Sunday, December 31, 2006


Note: I just realized that the first entry I did this year was *also* titled "2006". Spooky. Did anyone else just get chills??? ;)

So, totally not ripping off Imladris's idea, this has been a pretty good year, all considering. I finished high school, had a lovely little girl cry and refused to detach myself for most of the summer and fall shut up, I started college, changed my major, got a job, and saw POTC 2 . Other than a kind of steady line of suckage that's not really new, majorly bad things were few and far between, with the worst being my bout with the plague in July. Oh, and having the plague during the initial theater screenings of POTC 2...*tear*

All that, plus a snow day and a hot TA.

It was a good year.

So this is goign to be kind of quick, because of filial duty and all, but I felt as though it's been ages since I updated, and I was quite possibly in danger of losing the three readers I have. And they are, indeed, precious to me and I don't really want to lose them.

Soo000...kind of sat at home this week eating and making occasional runs for new DVDs. Other than that, not a whole lot. Imladris was ill, which was very much of the suck, and Mary was working like a soviet, so I did absolutely nothing terribly interesting. Not that I really mind, because sometimes I'm just like, ", I wanna stay home."

I'm so interesting.

Worked today. *sticks out tongue* See children? This is why you don't major in political science. You don't want to end up working eight hours on New Years Eve in retail. No, really. The manager helping me out (because the other girl didn't show has a bachelors in political science. So he spent four years toiling over courses, and now does exactly the same thing I could be doing in three years (if you don't quit, you're pretty much automatically promoted to management, heh).

Also bought so chick lit, because I felt like it. Meg Cabot---the good stuff. I love plucky, overweight heroines. They make me feel good.

I'm going to go be a good granddaughter, but I promise on unborn Baby Ada that I'll update tomorrow, mmkay???

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey, don't tell your mom, but I bought you guys some presents. Like the gift of God's love? No, dude, *real* presents!

Hehe. How I Met Your Mother.

So I'm having an excellent day, y'all, and favoring you with a post. So many wonderful, blessed events have occurred, an d it's only 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

One, got to sleep in (yay!!!). Being at work at seven on Saturday, and then having to be up, dressed, and high-heeled by eight-thirty for Mass the past few days has *really* wiped me out.

Two, went to Best Buy to return my superfluous copy of The History of Violence (yay--I got it them!!! *does happy dances*) and bought Friends With Money, which, contrary to what the salesperson told Imladris on Saturday, they totally had and was even facing forward in it's own little display. *sniff* Also got a Van Gogh calender from Borders at half off---whee!!! It was the only one left and not sitting in the place I hid it during work on Saturday (what??? Everybody hides stuff they want until it's on sale.) but I found it and clearly God wanted me to have it.

Three, came home and balanced my checkbook which I've kind of been neglecting for awhile because I've been using my debit card a lot and the fast and easy "just swipe it and put in your PIN" loses something when you have to pull out your checkbook to write the balance down. Usually I do it when I get home, but that's a lot of work. Fortunately, realized that once I return the DVD player I bought that is now rendered completely useless thanks to Mickey and the God's of free DVD players with obscenely expensive but oh-so-pretty HD TVs, I'll have way more money than I thought. Whee!!! Also, I won't have to actually spend any of the money for about six months, as the vast majority of my gifts this year were of the card variety---just how I like them. But we'll get to that later.

Finally, I was bumming around UWM's website totally not using the student directory to find out where hot guys from my classes live and figured I'd check and see if any of my grades are up---and some actually were. I did *way* better than I was figuring halfway through the semester (not that I had any real clue, because we don't get midterm grades). I got a 98% in psych (See!!! I was thinking about more than what to name my kids with the Hot TA---btw, Ada doesn't work. She'd just sound like a 90-year-old Jewish woman), an A in math, quite possibly the best grade I've gotten on anything remotely related to math since middle school, an A- in geography (I was .05% away from an A---what the hell!?!?!?!) and probably a B+ in French. Which, while not being a phenomenal grade by my own standards, sure as hell beats the C I was expecting.

So I'm in a really good mood.

