Friday, March 31, 2006

It's the weekend and I clearly have too much time on my hands

Read my other blog, k??? :) (*squee* Love Actually!!! Dancing Prime Ministers!!!!!!! Only works if they look like Hugh Grant, I would imagine. Otherwise it just seems creepy.)


My Tv blog finally with stuff about recent shows. I'm now off to go study for my Latin midterm. Totally. I'm going to put a real post up when I get home, k??? :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Joys of Paper Shredding

New Life Goal #1: Get involved in political scandal. This will allow me to shred paper late at night in a cute suit with some shifty characters hanging around.

So I was helping Mommie Dearest clean her room today, and ended up manning the shredder. Oh the fun I had. I got to shred bank statements. I love bank statements. Even if the little "average" number on mine is pitifully low. They are quite pretty and Official Looking. And some of the bank statements were from way back in 2002...obviously Mommie Dearest hadn't kept right on top of these. :) You know what I also love? The little shreddies that end up the can. They are so cute. And contain so much classified information. Although who would want our identity I don't know. Some days I feel like changing my name.

Then the machine burned out. :( Oh the sadness. I'm going to go do some more later. I'm only up through 2004 in statements...

Okay, okay, I'm not trying to be politically incorrect. I just thing it's funny. On a slightly sad note, Matt LeBlanc is filing for divorce. Awww, why can't any of the Friends keep a relationship? If Courtney and David break up I'm going to be VERY upset. Not the same kind of devestated as when Brad and Jennifer broke up, but close. *tear* I hope they don't end up in a bitter custody battle over the poor seizure ridden baby. That would be sad.

I took a personal day today. I was so exhausted by last night I couldn't even think about getting up for school. And I was really worried about getting sick, because that would just not be acceptable. So business law got hte boot. It was loverly. Slept in and just relaxed. Read and reread and highlighted and notated Boy Scouts of America v. Dale. Oh. My. Gosh. Dale has got to let it go. Really. The first two courts that ruled against him should have given him a clue that things probably weren't going to go in his favor. Even though apparently the New Jersey Supreme Court was having a crazy day when they heard his arguments.

Check for something on TV Watch a little bit later. I'm going to watch my Criminal Minds tape and then put something up. Just a little preview- Lost=brilliant.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Okay, I know my last real post was named after a bakery item too, but I have to say, this is muy excellent. Actually, I'm not entirely sure that that's the correct use of "muy", but I don't really care. First of all...

Barry would like to wish Mommy a very happy birthday!!! Yay!!!! (I'd also like us to consider for a moment the fact that I actually just did a google image search for Barry in the library. I think this should be my gift...) We know it will be a very happy birthday, because we're getting Bakery of Our Choice cake---yayness!!!!!!!

Yeah, my life is pretty boring. Got up freakin' early this morning to spend an hour with four seminarians at the early Latin class. Except it turned out to be only half an hour and three seminarians. Which wasn't so bad, because I could get the aformentioned Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread.

Oh, Johnny. :D We love Johnny. I think it's about time for a countdown to the release date, don't you??? Maybe I should wait until April... Speaking of movies, Imladris finally saw the Constant Gardener and was sufficiently moved/confused. That's how I felt too. And then we watched The History of Violence last night. This, too, was rather confusing. Not the story, because I totally got it, but the ending, where everybody's all good and passing food around. Now, we all know that Maria Bello is not sane, as she left Johnny and Sean Bean in various movies, but I dont think I'd be all , "Yeah, hon, come on back" to my husband if he was like the guy in the movie. Even if it was Aragorn. Okay, maybe if it was Aragorn. ;)

Ooh, and I finally worked out an ideal schedule for next fall. OF course, the University of My Choice has implimented a dastardly plan to keep my placement test results out of my hands until the day I actually have to register, which means I kind of have to guess which English (if any) and what math (we're hoping for the high remedial...that's just the kind of go-getter I am...) classes I'll have to take. Bugger. Because if I test into the highest English section- which, and please understand I'm not being vain, the test was just extremely easy, wouldn't surprise me- then I won't have to take any English for my GER and just take whatever I want. And if I get into regular math I'll have seventeen credits instead of fourteen, which is kind of a big deal, don't you think??? It's impossible for me to have eighteen, because the two freaking languages are four each, which completely threw me off. I'm very confused, and I really just want to register and forget about it until September 5th. Is that okay with everyone???

HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, this kills me. :D

Excellent TV tonight, people, I'll probably put something up tomorrow, k??? Everybody watch CSI:NY (and Mary, this time remember names) , now that Law and Order changed, you have no excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

WHY, GOD, WHY?????????

Why must the good die young???

Another year of Barry!!!!!!!

Okay, I'd just like to point out that the exclamation points are for my more mature readers. Which isn't an insult, because I'm the only one who reads this who can vote. But whatever. The Las Vegas Hilton announced yesterday that Barry was extended through 2008. See? Another year to see him. Which means that you, mommie dearest, don't have to spend my tuition money on a plane ticket, and anonymous doesn't have to fire me and start licking her own envelopes to see him for the eighteenth time or whatever. ;) Oh the joy.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Blueberry Muffins

I'm switching to blueberry muffins this morning because the sad lemon ones looked teeny tiny. And, hell, I'm nothing if not adventerous. Quite good, but the crubly stuff they put on top is getting all over the place. And I'm drinking ocffee in a white shirt without my Tide pen. Oooh, the gods had better be smiling on me...

So how was everybody's weekend??? Unbelievable amounts of fun? No? Nobody? Well, mine wasn't either. Friday was okay because I left school with absolutely no intention of doing anything productive, and I didn't, so I guess that was a success. Except that basketball was still on and Numbers wasn't. Crazies.

Saturday I had placement tests at the University of My Choice.I got there at eight. I didn't get to leave for almost five freaking hours. Seriously. Budding communist nations could learn something from our school system. We all had to sit directly behind the person in front of us so we formed perfect little lines. We couldn't open the books until they told us to. We couldn't read anything else after we were done. I have a feeling we would have been summarily executed for using a cell phone. We could not stand up. We could not leave after we were done even though everybody else was done too and just sitting there waiting for a buzzer to go off. We were penalized for coughing more than twice. (I made that one up, but isn't it amazing how well it fit???) Really. Almost all of us in that room were adults, and yet there was absolutely nothing we could do about anything. We were completely at the mercy of the little proctors, who totally couldn't have stopped anybody. Well, except most of the girls. Who weighed like ninety pounds, dripping wet. I hate people my own age. I guess it was better than when I took the ACT and we had a ten minute break. But we all had to go stand in the hallway for ten minutes because all the classrooms had to be locked. For ten minutes. For no reason. Except that it was a Rule.

The tests went okay, I guess. For math I was pretty much just filling in pretty patterns with the dots, because I had absolutely no clue about like half of them. English was exceedingly easy. Really. Even the reading comprehension, which is usually easy but annoying because all of the answers sound the same.

On to slightly funner notes, I finally saw Capote on DVD this past week. Oh my gosh. Awesome mvoie. I am not a huge Philip Seymour Hoffman fan (even if it kills me to type his name becausea it takes forever). Catherine Keener was awesome too. My favorite scene was when Capote pays the guy to compliment him, and Nelle totally knows it. So funny. The hanging bothered me though. I don't get upset by much, but executions get to me. Seriously. My own political feelings aside (*cough*against it*cough*), capital punishment usually literally makes me ill.

Also saw Inside Man yesterday. Another one where I go to a movie I don't particularly want to see because Imladris is going and I have nothing better to do, and then end up loving it. Really good. It felt like it took a little bit long to get to the end, but pretty fast-paced. And we love Clive Owen again. He's one of those guys where after you see him you're totally into him, but then it kind of goes away, and then you see him again and you're like, "WOW! That guy's really hot!!!!" Yeah, I have an affinity to misunderstood criminals.

