Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The cost of an iced mocha in the library has gone down from $3.80 to $3.50!!! All right!!!! Go Alterra!!!! :D

Anyhoodles, I've spent the last ten minutes on FOJG trying desperately to find a Tanglewood pic that I could download and put on here, because, let me tell you, Tanglewood was a good look for Joshie dear. ;) But then I remembered that I'm at school and they probably wouldn't appreciate me downloading flap pictures on their new, I guess that wouldn't be good. So I'll try to find a hot one this afternoon when I get home and am trying to avoid accounting homework...always fun!!!

Goodness, it's freakin' early!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to School

I am now officially the upper cookie in an Oreo...according to my mother, who informed me of this as she was sobbing in the bathroom this morning. (She figures that freshman year is the lower cookie, and sophomore and junior years are the stuffing. I, being a senior, am now the other cookie. Get it? :) I don't really blame her, because today is going to be kind of stressful as it is, and her oldest starting senior year just kind of hit her. And then she started crying about how it's been thirteen years since she stood crying in my school parking lot as I started K-4...I love that she cares so much!!! :)

So yeah, I'm sitting here in the library with my traditional frappuccino and scone...which I know is so totally unhealthy, but I really don't care right now because I'm feeling faint and haven't had time to eat anything today. And I'm kind of worried. But that's a whole different story.

They did, however, grossly overcharge me for this frappuccino, as I really don't think the little bottle is worth $2.65. I may have to wait for another before they figure out their pricing plans...on the upside, the rest of the drinks seem to be cheaper as they switched from Starbucks to Alterra coffee brands. Yayness!!! Scones are still just as tasty, and the woman who was at the counter every blessed morning of last year was there this year too, so it was nice to see her again.

And, shocker of shockers, art history is really, really interesting! The woman is really nice, and funny, which is a quality that I've found to be seriously lacking in female professors that I've run into. It's like they're all bitter and barren and mad that you're not. She's wonderful, though. And I suppose I shouldn't have been that surprised, because I actually to love art. My favorite museum on the mall is the National Gallery of Art (a bummer because we always seem to make it there five minutes before they close. That damn geology exhibit we spend days at, but we never seem to have enough time for the art... ;))

So I'm crossing my fingers for the rest of the day...accounting is looking boring, but whatever.

Ciao!!! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Laundry List

I think this must be a terribly uninteresting blog to people, as it's all kind of random and I'm kind of boring. And today will be no different...I have a veritable laundry list of things to discuss...

First, it's been a crappy week. Or, more correctly, a crappy four days. But I guess it hasn't been the crappy, because we've done a lot of fun stuff together, like go to this beautiful church and watch My Best Friend's Wedding last night.

That movie rocks. The best movie ever. Okay, not best, but darn close. I want Rupert Everett to come be my best friend. That would be great. And did you ever notice how Dermot Mulroney always plays a creep??? "You look good without your clothes on." *shivers* And let me tell you something- that scene is totally unrealistic. Nobody, whether you're Julia Roberts or not, wears a hundred dollar black lace bra and panties set underneath her slouchy two-sizes-too-big Dress Barn outfit. They just don't. In fact, nobody who owned that kind of an outfit would even think about owning said hundred dollar black bra and panties because they are completely impractical. White cotton would be their choice. Anyhoodles, good movie.

Oh, and on Thursday I walked into a doctor's office and they were playing Joshie! And then I started to cry. It had been that kind of a day. And then I almost hit the receptionist when she was on the phone and said "Oh, we have whats-his-name on here, and he's probably put you to sleep." !!!! Whoa!!! Thems fightin' words!!!

Let's see, not much going on... Saturday was kind of boring. We got three amazingly large zucchini on Saturday morning. They looked as though they were picked in northern Ukraine and just shipped here. Almost scared to eat them---afraid of the glowing. :) They should make way more bread than we could ever eat, but it's fun.

Oooh, another Saturday thing...totally random and nobody but Mary will understand it. A new dictionary entry:
Dummit- (n.) when you're tying to shout "dumba--" and miss. funny. "You dummit!!!"

Today has been pretty slow, too. We went to Mass. You know, it's amazing how many famous people go to our church. Steve Martin, Chander from Friends, Al Pacino, Kevin Bacon- all at church. ;) However, nobody that looks like Johnny, Josh, or Alan. Probably a good thing, as I would have to change parishs because my focus would so not be on the Mass...