Also in a good mood because I got BLEAK HOUSE!!!! WHEE!!!!!!!!!! I have 475 minutes of BBC/Dickens goodness at my disposal all the freakin' time!!! I was kind of worried, because I didn't see any package that looked like the right size and I was thinking, "How could she have not gotten it? I said it was the best thing to happen to me this year! I did everything but order it myself!!! GAH!!!", but I did get it and how I'm very pleased.

Also got some lovely DVDs- some the same DVD, thank you all, I adore them-(Thank You For Smoking!!!YAY!!!), a book about a schizophrenic Greek princess, some post-cards to put up on my bulletin board, and bunches of gift cards to all of my favorite places. My wallet will barely close, but I don't care. I love them. *squee*

But Mickey went a teensy bit crazy and started giving me gifts that were addressed to different people, but they were all me (Lupe, Ad manager, etc.). I was kind of surprised there wasn't one to The Blond in the Corner Trying to Keep Her Skirt In a Decent Position Whilst Being Banished To the Floor Once Again.

Also, all hail the Holy Pumps (sister to the Holy Slingbacks)...

Aren't they lovely??? I love them. They are my squishy.

Colleen got a Baby Mumble doll that dances, and she is entertained immensely by it.

And of couse, dinner by Culinarily Gifted Spawn of Mickey was fantastic, even if I kind of didn't understand what I was eating. I think that's okay, frankly, because it was lovley just the same.

So I'm going to go eat leftovers of pumpkind pie and then probably fall asleep watching a DVD. Oh, it's gonna be a good vacation...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Requiem for a DVD player


My faithful friend that got me through either three or four (can't remember which birthday I got it for---15 or 16) and a half years is dead. Dead. Won't play anything, wasting space on my shelf, making the 200 DVDs carefully organized according to degree of worship standing next to it completely obsolete dead.
Not good.

Because clearly what I needed in this season of the release of every major DVD/box set I've ever wanted and Christmas gifts and an expensive haircut and oh yeah THREE THOUSAND FREAKIN' DOLLARS for an eighth of a practically worthless piece of paper that will qualify you to do absolutely freakin' nothing from a school who's name doesn't even make sense (Letters and Sciences? What the hell does that even mean???) I needed an excuse to spend fifty bucks on another electronic.

But in between a finals and a stop at Pick and Save for cookie adornments, I went to Target and bought one because the last twelve hours without any entertainment whatsoever have been killing me, and it's now in a box waiting for Daddy to set up because I am Teh Hopelessness when it comes to anything that plugs in.

Also, I desperately need to watch Little Miss Sunshine on DVD.

However, I am not, as previously assumed, Teh Hopelessness in the kitchen. Well, I mean, I probably still am, but I spent three and a half hours today making Christmas cookies, all of which are mine and mine alone, because something did not notify the Patriarch of the family that I hold the copyright for Mexican Wedding Cakes and he made them instead, I don't really care, because they are Teh Awesomeness, and I was forced to go though the Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook last night and come up with my "own" recipes.

I did quite well. Something called a sparkle cookie, which is pretty much just a sugar cookie rolled in colored sugar, spice cookies with frosting, chocolate bon bon cookies (without the nuts, so I guess they're just chocolate) with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, and the ever popular spritz. Oh, and my fudge, which I don't think anyone really eats but I really like to make.

Everything else went swimmingly, but since last year we have somehow managed to lose a critical component of the spritz machine in our completely impractical and now probably mouse infested corner cabinet (seriously, what were you thinking with that?). Like the part that screws on the top to keep the metal thing on. Important. So I was forced to use the hideously shit-colored brown thing that my parents probably got for a wedding gift and was still in the box that had inexplicably made the move and ended up with a prime piece of real estate in our completely impractical corner cabinet.

Just an update: I thought the '70s were the worst decade for home decor, what with all the furriness. No longer true---the '80s with all their yuppiness and puke-colored appliances were definitely worse.

Also, this machine sounded like a dying baby.

I'm not making that up.

So, I haven't exactly been a beacon of personal care today. Got up at quarter to six, which is an hour when no one should have to get up because there is nothing worthy that you could possibly accomplish before seven o'clock so you might as well just stay asleep.