And the trailers at this movie were awesome. MI:3??? So there on May 5th. The Sentinal. Oh my freakin' gosh. That looks like one of the better movies I've seen in awhile. We lurve Michael Douglas. His relationship with a freakishly young woman is what give me hope.

Then there was one for Flight 93. (First, how stupid and I? The first time I saw it it took me two minutes to figure it out...I was like, "Wait...wasn't that one of the 9/11 flights??? Oh..." I'm a moron.) Personally, I don't think this is a good idea. It hasn't been five years yet. This is like a Pearl Harbor thing where maybe sixty years later you can do it. And even then you're still going to offend people. The trailer's really upsetting too, I was practically in tears yesterday. Anyhoo, I think it's way too soon.

So yeah, I should go write these damn scholarship essays. I just got finished watching an absolutely mind-numbing video in art about Imperial Chinese art. The narrator was not a native English speaker, and kept mispronouncing words. "Comparably" was "compare" with an -ably on the end. Crazy. And then I get to go do something in government. I"m not sure what. I"m very confused about this whole trial thing. I know I have to have a paper on Boy Scouts v Dale by Monday...amazing how loquasious the Supreme Court can be. It took them 36 typed pages to say the Boy Scouts were a private institution and should be kept that way. Buggers.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Does anybody know how many children Clarence Thomas has???

Because I don't. And I need to know by nine thirty. Every single thing I read about him said that he just has this one adult son, Jamal (yes, I thought of Steven), but then in one interview he was talking about this six-year-old that he and his wife adopted. I'm very confused.

Yes, I'm Clarence Thomas for three weeks. Funny, I don't look like a sixty-year-old black man. But I am. And I have to write lots and lots and lots about him. And in the process of doing research for the lots and lots of writing, I discovered that he was born in 1948. Uh-huh. That would make him fifty-eight now. As in, two years younger than Alan. The Supreme Court is now younger than Alan. I'm so weird.

But we get the whole class to work on it. Yayness. It beats sitting in Parliament formation. Seriously. He arranged the desks in a "U". I'm kind of suprised he hasn't started calling Republicans tories and spelling labor with an "ou". I'm starting to worry about him...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Various and Sundry Complaints

First, I finally updated my other blogs. Yes, I am awesome.

I'm pretty much PO'd at school in general right now. Okay, that's not entirely true. Just one class. We're doing this fake trial thing to show everybody how the Supreme Court works. I know how the Supreme Court works. I'm very clear on that, actually. And if anybody else isn't, they can read a freakin' book. I don't really think that we need to devote three weeks of our lives to it. Bugger. At least I got to be a justice. I don't have to talk. Yayness.

I guess this is better when we spent a week doing this little exercise to show us how Parliament works. I have a couple of problems with this. 1.) We don't have a Parliament. 2.) I know how Parliament works. It's pretty simple. Like us except with gay-looking robes occasionally and various accents depending on what country you're in. Not too difficult. 3.) If we'd all like to become clearer on this subject, read a book. They're out there.

At least we're doing the United States Supreme Court. And not Belarus or something.

Other classes going well, though. In art we did a little Vermeer thing, and talked about Girl with a Pearl Earring. I was the only one who'd seen the movie, and when she asked me waht I though of it, it was very hard for me not to go, "Um, I kind of was only paying attention to Colin Firth. I don't actually know the rest of the story. He was in love with an eighteen-year-old. That's enough for me to buy the DVD." That would have just been embarrassing.

Finally finished Six Wives, like a year and a half after I bought it. Awesome book. It's very rare that a book can be almost eight hundred pages and you don't feel like it's too long. David Starkey is a wonderful author. Anne Boleyn was really a crazy, wasn't she? Her big problem that she showed Henry and his court exactly what you needed to do to get rid of a queen. And then she got pissed off when they turned around and did it to her. For someone who was supposed so calculated, it doesn't seem like she really followed this scenario through to completion, does it?

