in this movie. Another sweet one. And it deserved the best picture oscar.

Just Married- no, it's not a classic. But it's hilarious.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- The first DVD I ever owned...and it's got Lillith from Fraiser. The Celine Dion part is particularly funny---I love it!!

Wuthering Heights- the Juliet Binoche edition. The rest aren't that great. One should definately read the book, too. It's great. I'm naming my first daughter Catherine.

Sleepless in Seattle- I know it's like the cliche romantic comedy, but the part that gets me is when Tom Hanks and Victor Garbor are talking about The Dirty Dozen like it was An Affair to Remember. I'm always literally rolling on the ground laughing so hard. :)!!!

The American President- Clinton the way Clinton wants to be- young, sexy, thin, and widowed. (Ann Coulter) No, no, I kid...I love this movie. Again, I don't know why, but I just do. And also a killer theme song- very awe-inspirering.

Legally Blond- The movie that made me want to go to law school. Is it weird that I pick my careers based upon fictional stories?

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood- I loved this movie in spite of the fact that it took a little bit of time to get off the ground and then kind of danced around the main point for awhile. But the ending cannot be beat. So cute. I love mother/daughter stories.

Whew- my fingers are tired!!! Not that anybody will actually read through this, or understand it for that matter. Oh well, I had fun writing it!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Should be studying...

...but I don't want to. Boring history stuff. Ugh. Don't really care how the rise and fall of the U.S.S.R. impacted Eastern imperialism. Frankly, I don't think that I should not have to learn anything else about the Soviet Union, because it dissolved fifteen years ago. All the little countries that were formed have moved on, why can't we??? And this is Eastern history class, doesn't that kind of mean "not Europe"???? At least that's what I thought... Oh, but then I can go to bio where we're delving into the fun experience that is known as the fast-paced exciting world of action potential!!! Does it get any better than this???? And my other professor gave the lecture today with a baby in his arms the whole time. Don't ask...

Ugh. I want spring break to come...

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Isn't this an absolutely fabulous picture???? It was included with the review of Josh's Milwaukee concert---I got it off the jsonline website. I know I just posted whining about school, but I completely forgot to write about Josh. Personally, I thought he was amazing this weekend, even with the little frog in his throat, but he looked so upset about it. I really didn't want him to have to go through it again. His Green Bay concert was last night, and apparently things went wonderfully. I wasn't there, but everything I've seen says that he nailed every single song and did both encores (he only did one this weekend) and "Remember", which is a really hard song to sing. So I'm happy. I didn't want him to have to go through that again!! (I think I've got a little mother-complex thing going on here...) And tonight he's got one more show and then sings at the Oscars!!! I can't wait to hear him- even with Beyonce. Josh does not need spicing up!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just seeing if this works...

Just want to see if this shows up, as I had some trouble putting the last one up...

Senseless fluff...

Okay, back by popular demand (or one person. Whatever). Don't expect anything incredibly intelligent, as I'm still on a high from seeing Josh Groban and just spent the last few hours watching my various Josh DVD's and having fun little song fantasies...days off are fun.

Anyhoo, let's see what's going on. Nothing. I'm lead a boring life. Like riveling cloistered monks boring. At least they have books to translate into English or whatever to keep them busy. Given my history with foreign languages, I don't think translator is a career option I should be looking into. Oh that's right, I should be studying. Bummer. Moving on...

I guess I'll write about the Academy Awards this weekend. First of all, a little disclaimer. I love Leo DiCaprio. Adore him. Great guy, I'm sure. I'm sure "The Aviator" was a great movie, too. And I'm sure that Jamie Foxx is great, as well. So nobody get mad about this. Secondly, if you've been living under a rock without television or magazines since the winter of 1997 and have never seen "Titanic", don't know the ending (I mean the movie- we all know the ship sinks), and don't want to know, don't read this. But because I know the one person who will be reading this, I don't think it will be an issue.

This Sunday are the Academy Awards. The highlight of the awards season. Winners will be chosen, lives will change, careers will be made. One man, however, is almost certainly not going to win. Ironically, he's the one I want to win most. Johnny Depp gave a beautiful performance in "Finding Neverland". Seriously, I was sobbing at the end (well, that doesn't say much- I cried at the end of "Freaky Friday" too...). It was beautiful. Restrained, moving, emotional, everything that usually gets the Academy. ("The Pianist"? Come on. Beautiful movie, but depressing as all get out.) However, Johnny has been grossly overlooked this season (much the same as he was last, I'm not bitter or anything).
I really thought he had a chance at the Golden Globes, because he wasn't up against Jamie Foxx (who seems to be sweeping everything...). But no, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association apparently deciding that they should go with Leo as opposed to my dear Johnny. Yes, Titanic was massive, but he wasn't even that great in it. King of the World? He played a barely post-pubescent destitute guy who painted naked women, seduces Katie Winslet in the back of a car, and is dead a full forty minutes before the end of the movie. (Except for that ten second thing at the end- but that doesn't count, because it's the afterlife.). SO not the king of the world. Ugh. It disgusted me. And then, three weeks later, the Screen Actors Guild apparently lost whatever good taste they possessed last year and gave the award to Jamie Foxx (nobody get mad, I'm sure he did a great job, just haven't had time to see the movie yet.) Why does no one realize the brilliant cinematic achievment that is "Finding Neverland"????? Hmmmm????? Ugh.

Speaking of awards, what was up with the Grammys???? First they don't even televise best male pop vocal performance (even though they did best male r&b vocal performance), and then they give it to John Mayer???? Grrr. Why does no one realize that "You Raise Me Up" was perfect and beautiful, and yes, a little smaltzy, but that's what a lot of people like, and it should have been recognized???? And did the opening bug anybody else??? I mean, individually, I love all those songs (except "Heaven". Not really into Los Lonely Boys.), but putting them all together was kind of hard to listen too. I was getting dizzy. And the artists looked like they were having trouble remembering their song.

Well, this has been me whining about the state of the entertainment industry. Not that anybody asked me for my opinion. But they should, because I have quite a lot of good ideas that I feel should be implemented! :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Yay---new blog!!!

This is really fun!!! Anyhoo, I'll post more in a little bit, but I wanted to see if this worked...