But when you have a math final with probability (*spat*) at seven freakin' thirty, sadly, you must. And then you find yourself sitting in the coffee shop at eight thirty not entirely able to remember how you go to campus or took that exam or what time it is exactly and it's a very strange world when you've been up for three hours by eight-thirty.

So one left. *happy dances*

Also, I've had a skim mocha and Christmas cookies today. Not kidding. That's it. Not good.

Don't care, though, because some wonderful Grobie sent me Josh's two new songs on some Hallmark CD that I'd never heard of that doesn't come out until January, and it's probably totally illegal but I don't care because they're on my iPod now and you can't take them away from me!!! Damn, that boy's damaged.

Next major project? Wrapping presents. Love to do that. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.
Two major happiness notes: 1.) I'm finished with math for the rest of my life. Choirs of angels are singing *right now*

Also, CBS is rerunning the Christmas episode of How I Met Your Mother, which is quite possibly one of the funniest I've seen in quite a while.

Have a good day!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

My Inner Pop Culture Whore is also a End of the Year Top 10 List Whore.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone. She's kind of embarrassed. But she will sit and watch VH1 for pretty much all of December.

Also, she doesn't really feel like studying or cleaning, which is pretty much all she has to do today before five thirty. Oh the joys of exam week.

So, without further ado, her top 10 15 favorite movies of 2006, including ones that she saw on DVD for the first time in 2006. Don't worry, she only does recent ones, though. For instance, she recently viewed Newsies (1994) and while it definately deserves a place on her favorite movies of all time list, it does not get one on the '06 list. Even though it kind of deserves it. But she digresses...

In a very particular order...

15.) A History of Violence~ Viggo Mortensen being a mobster. This is enough to get her to watch the entire movie many, many times. She wants the DVD desperately (last minute Christmas gifts, anyone???). Also, That Guy Who Is In Everything playing his brother was quite good.

14.) Friends With Money~ Okay. The pot and vibrator gags aside, this was a very good movie in that indie kill-an-afternoon kind of way. I loved it. I wonder if anyone has the DVD for cheap?

13.) Inside Man~ Another movie I didn't want to go see and Imladris insisted and it turns out to be a favorite. And, in a surprisingly show of emotional maturity on my part, *not* just because of Clive Owen. Not that much emotional maturity, because he's still pretty damn sexy, but he's not the only reason. It's one of those movies that you kind of forget you loved, or even saw, and then you remember and you're like "Damn!!! That was a great movie!!!"

12.) Walk the Line~ Yes, I've totally used this before, but half of me would be scared to run into Joaquin Phoenix in a dark alley, and the other half really, really wants to. Really. Also, snaps for newly single Reese who totally deserved the Oscar and how much did we love her dress???

11.) Good Night and Good Luck~ One of the very few good and memorable things to come out of my American government class last semester. Very good in a quiet kind of way. Also, we heart George Clooney.

10.) Stranger Than Fiction~ I was reading something about this in the paper the other day, and the columnist said that this was one of his favorite movies of the year, but it was one he wasn't even sure he liked until the end. And I completely agree---it was kind of depressing for awhile there, but when it was over, I really, really was glad I went.

9.) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest~ Okay. I know. You're all going to comment about how my devotion is failing and what not, but I really do have a good reason for putting it so low on the list. First, let it be known that known that, as a sequel to POTC and a Johnny movie, this could not get any closer to my heart. However, as a movie, well, it kind of pales in comparison to the first one, or any other movie on the list. I didn't notice it in theaters, probably because I was all "GAH!!!! JOHNNY!!!!!!! POTC 2!!!!! GAH!!!!!!" all through them, but when we watched it again on DVD a couple weeks ago...well, I kind of got very confused. What was the point of the island? And why didn't Jack follow through with the 99 souls thing? And what the hell was up with Elizabeth bringing the horniness? Seriously. Down, girl.

But I still love it, and I still can't wait for May 2007. *squee*

8.) Marie Antoinette~ Yes, I realize that it made about six bucks. And that the blessing before sex is majorly skeevy. And that Mary will never be the same again. But I really, really liked it. Can't wait until it's on DVD.