Well, faithful readers, I'm late for Latin, but everybody should watch TV tonight. New Lost, Criminal Minds, and CSI:NY. Whoo!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm Being Dragged Kicking and Screaming Back to School

And no one feels sorry for me. It's not my fault that I have a perfect schedule that gives me a week off in the middle of March just for the heck of it. You all could have this too. I just made different choices. *sniff*

Mmmm. Doughnut. I ate a crapload of doughnuts this morning. Really. It was a mound. The one good thing about going back to school is the muffins (I just typed "miffuns" tee hee). We love the muffins. They are excellent. Especially the lemon ones. Which are light enough that you don't feel like a fat pig but still a muffin so you feel full. Feeling full is something I'm familiar with right now. I just ate a lot of Taco Bell. Their caesar burritos- God's gift to cheap mexican food. And their potatos. Probably a good thing I made myself do the stairmaster this morning.

I really want the British copy of the Bridget Jones books. They're much longer, and way funnier, and there's stuff about Princess Diana. I need them. And I finally have money, so I decided to see how much they were on, armed with my trusty currency converter website.



An hour and a half later, I've visited various internet sites trying to figure out exactly how much it costs to send something to the U.S. from the U.K. (wow, that's a lot of "U"s and periods...). Because makes it seem deceptivly simple, with a whole little rate chart and everything. Until you get to the bottom of the page, and there's this teeny tiny little disclaimer saying, "Well, there could be custom charges, but we can't predict that so just cross your fingers..." As much as I love Bridget Jones, I was not content to simply say, "Oh. Okay. We'll see if the government likes me today." So I had to do a very long Google search and finally ended up at the U.S. Customs and Border Control website, where they had a pdf copy of this book that has all the duty rates. After a painstaking chapter perusal (why can they just have one titled "Books"??? No, this one is "Paper Products and Paper Mulch Products". I know why we're like a trillian dollars in debt. Too many big words.) I found out that books are free. You know what? I don't even care if I'm right. I'm too tired.

Wonderful weekend, though. Went out for coffee with Mom and Imladris yesterday morning, which was crazy amounts of fun. Even if we didn't talk about me at all. Nothing. Whatever. And then had more coffee in the afternoon. And then gorged myself on wonderful cookies that Daddy made while watching a show about Henry VIII on National Geographic. So I had caffeine, chocolate, and pizza yesterday. That was healthy.

And then today I ate the aformentioned mound of doughnuts and went to see Failure to Launch with Mom and Imladris. As long as you go in realizing that this is a chick flick headlining Matthew McCoughnahay and Sarica Jessica, you'll have a good time. Except I'm still feeling a little nauseous from Terry Bradshaw's bare backside. Nobody- NOBODY- needs to see that.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holocaust Movies

(Note: Good/Bad Imladris is bogarting the good computor with the pictures folder. Thus the notable lack of icons. Although I'm not entirely sure I could come up with appropriate icons for a holocaust post. But still.)

I'm a sucker for them. War movies too. I'm so weird. I get buggy watching romantic comedies for longer than ninety minutes, but give me a four hour manifesto with dead Jews and I'm there.

So I watched Schindler's List today. Wow. Really good. I don't usually get that upset by movies that I watch at home (I think because it's not dark and stuff), but I was crying so hard at the ending. When they give Oskar the ring with the Hebrew saying- well, I don't think I've been that emotional since the last time I watched Life is Beautiful. Another holocaust tearjerker. Not that there are a whole lot of fun holocaust movies.

Anyhoodles, I love Liam Neeson even more now, if that's possible. I've even forgiven him for being the baddie in Batman Begins. And when you can forgive someone for trying to rid the world of the brilliance that is Christian Bale, well, you know you've grown emotionally.