Oooh, and I got my birthday gift from Mary. She was supremely generous and gave me the DVD of The Sound of Music!!! Oh Captain, my Captain!!! (Another good quote, Colleen: "You like Walt Whitman???") :) :) :) It earned a place on my DVD Shelf of Honor, reserved for only those DVDs which I truly love. Dear Frankie got bumped. Oh well.

This afternoon we had lunch at Noodles. Yay!!! Love me some noodles. I tried to eat with chopsticks. It didn't work. :P

And then I had to *sob* get ready for school. *gasping sob* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! DON'T MAKE ME GO!!!!!!!! (The sad part? I don't even dislike school that much!) I have huge overweight type books that are so big I can't even fit them all in my backpack. I have to carry art history because there's nor more room! And I can't dump them in my locker, because I only have ten minutes between classes and most of them are on opposite sides of the campus. I hate it when that happens. Like the college gods are conspiring against you. And I got my parking stickers mixed up so I'm not sure which ones go on which car. Grrrr.

All of this, however, was make remarkably better by the presence of what I believe to be the greatest invention of hte 21st century (I know it's only five years old)- the clickable Sharpie. OMG, these are the funnest things EVER. I was marking everything I could get my hands on just because they are so fun to use!!! I got clicky highlighters, too, but they aren't as fun as the Sharpies. I even asked for some for my sad is that???

Going to go scrounge for food...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I felt this deserved its own post. It was that traumatizing/hilarious/traumatizing again.

As one of my numerous posts from last week attested (I have no life and therefore spend most of it writing on here or raising Sims) I actually had my hair cut and styled on Wednesday. It was obscenly expensive, but I really didn't care because my hair looked wonderful. I'm not being vain, it just looked way better than it ever did before and made me look ten pounds lighter, which is always a good thing when you are religiously opposed to diet and exercise. *shivers* Anyhoodles, I was feeling quite good.

Then Saturday came. It was time to wash my hair. I was kind of apprehensive at first, but figured that the nice little stylist had told me exactly what to do and given me the products to do it with. And I'm not stupid. I figured I had it made. So I wash my hair and comb it out and put the stuff in and scrunch it and let it dry (as per her instructions). And it dried.

In a horrible flat-yet-frizzy shadow of what it had been a few hours earlier. Nothing resembling a curl was visible. It was just crunchy and straight and kind of resembled dreadlocks a little bit. I was horrified. So I , being an rather intelligent, mature young woman, went crying to my mommy. Well, I wasn't really crying yet, but still.

My wonderful mommy who raised me to be rather intelligent and mature yet to always come to her with my problems, told me that yes, my hair really did look awful, and that she would help me (she is something of a hair godess, she's been helping my sister for years.). So I dutifully washed my hair again and brought her all the obscenly expensive products that I had been instructed to use and let her do her thing.

Oh. my. gosh. It sooooo did not work. We tried scrunching, as that was supposed to give it height. I suppose it did, but only in the sense that I had a ball of fuzz where my hair was supposed to be that reached about six inches into the air. I looked like Fran Dresher stuck her finger in a light socket.

So I rewet my hair. We are going to start from scratch, this time trying to emulate the handy little dryer that they had at the salon with a diffuser.

Oh. my. gosh. It worked even less than the time before. First of all, my neck was stiff because we tried having me lie on the ground with my hair spread out behind me so that we didn't actually have to touch it dry it, thus negating the possibility of more frizz. It didn't work. So then we break out the curly product crap that is supposed to work and tried scrunching again. SOOOOO not.

Fran is now standing in a puddle during a thunderstorm with a frickin' pole putting Ben Franklin to shame.

My sister was sitting in the chair and just started laughing. When I looked up, rather hurt that she would find my follicle-related pain funny, she tried to convince me that she was simply "having a party in her head" and really wasn't laughing tears because of me. Yeah. Sure, sweetie. It lost some of it's crediblity when she looked away and stopped laughing but whenever she glanced back at me she would be choking laughter again. Even my dear sweet mother was like "Oh, thank goodness we're going to Irish Fest for Mass tomorrow, because I really don't think you'd want to go to church where people know you!"

The final straw was when my little brother, who is a typical male and wouldn't notice if my hair turned purple with pink polka-dots, walked in and his little eyes got really wide, really quickly. Ugh.