7.) Casino Royale~ Two words: Bond ass. Go see it.

6.) Thank You For Smoking ~ One of the most hilarious movies that I've ever seen and if I could remember a single quote or funny line I'd tell you, but sadly I cannot. Still, awesome movie.

5.) The Devil Wears Prada~ I cannot say enough good things about this movie, even if the message of "Lose weight and sell your soul and get to wear pretty clothes" kind of sucks. It's still awesome. And read the book (now available in mass market paperback for only $7.99---run to your bookseller now!!!)

4.) Capote~ I'm not a real In Cold Blood kind of girl. In fact, I read the book and couldn't sleep for three days because I was convinced somebody was going to kill me over $16. But this was, quite possibly, the best film of 2005, and it's only #4 because I saw it in 2006 with so many other good movies! The true test of my devotion? I bought the DVD after it was on sale for being new but before it was on sale for being old. Paid full price. Can't remember the last time I did that.

3.) The Prestige~ Unquestionably one of my favorite movies this year. Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Caine. You cannot possibly get a bad movie out of that cast. And it wasn't even a bad movie---it was really good!!! And it's coming to DVD on February 20th. *does insanely happy dances*

2.) Little Miss Sunshine~ A quest to get Colleen carded on the day after she turned 17 was a bust. But the movie that we saw was completely awesome. It is a travesty that Steve Carrell didn't get a Golden Globe nomination for this. TRAVESTY, I tell you!!!

1.) The Queen~ There are very few movies I will see at night when prices are highest. There are even fewer that I will see at an unfamiliar theater where I have to wait in line and listen to the mayor ramble about what a great city this is. Fewer still will I miss a new episode of CSI for. This was one of them. I don't even know how to describe what I loved so much about it (well, Helen Mirren was a big part of it) but I completely and totally fell in love with it. If you can find it in a theater, I highly suggest going.

So, back to reality where dirty dishes and conjugations of -er verbs await. Comment, please...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Who moved all of our decorations? And what is Santa doing to that elf?!?!?!

Imladris, why aren't you commenting???

Oh the weather outside is...actually, pretty nice. Freakishly nice, really. Bright, sunny, and fifty degrees. God bless global warming. But only if Al Gore will stop his whining about it. Because that is just getting really, really annoying.

Also, God bless book buyback, because my checking account is now smiling happily rather than scrounging for crumbs on the floor of the bank or wherever else a checkbook would eat, as it was before. So now I have sixty dollars to remember Russian and geography by, which is a rather good deal, n'est pas? Sadly, I have to keep my French book. *sigh*

So geography final---well, it was a final. And now it's over. And I never have to go back to that class again praise the Lord. And there were fifteen extra credit points available, all involving writing which is my ace in the hole. Except I forgot one of the pillars of Islam and just did the little, "They have five pillars, including... ". Works every time. They don't know I forgot Ramadan. Maybe I just thought it was less important. Also, using big words confuses the TAs. They get dizzy easily.

The last one honestly asked about the enivronmental costs to the Russian domain due to heavy industrialization. "Chernobyl. Duh." sounded flippant, so we did a little more than that. Not much, because I really wanted to get out of there and get a pretzel.

I did get out of there and got a pretzel with Mary, and it was lovely. We considered having a ceremonial bonfire and getting rid of the notes. Cathartic. And also, we're kind of pyromanicas a little bit.

Daddy's baking Christmas cookies as we speak. Yay!!! I was just thinking how we have nothing good in the house for desert because someone who shall remain nameless used my brownies to subliment his/her rage at . And now they're all gone. *sigh* But now we do. So snaps for Daddy.

My family is so weird. We 0nly know how to make like three kinds of cookies, but we're all fiercely protective of our individual right to back those three cookies, and so we end up with like four different sets of these three kinds of cookies, every single year. Except I'm the only one who makes Mexican Wedding Cakes.

Author's Note: Love the cookie and all, but what kind of lame-ass wedding cakes do they have in Mexico??? It's flour, sugar, and water dropped onto a pan. Boring.