And now I have mixed feelings about Ralph Fiennes. He was totally evil in this, and I can find attractive qualities in almost anybody (the terrorist in Die Hard? Misunderstood.), but pure evil is difficult to love. And a word to the wise, Ralph- take care of yourself. You can't carry off being overweight. Just no.

So other than the full-frontal nudity and gratuitous shots of some random woman's bare chest, this was a completely awesome movie that everybody should see. Did you know that Steven Spielberg didn't accept any money for it because he said it would have been blood money? I think that's sweet.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For Imladris

This is my 200th post!!!!! Which might become significantly more exciting if you mistakenly think that I actually have something to say. Which I don't. I'm pretty much just waxing extensive on my views on things that don't matter. Case in point: today I feel like discussing Anna Karenina, Winston Churchill's mother, the fact that I think my thigh muscle is ripped, and the British House of Commons and why they are SO MUCH BETTER at this whole legislature thing than we are.

First, I was reading Colleen's blog about how she got 150 pages into Anna Karenina (which she did, as I supsected, steal out of spite for me and my ability to sleep this week)- good for you, hon, only like 800 more!!! And it reminded me just how much I love that story. Which reminds me that I desperatly need a South Korean bootleg copy of the movie with Sean Bean as Vronsky. But that's a whole different diatribe.

And she is right. I would kill many, many people to be in Anna's position. I mean before she throws it all away for fleeting physical gratification and then literally throws it all away- under a train. The whole married to a Russian aristocrat who doesn't feel any particular need to talk to me or touch me but instead sends me on fun little trips to Moscow for the weekend. In pretty dresses.

Anna was a stupid whore. I was kind of worried about feeling sorry for her when she dies. Yeah. Right. You can just be run over. I don't even care.

Speaking of aristocrats that I'd like to marry (and there are plenty of them) I just finished reading the awesome book, The Titled Americans, which I was able to purchase with my trust Rewards Card...*ahem*. It was about the Jerome sisters who all married rich British guys with titles. And then Jennie gave birth to a little prodigy named Winston. Who ended up like saving the world. See???????? This could be my life!!!!!!!!! My kids could make the world safe for democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Although they'd be a hell of a lot cuter that Winston Churchill.) I want to marry a rich British guy...*pouts* Except that Jennie kind of had some marital fidelity issues that I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't have. Why do I always identify with the adultress??? Seriously. It's a problem. I'm really not a whore.

(My icons aren't working. Bugger. should die.)

I think I ripped my thigh muscle. No, really, I think the stairmaster crept upstairs and ripped it for me. Because it will not rest until I am hobbled.

(There would be a funny icon here. But there isn't.)

Wanna know how big a geek I am? I'll tell you. I was randomly flipping channels a couple of days ago and C-SPAN was doing the little Prime Minister's questions from the House of Commons. Normally I would have been like, "Yeah, this won't allow my brain to rot, so let's see what's on VH1...", but we had just watched a video on this whole thing in government (from the early nineties. Do you have any idea how the average British Parliament member dressed in 1991? Not pretty. Not pretty at all) and I figured there were worse ways to spend a couple of minutes.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It was so funny. Really. People were like bobbing up and down trying to get to ask their questions, and then they'd all start yelling "Boo!!!!!!!!" or something happy when somebody actually did get to ask a question. And the people who were actually allowed to speak would just kind of yell random insults at the poor PM (even if they were Labour...really, Americans are nothing if not partisan.). Blair was just like, "WTF, man?" for a whole half hour. I mean, I'm sure he wasn't, but probably would have been justified. I know I would have started yelling at people to sit down and shut the hell up after the first two minutes. I would so not make a good Prime Minister. For many reasons. But this is a biggie.

It made our legislature look so BORING. Seriously. We probably get more done, but they have way more fun. I mean, nobody boos Delay in public, no matter how much you hate him. And all of our people have their own personal space. Those Britons were shoved up against each other. This is another reason I woud not last long in the British political system. I would seriously need space to spread out. And a desk. None of this chapel crap that they've got going on. You have to really like the person in the district next to you, because you will be spending a lot of time with them. :p

All in all, a rather entertaining way to kill ten minutes...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Whoo!!!!! Spring Break!!!!!!!!!