Finally, we agreed that the brillo pad on my head wasn't going to go away, and Mr. Sheffield wasn't showing up to ask me to be his nanny, so I should just wash all the junk out of it and just let it be, because, honestly, anything would have been bettter than that.

And do you want to know the ironic thing? I simply washed it, combed it and pulled it back, just like I've been doing for seventeen years (well, the first couple I wasn't doing it myself...), which flew in the face of everything that cute little stylist said at the salon. And it looks perfect.

Ironically, I love it even more now that it's so low maintenance. :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Comment Spam

Okay, not to discourage any people from commenting, because I really do appreciate it, but I had to add a word verification before you comment. I've been having a problem with comment spam recently, and it's kind of getting annoying when you get a really, obscenly long add for spa systems or the like instead of a legitimate comment. So just type in the word you see and everything will be fine.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Don't you hate it???

When a song gets stuck in your head??? I've been hearing "Don't Cha?" all blessed morning! And, really, that is not the greatest song to have looping in your mind. Would you really go to the Pussycat Dolls for relationship advice? Maybe that girlfriend who is neither hot, freaky, raw, or fun has some other qualities that Busta Rhymes finds appealing. There is more to women, you know!! Although, really, if she's with Busta Rhymes perhaps there is something wrong with her. Think about it.

Last night I woke up around three and couldn't fall back asleep because it was so beastly hot in my room and there was no breeze coming in from the windows. So I laid awake and listened to the thunderstorm instead. It was so cool- there was thunder and lightening and the rain was hitting the eave outside my window...I love thunderstorms. Unfortunately, the thunderstorm ended and I had nothing else to do so I watched VH1 for half an hour which is why "Don't Cha?" is stuck in my head. Grrr.

I have to stop touching my hair. It's wet and I keep wanting to touch it to make it dry faster, but that makes it frizz. *sigh* I have a big problem with this. I'm always touching my face or my hair even though you're not supposed to.

And why isn't anybody reading my post about Hooking Up (the show, not the actual thing, ewww...) on TV Watch??? It's actually up now, and linked on the sidebar.

Yay- A Beautiful Mind is on tonight!!! One of my top ten favorite movies of all time!!!! ABC 8/7 central, I think. Watch!!!! Russell Crowe should have gotten Best Actor for this!!!! Why did he have to go punch that producer????

Wow, that was random. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rainy Day

I love rainy days. Always have. They're just so much more interesting than sunny days. It's like on sunny days you can see everything, but on rainy days there's this sense of mystery, like something is hidden. I love nothing more than to stay at home on cold rainy days (okay, it's kind of warm, but whatever) and read. I used to save those Wishbone mysteries for rainy days when I was a little girl, because they just seemed way more fun when it was kind of dark out. :) I did that unintentionally last year, too, when I read The Rule of Four on a rainy day....super good book, by the way. Like the Da Vinci Code without the blasphemy (nobody get mad at me...) So yeah, I love rainy days.

Anyhoodles, what else is going on in my rather lamentable life? I have to go back to school a week from Monday. Bummer. I have a complicated relationship with school. I really don't like doing the work, but I kindof miss being there when I'm on summer or winter break. It's weird. But after all the school-related crap that I've been through, I've kind of realized that I should just be thankful that I found a place I actually like enough to miss and not dwell on the bad parts too much. And things actually worked out with my schedule!!! I didn't get into math, but there was another sort- of math class at the same time that was open! Yay!!! So I still have my perfect schedule and twelve credits. Life is good. Ooooh, and I get to go buy my books on Monday! I love buying my books at the beginning of each semester---so much fun. I love new books. Even that huge law one that I had last year that made me kind of scared.

Hmmm...oooh, saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again yesterday...I have now run out of my own friends to see it with and am relegated to going with my sister and her friends (it's not as pitiful as it was a family thing...). Super good. "Hold on." "Okay." Worth the price of admission. *faints* Little wedding/baby fantasies all through the whole thing...