Also, I think my dad, Colleen, and I all do different spritz cookie batches, because those are just so much fun, and a bitch to clean. And I know that we end up with at least three batches of cutouts, and possibly a batch for John as well (at his request, there is no more The Boy at least out loud

Le anyhoodles, I don't know when I'll have time to do my cookies. Probably next week, because once I get French out of the way I'm pretty much finished studying. I don't know why I bake cookies, because I have negative domestic talent, and don't particularly like cooking, and I really don't like cleaning up after people especially myself if I've made a huge mess, so it seems rather like a masochistic endeavor to me, but, dammit, I do it every year. So I will be making Mexican Wedding Cakes (copyright: me), cutouts with pretty glaze, spritz that look more like green blobs than anything holiday related, and my fudge. Which is reknowned all living room.

Major entertainment news yesterday, y'all; Golden Globe noms released. I love it when they announce nominations, because I get all excited and start picking who I want to win and all...awards season almost puts me over the edge. As usualy, however, the HFPA refused to call me for my input, and thus there are several acceptable and unacceptable items that I feel deserve commenting on...

Acceptable Item #1.) JOHNNY!!!!11!!!! OMG JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!

Acceptable Item #2.) *ahem* *deep breaths* Obviously, for religious reasons, I must support Johnny above all others, but I love like three of the best actor-comedy guys!!! Thank You For Smoking was freakin' hilarious, and I love Will Ferrell like whoa. And Borat guy is funny (his real name is too long).

Acceptable Item #3.) Helen Mirren is rolling around naked in all of her nominations. While this is a nausea-inducing thought, I'm happy for her, because I love and adore her like a real queen. Which I don't have, because somewhere along the line my ancestors in spirit (my real ones were toiling in eastern Europe probably under the oppressive regime du jour, because that all eastern Europe really knows how to do, but just go with me here) decided that some damn tax was too much to pay for pretty dresses, pretty accents, and pretty monarchy. Whatevs.

Also consider that she is nominated for playing both Queen Elizabeths in the same year.

Acceptable Item #4.) Meryl Streep, with all her bleeding-heartness, completely deserves this award and definately even deserves an Oscar nod. And I watched the whole movie again last night, and it was really good. I love it.

Acceptable Item #5.) The Office and Ugly Betty up for best comedy series. Two of the best comedy series I've seen in a long time, and they completely deserve it. Again, I know who I'm rooting for, but my loyalties are somewhat divided...

Unacceptable Item #1.) Um, excuse me, but where is Steve Carrell's nomination for Little Miss Sunshine? Did I get an incomplete copy?

Unacceptable Item #2.) Helen Mirren has to beat *gasp* herself to win the award! No! Did anyone really watcht he PBS thing? I wanted to, but it was like four hours long!!! She had The Queen, and Elizabeth I, and I think they should have left it at that.

Unacceptable Item #3.) Seriously, Brad Pitt? What the hell???

Unacceptable Item #4.) Only a nom for Gillian Anderson for Bleak House. Totally deserved and all, but Esther deserved one too. *sniff*

Unacceptable Item #5.) WHY DOES NO ONE SHOW MY CSI'S ANY LOVE!?!?!?! Gah. Cretins.

So Ojava posed a query on his blog that I found rather intersting and embarrassing, all at the same time. What is on your iPod? Or CDs or whatever it is that you listen to frequently, for those readers without one.

I started scrolling through mine, and realized that I am, in fact, a huge dork. Not many places can you find solid gold '90s pop next to Beethoven's 9th, but not many places are my playlist. So, rather than competely humiliate myself, I decided to list the top eleven most played songs on my iPod this year. Keep in mind that this year encompassed graduation, making me feel rather sentimental which is probably responsible for the reprehensible choice of #7. I'd like to state for the record that I am not, in fact, a Ryan Cabrera fan. *shivers*

Also, I'll explain why there are eleven when I get there.