This is what most people do on their spring breaks...

This is what I'm doing...

Not that I mind, because, as we all know, alone with coffee and a book is really how I prefer to be. And I wonder why I'm a social pariah. Hey, it beats Cleveland, which is how I spend last spring break. This book, btw, is absolutely awesome. I started it last night and I'm two hundred and fifty pages in because I literally cannot put it down. Really. I had to force myself to come and write this blog entry. And guess what? They're making it into a movie!!!!*gasp* Oh, it will be so awesome. And even awesomer??? (Yeah, it's a word...) Everybody on the boards thinks that Christian Bale would make a fabulous John Wilkes Booth!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* *faint* *gasp again* Oh, I'm so there.

Anyhoodles, I don't think that everyone in my family is happy about my being home this week. I was rudely awakened this morning by Imladris coming into the room practically shouting, "I'm mad at you for being off, and I'm taking Anna Karenina." I still haven't figured out if the taking of Anna Karenina was a consequence of the being mad (if so, it wasn't a very good one; I finished that book like a year ago) 0r just an afterthought and she just wanted to make sure I was awake. I'm thinking that final one.

Well, I'm off to go enjoy doing nothing. Except run to Borders, because I am a Rewards Card member and need to spend my complimentary 30% off coupon before it expires. Ah, the idle life...well, Lupe's not on spring break, so I really should go clean up the kitchen.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dyslexic Cows

First, I updated my TV blog, although not with happy news. Why the hell can't they give one of the loser networks the sports contract? Really, NBC could use something other than th Law and Orders. Here's the direct link in case it didn't post automatically.

Oh, I love a good dyslexia joke. Especially if cows are involved. I kid, I'm actually a very sensitive person. Really. Movies about people with diabilities or learning problems always make me cry. Seriously. I was rapterous during Saving Private Ryan (btw, they weren't kidding about those first twenty minutes...) and Schinder's List (okay, so I've only watched the first twenty minutes...did you know that thing's over three hours long???) but I cried like a baby during Forrest Gump. And not just the death parts.

HAHAHA...the Office. One of the few shows that will not be ripped from my fingers for an ungodly amount of time. Finally got back in touch with my inner pop culture whore and saw Walk the Line yesterday. Oh. My. Gosh. That is an unbelievably awesome movie. It should have been nominated for best picture. And Reese totally deserved to win. And Joaquin Phoenix was awesome with his scary hot eyes. Half of me would love to run into him in a dark alley and the other half would be scared to death. Honestly. Everyone should rent this---it was really good. Good Night and Good Luck is coming out on DVD on Tuesday, so I think I'm going to end up working my way through the Oscar contenders on DVD.

I just love this icon. So funny. And so true. There are times when caps lock jut does not get the message across that I want. Sad, but true. Well, faithful readers, I think I shall go gorge my CSI-less sorrows in chocolate drenched Bay Bakery cake...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Just FYI...

This is Watteau's "Embarkment for Cythera". Not the Departure for Cythera, which is what it says all over my art history exam. I'm a moron. That's ten points at least. Other than that, I think it went well. Except for a slight van Eyck debacle, but I prefer not to think about that.

Only an hour and a half and I can get the hell out of here. And don't have to come back until next Monday. WHOO!!! Of course, I could be gone now if my prof wasn't threatening us all with expulsion if we don't show up for this damn Parliament video. *sigh* Maybe there will be hot British guys. My loving sister suggested I just close my eyes and listen to the accents. You can tell she respects me. *eye roll* Maybe there will be some hot fabergeeggs... :D

Saw Mary sing the entire Requiem last night- and they did a remarkably good job. I was kind of expecting a rather amateurish version (nothing against your voice, hon...), but it was really, really good. My recording was from the Berlin Philharmonic, and I really think that they did just as well. Of course, I didn't get home until nine-fifteen, and then had to clean up the kitchen where, as usual, the rest of the family had apparently exploded upon eating dinner because there were way more dishes than any three people should ever create in one meal. Especially when all one eats is prepackaged food. Sheesh. And then I started to study the last half of my exam review, because it had just been posted hours earlier and I spend the majority of the afternoon assembling the stairmaster.