And I'm reading Sense and Sensibility again. I read it first sitting in a hospital when I was like twelve and fell in love with it. Then I read it again when I was probably fourteen-fifteen and loved it even more when I understood more. This was when I fell in love with Col. Brandon. Then my sister made me watch the movie, and, needless to say, I was gone. So I figured I should read it again, because my understanding of nineteenth century literature has gotten even better. It's so good. I totally know why it's my favorite book. Love it. I cheered when Col. Brandon came in. ;)

Oh, and I got my hair done yesterday. I felt like a little Amish girl or something, because it was actually the first time I've had my hair done at an actual salon-type place, although I am almost eighteen. I kept wanting to say "No, really, I've had other life experiences! I do leave the house!" But it looks good, so I'm happy...

Let's see...anything else??? I've been watching TV lately, but nothing good enough to put in my other blog. Mainly reruns of sitcoms, and you can't parody sitcoms unless they're totally un-funny by themselves, and that's not the case. Boston Legal came back on- yay!!! I love my little lawyer friends, and was quite devestated when they were taken off the air in favor of those *cough*whores*cough* on Grey's Anatomy. Humph. But they're back!! I love James Spader's unique. Is he up for an Emmy again? Because he totally should win.

And I saw part of CSI: NY last night. It was the kind of funny one about the the oil and the electrocuted guy and possibly one of the most uncomfortable lines ever "He wouldn't have died if he hadn't been sweating." Okay, honestly, if a kid is sweating coming out of my sibling's room, I really don't want to hear about it. Even if I killed him. *shivers*

Oh, and I heard about this hot guys thing on TV Guide or whatever and they were doing CSI:NY and every single male on the show was listed except Mac. (!!!) Now, I know he's no Eddie Cahill (take me now!!!) or even cute like Danny (although the bondage jokes with Aiden are getting a little bit off-putting), and that scene in Forrest Gump makes me want to throw up and/or wash my eyes out with rubbing alcohol, but less hot than the mortician???? Damn. I don't even know his name! I'd take Mac over that guy any day. And I don't think it was very nice. At least leave more than one guy out next time. Or better yet, devote an entire show to Flack!!!

Ooh, I think I'm going to go hitch a ride with my mom to the library...I want Dr. a Russian the book, by the way. In fact, one of these days I should just put up a list of books that you absolutely must read before you die. I actually had a list like that once, except it was books to read before I turned twenty. I'm so weird. Does anybody else do that?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Shades of '03

Like the new name??? I felt the need to profess my undying devotion to the movie...

Anyhoodles, my family and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night.

It rocked.

It's the best movie ever.

Jerry Bruckheimer had first dibs on my firstborn. Seriously, I'll send it to him when it arrives.

I love this movie. It's the only movie I can think of that I can watch over and over and over and over again without ever really tiring of it. I saw it SEVENTEEN TIMES , for goodness sakes. And that was just in theaters!!!! Even my sister, who was putting up a little stink because she didn't want to watch it again, started smiling as asoon as Capt. Jack came on and was like "Okay, I'm really glad we're watching this..."

It's not the movie what I love so much, I love what it represents. I mean, don't get me wrong, the movie is wonderful. The first time I saw it (before I liked Johnny) I turned to my dad at the end and said "Okay, when can we go again???" It's such escapist stuff- It knows it's Disney and it's proud of it, damn it!!! Right down to the Mickey Mouse gunshot. You end up liking Norrington and Will and Elizabeth and even Gov. Swann, who has got to be the stupidest dad ever.

It's more what it represents, really. It gave me Johnny. Before this he was just that weird guy who ws in Edward Scissorhands. Now he's covering most of my bedroom.

I saw this movie with anybody I could get to come with me (as pitiful as I am, I would not have gone to a movie for the tenth time alone...). I remember the night that I saw it at ten o'clock and then my friend and I went back to my house and listened to the soundtrack until one. And the time I went to see that with my friend and a group of her friends from school as opposed to studying for my college chemistry test the next morning. (I got an A-, and had a hell of a time). And the last time I saw it in regular theaters, when it was just my mom and I and this creepy old guy and we were laughing so hard when we got out because we couldn't- or didn't want to- figure out what possibly could have drawn him to it.

And then there were the boards. Seriously, I lived on the imdb boards. We even named one of the characters. You know the guy who says "That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen!" when Jack and Will "commandeer" the Interceptor? Yeah, well, we thought he was way to important to just be "Lieutenant", so we named him Teddy. And most of the girls thought he was kind of cute. He needed a name. Good times.

I even still have my calander page from December of 2003, with December 2 all highlighted and with smiley faces all over...I'll never forget it when my English professor cancelled class that day. I almost kissed him.