11.) Requiem Aeternum, W.A. Mozart

10.) The Riddle, Five for Fighting

9.) Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall

8.) My December, Josh Groban

7.) I Will Remember You, Ryan *chokes* Cabrera

6.) Numbe/Encore, Jay-Z and Linkin Park

5.) Baba O'Riley, The Who

4.) Wake Me Up When September Ends, Green Day

3.) It's My Life, Bon Jovi

2.) Holiday, Green Day

and finally, with an astounding 110 replays, Number 1 is through no fault of my own and is only on here because Imladris steals my iPod and works out with it...and this is a catchy, upbeat tune.

1.) Jerk It Out, Caesars

So? What's on your iPod or playlist?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells

Time to be completely politically incorrect, okay? So anyone who's easily offended, please leave the site now.


So in the interest of continuing the absolutely hi-larious Christmas Carols for the mentally disturbed that Colleen was talking about last night, I give you this nugget from freakishly-early psychology discussion this morning. Hot TA (what? He's back to being hot---he gave me credit for my assignments) told us about this e-mail he got that was supposed to be an answering machine recording for a psychological clinic. "Thank you for calling. If you are obsessive compulsive, keep pressing #1. If you have multiple personality disorder, press #2, #3, and #4. If you are paranoid schizophrenic, don't worry, we know where you are and we're coming to get you.

It made my morning.

I give you---*drum roll* The Lance Bass I'm Gay Icon...

Thank you, thank you---I've been trying for months to get it to work. *sigh* I've just realized why I don't have a relationship...


So, a couple of major emotional maturity moments today, which I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats to hear about. First, classes of my first semester of real college officially ended. Second, I finally made myself take my Concordia student ID out of my wallet. Yes it's been six months. What? I liked it there. Leave me alone.

Also, received the tuition bill in the mail. Want to die. But not before I come up with three thousand dollars in three weeks.

Seriously---taking applications for the position of rich guy who wants to pay for me. Yes, I realize that sounds a lot like prostitution, and it kind of is. I don't care any more.

Went out for coffee with Kate and Mary and Ben today---funness. I know I've said this before, but pumpkin spice lattes are quite possibly God's gift to us to make up for all that fire and brimstone Old Testemant stuff. If so, I accept.

And it appears that racer chick deems it her perogative to leave out major things from her vacation stories. *sniff*

So, in a feat of terrifying boredom, I watched those Librarian movies that were on TNT last week. Other than proving, once again, and Noah Wyle=unbelievably good-looking, especially when wet, they were quite good. I liked the first one more, and not just because it gave me a total chick fight between that DNA chick from CSI:NY and the Asian hottie who shows up periodically to flirt with Danny. And, inexplicably, Jane Curtin of SNL fame, and Bob Newhart. Que est-ce que c'est?

And a Bleak House icon, just 'cuz I feel like it. And I am hoping to get it for Christmas. *hinthintnudgenudge*

Monday, December 11, 2006

Yeah, he started bugging me, so I spiked his tea with codeine.

Oh, loved the Christmas episode of How I Met Your Mother. Of course, I love everything having to do with that show and would, in fact, marry the dude who plays Ted just so I could be kinda connected to it. Hell, I'd marry Neil Patrick Harris. Or maybe I'll have Colleen marry him. She doesn't like to be touched.

Okay, now I'm going to write about the painful experience where I was forced to sleep in the same bed as my sister hostel-style and yes I realize that sounded kind of unholy, but it was kind of unholy Galena, but first, my cloud.

It is, quite simply, a cloud that looks like England. And Wales. And Ireland. And even Greenland is up there. Isn't it pretty??? This may or may not have been when Imladris wondered why the moon was out so late in the day before she realized it was, in fact, the sun. *snickers*

This was right before the wind shifted and Wales declared independence.

So, Galena. Lovely, really. Did lots of eating and consequently feel like a moose, but that's okay. Got a lovely Italy shirt much like my "espresso" one that did not, as I had hoped, drum up tips but rather drummed up the number of people staring at my chest because it was suddenly all bright and sparkly. Humph.

Love Galena. It deserves a place in the Empress's official realm.

Beginning of finals. *scary music plays* Mary's away message says, "Final 1, Part 1: Damn the French". I was quite amused.

So I have an oral exam ina couple of hours, and frankly have a headache at the thought of how badly I'm going to do at it. *sigh* I can't wait before this is over and I can leave. And sell my books, because my checking account is dangerously low, y'all. Seriously.