I'm really smart. I'm not tooting my own horn, I'm just saying that I'm every bit as intelligent as most people. But it took a stairmaster to have me sitting on the basement floor surrounded by bolts and washers and various other tooly things talking to myself while my little brother looks desperately for an exit. When it came, it looked pretty easy. A big box, so I figured that all the pieces were pretty big and therefore there would not be much putting together going on. Ha. Not so. And then I read that little instruction booklet (after tossing the complimentary "Guide to Healthy Eating"...crazies. The reason I bought the damn thing is so I can continue to eat my chocolate muffins with no adverse affects!), and I figured I could do it.

I was wrong. Really, really wrong. First, I had to figure out how to work the damn wrench. Which didn't go well, let me tell you. And then the pieces didn't go together that well. Like we ended up with a coupe of extra screws left over. And I'm not entirely sure where they were supposed to go. Well, actually, I know that there are only three of the four recommended bolts in the base, because we couldn't get the other one in. But I think three is enough to hold it together. You should have seen the look of horror on John's face when I announced I would now be connecting the wires. It was rather amusing, actually.

But we got it together, and it really works well. Colleen did it for six minutes, burned almost as many calories as she did in half an hour on the treadmill, and then promply got off and announced that stairs were the devil and she was going to die. :) I can't wait to actually use it. The assembly was my workout for yesterday. :)

I'm going to go kill time before the British Parliament...oh, maybe Tony Blair will make an appearance. Every time I see him now I think of Bridget Jones. And then I start to laugh. That actually might not be good in government...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Freakin' Midterms

I think there was a post on here like this last semester. I get the same way every single term...I do not like midterms. Because it gives everybody the opportunity to stop being all nice and saying, "Oh, it's just a quiz, you have plenty of opportunities to make it up" and instead get all Nazi and go, "Yeah, well, this is at least as important as the final exam." I don't like this.

And then I realized that these will be my last midterms here. I only have eight and a half more weeks of school here. Like forever. And then I got a litte sad. See, if I had stayed at my high school, this would have been cause for rejoicing, because seriously, there was no way anybody was making me stay there a second longer than I had to. I was totally preparted to graduate a year early. But I like it here. And I don't really want to leave (well, actually, they don't know that I'm actually leaving. They think I'm still "deciding".). Oh, the sadness. What will I do without their convenient parking and teeny tiny library? I'm thinking that if they take the time to name the thing after Golda Meir, then it's slightly bigger than this. Just a guess.

But back to my freakin' midterms. I have review for my art one in like ten minutes, and the review notes still aren't posted yet. Bugger. I hate it when this happens. Because I have over a hundred pages of lecture notes spanning from Gothic architecture to French Rococo, and it would be a big help to have just a general inkling of what will be on it. Because Caravaggio and Caraggie are starting to blur together in my mind. Except that Caravaggio was as gay manwhore. Literally. And I really don't think that it's fair that we did the Renaissance this term too, because we totally covered that last time. Grrr.

(Just checked review notes...)

Anyhoodles, excellent TV lately, hasn't it been? CSI:Miami was superb (more Horatio backstory), House was awesome last night, and it's a new CSI:NY tonight. I could die of happiness. Literally.

I need to go be productive for awhile (Ha!) so have a good Wednesday, people!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

OSCARS!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the Live from the Red Carpet is on, and Isaac Mizrahi has avoided asking anyone about their underwear for a good ten minutes. Of course, he just admitted that he was "cruising" Jennifer Jason Leigh's husband before realizing that their relationship probably wasn't going anywear.