I'm not pitiful enough that this is still all so important to me. I watch other movies , the last time I was on the imdb boards was over a year ago, and I honestly hadn't watched the DVD in close to a year before last night. But it totally takes me back. I needed that movie that summer. I needed something where I could forget about all the other crazy shit that was happening and just be happy for a awhile.

And I got it- in the form of the kick-ass-iest movie of all time. Johnny. Rum. Guns. Swords. Johnny. JOHNNY. Really, what more do you need???

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Image hosted by

Okay, so maybe that casting director really didn't look that fondly on his memory...

Anyhoodles, I was watching it yesterday, with Imladris, and it First of all, I had to pause it for ten minutes while she literally rolled on the floor laughing and asking "What furry little creature died on his face!?!?!?" At one point my mom called up and asked if anybody needed oxygen as my charming sister was screaming with laughter at an alarming rate. Finally we were able to move on though...

I gotta say, as devoted as I am to my dear Mr. Rickman, and thankful as I am that this role came along as it gave him a Golden Globe and an Emmy and one other award I cannot remember the name of (I think it's British), he is NOT hot in this movie. Not remotely. Even I couldn't see it, and I found Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory incredibly sexy. I don't know, it was probably the beard. Or the greasy hair. Or the fact that he was essentially a man-whore with a cross around his neck. I wonder what kind of monestaries they have in Siberia where he learned to do that... And then there were the scenes where I had to bury my head in the pillow and fast-forward while Imladris was screaming about how she had to go scratch out her corneas...but I digress.

But despite his lack of hotness, he was frickin' hilarious, probably unintentionally. The whole dancing thing---"Dance, dance...Revolution-literally!!!" So funny. And towards the end with the cabinet at Forney's house- "This is a beautiful cabinet, can I take it?" The "Russian" accents attempted by the cast composed of entirely British and Americans was quite amusing as well, but I still love the dancing. That's the best part.

Kind of a good movie, though, when you remove all that. The woman who played Alexandra was really good- she had that tortured gaze down pat. And Ian McKellen was the Tsar- one very faggy Tsar, in Imladris's words. :) The four girls all looked alike, except that Tatiana was sporting a uni-brow that I found quite distracting, but they weren't really part of th story. Alexei was good, except that he looked too healthy. But he was cute and a good little actor.

And Forney was in it!!! I love Forney!!! Albeit as the guy who kills Rasputin after trying really hard to do so for like an hour (no, it's not a spoiler, it's history. You should know the ending already. Sheesh.). But I still love him, as Alan's beard and drunken molesting of every female in sight was getting king of annoying.

The little historical inaccuracies were kind of annoying, though. Like the Tsar wasn't really ticked off at Rasputin, he pretty much believed, along with his wife, that he held the soul of this other crazy dude that had been healing Alexei. He didn't directly exile him, it was the other members of his little posse. And that friend of his (I forgot and probably wouldn't be able to spell it if I remembered) whose death was fortold by Rasputin didn't die that early- it was much later, during WWI. And there were only two chairs in the room that they were executed in. Come on, everybody knows that! The guy brought in two chairs- for Alexei and Alexandra- that part really bugged me.

So, I guess, in general it was a kind of okay movie, although I really enjoyed the part about the Romanov's more that the whole Rasputin thing, which isn't like me. But the ending was kind of upsetting because, as we all know, HBO can pretty much show anything they want, including the murder of children. Albeit with an extra chair.

Dance dance Bolshevik revolution! :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I was this close... writing moody, angst-ridden song lyrics on here a couple of days ago. The School Situaiton had not been going well. Public Relations was full, leaving me with a huge gap in my schedule and only nine credits, which is completely unacceptable. And I was not happy about this, as it would leave me having to either take a class at the other, not-so-pretty school near me or do something at home, which doesn't really work for me because I have little to no self motivation. And whatever self motivation I may have had in the morning quickly evaporates after spending hours sitting in a classroom. I suck. And school problems, more so than others, have a tendency to make me depressed. Hence the moody song lyrics.

But it worked out. I talked to my advisor again, and there are three more classes that are open, all of which look semi- to really-interesting and fit my schedule. Plus, she said to wait until next week because the school would probably allow more people into the class if it was that full. So I may actually get my first choice! Yay! Depression avoided and nobody has to read italicized Coldplay lyrics. Everybody's happy!