Also finally switched over to the new blogger---blogger beta. After testing it with a fake blog, of course, because once you switch over, you can't go back. But I liked it, and now I have fun little tags, too, like LJ. So if you, say, needed to know when I rambled about Johnny Depp or the current British royal family, or indeed even any previous British royal family, you could simply click on the tag and find all appropriate entries. How cool for you, huh???

I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it or not, because it's taking quite some time to switch over two years of my wordy crap, but it will be prettier and more streamlined when you do.

Okay. I'm going to go take Tylenol and try saying J'ai mange whatever. Ciao, bella.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All Pirates, all the time.

*trumpets sound*

My Captian Jack bobblehead, purchased for only $9.99 of my father's money at Best Buy. Really, employer loyalty aside, Best Buy is the place to buy your electronics. For simply buy any POTC 2 DVD they offered me a bonus disc and the opportunity to purchase this lovely resin figure for cheap. I love them.


The reason this wasn't up yesterday is that Imladris has highjacked my camera, and my phone wasn't letting me send pictures annoying electronic device that it is. But I've forgiven it.

Isn't he adorable?!?!?! I didn't want to got to geography---I wanted to play with my bobblehead!!! And really, what about Russian can they tell me???

And French...well, there hasn't been a day since September when I've wanted to go, so Bobble-head Johnny didn't really have anything to do with that.

Le anyhoodles, because of the joyous deliverence of the Pirates 2 DVD upon us by the gods, all of your icons today will be of the Bruckheimer variety, and for once we'll leave the CSI's alone.

So now I can watch the Trifecta of Hotness swordfight over and over and over again at my discretion, which clearly is worth almost any price Disney could have placed up on this glorious disc.

In real life, I had my last geography discussion today---woot woot. And we got to do the little TA evaluation thingy, which was infinately satisfying. Except when it asked me to rate the class I thought putting down "Quite possibly the worst experience of my life. Mind-numbingly dull. Made me want to kill myself by 11:30 every Wednesday. I hate my life." would be a teensy bit too much information, so I just gave it a one.

Meanwhile, I have exactly one week left of classes, which is prompting me to open an imaginary bottle of champagne (it would be real but we don't have one, and well, it's 2:30 in the afternoon. My parents are pretty cool, but they generally don't like us getting drunk in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon.) and do happy dances in my head (also, I'm not terribly athletic). And next week should be quite easy---only have French one day (which one is still up in the air thanks to Frenchie's crack organizational skills), and no geography discussion. God loves me. He really, really does.

Further proof that God loves me. Or, I guess, it would be bigger proof if God had him dump his cold, bitchy-looking wife and move to Chicago or something where I could conceivably have a chance to meet, marry, and bear his adorable and cutely named children (Davenport goes with everything). *ahem* Not that I've thought about this a lot. Why? What have you heard?

You know who's not going to be moving to Chicago? Jennifer Aniston. *sigh* I liked them. Now her eggs are just going to rot. Girl is not getting any younger, and what with Brad and his startling fecundity and all, she must be getting depressed.

Witness the death of a Lost Viewer, yours truly. I'm sorry, but Lost has screwed with me quite enough. And when you go up against CSI:NY (see, there is no way I can get through a post without talking about it...), you have gone too far. They will heretofor be relegated to being taped on my crappy VCR which means I will probably only get to see one out of every two or three episodes because all electronics hate me and want me to die. *sigh* It was a good two and a half years, Lost. I'll miss you.

Anyhoodles, I have to go do something amazingly fun like clean out the microwave. Apparently, our diet consists mainly of exploding red meats. Ciao.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

And the villagers rejoice...

Okay. First, this is my much-maligned-by-Imladris bitch ornament. It is a baby Jesus wrapped festivly in a gold sparkly pipe cleaner which are, I'm sorry, the height of artistic sophistication at five. It is not, in fact, a Barbie Doll strung up with a wire.

And I did have a lisp, but it's gone now. *sniff*

I think it's cute. And I simply had to expose Imladris for the bitch artistic philistine that she is.