Just a couple of things- here is who I think will win, and you can dowload a printable ballot to play along here. I'm off to go watch all the gaudiness and self-interest. Have fun everybody!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday and Gay Marriage

Oh, Saturdays are loverly. I get to sleep. I always used to feel badly about sleeping in because then I was wasting the day. Now it's like, "Aw, screw it, if it doesn't start with a "10", I'm not getting up..." and then I leisurly wash my hair and lounge and don't get downstairs until close to noon. Oh, I love Saturdays.

Except today I cut myself shaving. And there was a very large amount of blood. And I got a little bit lightheaded. I didn't know you had that much blood coursing through your legs. Strange, no? But my foot stopped hurting, actually...

My final topic was news like a week ago, but I keep forgetting about it. Which makes me no less excited. Now, I am totally into being eighteen because I can vote now. And in November is the whole little midterm thing where all the senators play musical chairs and I get to vote! YAY! But then last week, I found out that I also get to vote on gay marriage!!! Somebody finally wants my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am no longer relegated to standing on a corner with a sign (a political sign, I'm not a whore...hehehe...literally...)- I can actually vote! Whoo!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Icons, Alan, and Arch Bandages

HAHAHAHA...sorry, this made me laugh. I am now so addicted to icons that I transferred my entire picture folder to my flashdrive just so I can use it at school. That's sad. It's Friday. Whew. This has been a really long week. Extremely long. I just want to go to sleep. For like 16 hours. Ont he upside, only one more week till spring break.

Yes, Johnny. I do. We were supposed to spend art class today watching Sense and Sensibility. And now we're not. Boo. Now I have to go home and watch an Alan movie. I'm totally back into him. And now I have to decide if $16.99 is too much to spend for three frickin' lines and maybe some special features (but probably not because nobody realizes his brilliant talant and scathing wit). I don't think so. I coughed up $24.99 for Something the Lord Made. And that was really just a gift for Imladris and Mary, who were afforded the inestimable pleasure of seeing Alan actually in a wheelchair.

In plantar fasciitis news (it the ligament in your foot, Mary...), I am now a beacon of foot care, with supportive insoles, an arch bandage that seems to think its fun to cut off the circulation to my toes, and I've spent like an hour pulling on my foot with a towel. And hanging off of a stair to stretch my calf muscles (actually, I had to do both of those when I was little for horseback riding). And I bought a stairmaster (well, I used my mom's credit card, but still...) so I'm stuck using the archaic stationary bike until it arrives in a week or two. Bugger. This was before the advent of the cushy supportive seats. I have a bruised backside, and it's only been a day. And I can't figure out how long is a good time to ride. I'm sticking with five miles. I think that's plenty. Imladris is trying her very hardest to have a look of sympathy on her face, but I think mainly she's pleased that she has the treadmill to herself whenever she wants it. :P

I need to go to my non-Alan-infused class, but I'm going to put something up on my other blog later, okay??? Ciao!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hump Day

I hate Wednesdays. You always feel like the week should really be over by now, but then you realize that there are still three freakin' days to go.

I think we should all marvel at my devotion to the Church- I have to miss Lost tonight because of Mass. Sometimes I am even amazed at my saintliness. Ithink I'm going to try to be nicer this year for Lent. That never seems to work very well. I don't know why. I'm a nice person, really!!!

I really want to go home. For the first time in literally a year, I slept completely through the night until my alarm woke me up. Really. It's been since last Christmas. I must be exhausted.

I think that my plantar fascia is torn. And apparently walking keeps it from healing quickly. But the fast time for healing is two months. Yeah, right. Do you know what I'll look like in two months if I stop walking??? This is why we need a stairmaster. That doesn't aggravate your feet at all. And for only $88.00 and $17.50 of shipping and handling we could be the proud owners of one. Hint, hint. Conveniently, Mother dearest, I have your credit card, so I could totally take care of the ordering and all that...

Crap, I'm late for the most boring class ever. Grrr.