So yeah, not much else is going on. My mom woke me up early this morning as she and my sister were leaving the house and said that my brother's friend was coming over and the house was a mess and could I please help her out and clean it??? I didn't really mind, because I was going to do it anyway, because nobody else will and she can't move. But I didn't know when she was coming home with the kids, so I decided to clean first and then get dressed. And with only one person cleaning, although my little brother helped a little bit, it took a really long time. The kitchen alone (I had to do the floor and everything) was like forty minutes. So I was running around in my pajamas for an hour and a half cleaning. Not fun. I even still had my glasses on, which is longer than I've worn them since 2002! But yeah, the house it clean now, which is nice. I really do hate living in a dirty house (not that ours is dirty, but with a twelve-year-old who is obsessed with things with little parts, it can become a little bit cluttered). I finished just in time, too, as I was just getting dressed as they pulled in the driveway. Success!!! This is a good thing, because now I don't have to do the whole thing tomorrow while my mom is at the chiropractor! Boy, I'm boring!

Oh, oh, I finished a super amazing fantastic book yesterday called "Alexandra: The Last Tsarina" by Carolly Erickson. SOOOOO good!!! I'm a sucker for all things Russian (don't know why- I'm not Russian, nor do I like anyone who is, which accounts for my interest in Great Britain, Australia, and Scotland.), and I love the whole Romanov story thing. Ever since I read that little Royal Diary of Anastasia a long time ago when I was little. Although I never believed that she escaped. It was just too improbable, even to my ten-year-old mind, that a seventeen-year-old could have possibly escaped from a room where she was being shot at point blank and that her would-be executioners would just let the fact that they were missing a body pass. It wouldn't have worked. I think Anna Anderson was a money-hungry crazy.

It always puzzled me why nobody made a big deal about Alexei being alive. He was the heir- he would have had a better claim to the "fortune" that they supposedly left than one of the Grand Duchesses. And his body was definately gone- nobody is even sure if it was the body of Anastasia or Marie that's missing. Thanks to that handy little Y chromosome, they know he's gone. I guess it's because everybody loves a princess story. And she had the prettiest name of the four girls. Olga? Come on. What were you thinking when you named that one, Alex? Huh?

But yeah, it was really interesting to read about how the monarchy really lost it's edge, mainly because Alexandra was being picked on so much she had to turn to less-than-reputable help, usually in the form of her little friend, Grigory Rasputin. An ugly dude who has no good qualities other than some casting director looked upon his memory kindly and cast my beloved Alan Rickman in his role in the 1996 HBO movie. (Which somebody checked out the library. It must be a fellow Rickmaniac, because I cannot possibly think of another person who would want to watch that *rolls eyes*.)

One last thing, I've been trying to get my TV blog to show my last post, but it's working, despite the fact that I wrote it on Saturday. Right now you have to click on a specific month before it will let you select August, but I'm trying to fix it. Let me know if you have any problems. Ciao!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Note: I updated TV Watch (linked on the sidebar) with stuff about Hooking Up. Really, the show just set itself up for mocking. I didn't have to work at all. Enjoy.

I have no life. I'm so boring. Like rivaling some cloistered monks boring. Except I don't have books to translate from Latin to English. And if I did they wouldn't be very readable because I kind of suck at Latin, but whatever.

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Wednesday with my mom and sister and her friend. You know what? It was totally better the second time! I wouldn't have thought that, but it really was!!! I was having wedding fantasies and naming my children throughout the whole thing. :) I know, wierd. My first choice for a little girl's name, Bethany, doesn't sound too good with Depp, but my second choice, Carolyn Susan does. So just in case Johnny and I ever have a daughter, I'll be totally set. But anyway, the movie was good too. I was able to pay attention more to him because I knew what was happening (not that it took a lot of concentratiing the first time) and what he was going to say, which made him even hotter. I refuse to listen to detractors who say "You cannot possibly find him hot in that!" because, clearly, they have never seen Johnny go "Hold on" in a darkened theater and...yeah...let's just say I'm still dreaming about that one. :) Love me some Johnny...