And this is my Christmas tree.

I realize that no one really cares what my Christmas tree looks like, but I think it's pretty. And it's my blog.

On to the villagers rejoicing part of the post---


*is dead*

*doesn't care*

The Boy should not read the comments on that post, because frankly they're disgusting me a little bit even if I do agree with them kinda shut up

Also, I'm very hungry. Going to go eat now.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Euphoric Snow-Induced Blogging

It's a good day children, a very good day. Of course, I made it a snow day long before my actual place of education did, pretty much when I learned that Imladris was off and clearly it would be unacceptable to leave my warm fuzzy bed for the harsh winds of the park and ride.

So missed math, which is useless (baby math---not even the real stuff), and a psychology discussion where we would have undoubtedly had a long and colorful discussion about OCD while I listen to the asinine comments from the girl who sits next to me who steals regularly (not just like off the internet- but real stealing), and trying not to stare at the guy's earlobe that she's talking to because he's wearing one of those earrings that stretches out the skin so there's this huge hole. And all of this is only offset by the fact that the TA is moderately hot, and getting less and less so the longer he refuses to put my grades up on the internet. I didn't really feeling like risking life and limb to take my chances with the transit system.

Well, and I really wanted to stay home.

Of course, long after I decided to make it a snow day, so did UWM. Which erased all of my non-guilt, thus freeing me to enjoy all that snow days have to offer.

Because the glory of a snow day is that it offers precisely nothing. You have nothing to do. You can't really leave the house. There's not reason to do homework because chances are you didn't see the snow day coming and if you did and put off your work then you're just lazy and deserve it anyway. You don't feel the need to do anything particularly intellectually stimulating. You just kind of hang out.

I have accomplished the following things today: watched The View, watched Will and Grace, watched my ABC shows from last night, read People magazine, ate lunch, and watched an entire disc of Boston Legal. It's been a good day.

BTW, second season of Boston Legal on DVD now, and it was quite worth the forty-five dollars I spend on it. I don't even feel cheated this time, because it has 27 episodes and seven disks. Unlike last year, when I spent forty for 17 episodes---bugger bugger bugger. And please nobody say that I wasn't forced into buying these, because my Inner Legal Dramedy Whore made me do it. She's an insistent little bugger sometimes. She is also the one researching law schools online in the hopes that one of them will offer an internship at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt and plugging her ears everytime her mother insists that dammit, the real practice of law isn't like that and your father had to push me out the car every morning and I HATED IT!!! *sigh*

But my Inner Legal Dramedy Whore insists that anybody who can make beastiality funny deserves her forty-five dollars. (See Episode 2.7 Truly, Madly, Deeply). Even though she's not working for it.

That's okay, because the rest of me was quite happy at work last night (well, except for the part when Erin told me about all the different things you can borrow from your roommate in a pinch; like clothes, shoes, hair bands, and various other things that should be sold in brown bags and are not spoken about in polite company---remember that episode of Friends with Rachel and Monica racing for the bathroom...yeah), because they played Josh' O Holy Night!!! I love that song. When we get married I'm going to make him do a Christmas CD, no matter how much he doesn't want to.

So I was kind of smiling madly and probably scared Newbie, but hey, it was only a matter of time, right?

Between the eating of the Hershey's kisses Imladris purchased for her secret santa and the overdosing of ABC dramas, I have also been reading the imdb boards for The Nativity Story, and laughing out loud at many of the posts.

Okay. I have bigger things to worry about than the fact that Keisha Castle-Hughes was *gasp* a stupid teenager with too much money and time on her hands and got herself knocked up by her adult boyfriend, but do not try to tell me that she couldn't attend the premiere at the Vatican because of her busy filming schedule. Girl's been in four movies. *snickers*

Also, the atheist v. Catholic debates are quite humorous. Because they start out all normal and with full sentences and by the third or fourth reply it's denigrated into "You SUCK!!!" and "OH NO YOU DI'INT!" and "FREAKING RETARD", and my personal favorite, "SHE'S NOT MARRYED."

Hehe. Stupid people crack me up.

Going to go get more chocolate.