Let's see, what else is going on??? Um...not much. We went out on the boat on Friday, and I managed to get horribly sunburned. Really badly. My arm hurts so badly...its even up the side of my neck. Blasted Irish complextion!!!! But that was fun. Then we went out to dinner, but the restaurant only had one cook, so they were only offering like four things for dinner. So it was kind of between calamari and a fish fry for me, and I dislike seafood of any kind, so I had a dinner of french fries. But that's fine, because it was still fun to be out. Today didn't do much of anything. Goodness I'm boring!!!!!!!

Oh, and my entire educational career is crumbling before me. Okay, that may be a tad melodramatic, but still. My advisor who screwed me up by not registering me hasn't been able to get me into math. And my fallback class was full. Grrr. So I have to either hope that the guy will override it, or screw up my entire schedule just to have enough credits. And now I'm conflicted about where to go to school next year. I actually looked at the school I was planning on, and their program doesn't have as much of what I want as this other place, which charges way more than I could possilbly, ever hope to be able to pay. So unless they want to give me a ton of money to go there, which I won't know about until next May (damn FAFSA guidlines!!!), I can't go. Damn. Oh, well, things will work out....

Read my other blog...I worked hard on it!!!

Josh Being Socially Aware...

Image hosted by

Yeah, I kinda didn't download this picture because I love the fact that he's wearing that "One" bracelet thingy that hte Live 8 concert was for (not that I don't, because I love that he cares about little starving children and, probably more importantly, white is a Good Color on him), but rather because something about it made me almost fall out of the chair upon viewing. I don't know what it is. Is it the hair? The shirt? I mean, there's no flap so it can't be that!! Anyhoodles, I think it's a wonderful picture, and worthy of sharing. Again, not mine, but rather somebody elses. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pride and Prejudice

I know I just updated, but a friend just called to tell me to go watch the new Pride and Prejudice trailer immediately, and as I have nothing else to do and am stuck babysitting, I obliged.

Just a little disclaimer, I still love the Colin Firth edition best. Nothing can ever ever beat it.

But this one looks so good!!!!!! Despite the fact that it has Keira Knightley in it, whom I have sworn to hate for the rest of my life because she's unnaturally tall, thin, and got stuck on an island with Johnny Depp in POTC, it looks amazing! And it's from the producers of Bridget Jones' Diary and Love Actually, two of my favorite movies of All Time. And it's got the Love Actually music, which makes any movie look better. Can't wait until Nov. 18!!!


Note: I was scanning my last post and realized that I answered the Trivial Pursuit question was, of course, West Berlin that was the free city behind the Iron Curtain. I know nobody cares and/or recognized that, but I felt stupid. I knew that it was West Berlin, my spastic fingers just typed East.

Whoa, when did this happen????? It's August already??? Ugh. I hate August. It's probably my least favorite month of the year. First, it's usually beastly hot. Not good. And it means that I have to go back to school in like a month. Also not good. But I guess it's better than a friend of mine who has to move into her dorm in some obsceneley small number of days like twenty. And then she has a week of "bonding" activities. See, this is why I'm never ever going to live in a dorm. Because my idea of bonding is showing up the day school starts and maybe moving into the dorm. Or maybe not. Call me crazy, but the idea of sharing a bunkbed and three square feet (if you're lucky) with a complete stranger and the whole "communal bathroom" thing doesn't strike me as a good time. I'm planning on mooching off of my parents until I can afford my own apartment. Even a roommate would be kind of too much. I mean, what if you had a fight or something? And you still had to see them in the living room and kitchen. Ugh. So yeah, "bonding" with a bunch of other people fresh out of high school is not my idea of fun.

On other school related matters, remember at the end of the last post where I was whining about my advisor not calling me back? Well, she did. And told me that she kind of lost my file and didn't register me for my classes. I.E., the ones that start in like four weeks. Ugh. So I had no classes. Thank goodness I got into three of the ones I wanted, but the math was already filled up. Which sucks because I suck at math, and desperately needed this class before I start college next year and find myself dead in the water in college algebra. But, thanks to my advisor's superior organizational skills, I will not be attending that class. *rolls eyes* Okay, it's not entirely her fault, because I might have gotten bumped anyway, and she said she'd e-mail the professor and ask if he could override me, but still. Oh well, at least I got into Latin. I really needed that, to, like, graduate... kind of important.

So yeah, that's my pitiful life. Ooh, shout out to Mom and Dad, who have the air conditioning on. Yay!!!