Saturday, December 31, 2005

Little Things

These are da bomb. Feel free to get them for Lupe for next Christmas.

Happy New Year...

But you probably could have figured it out from the picture, now, couldn't you??? I have such intelligent readers. :)

I will again be eschewing what I like to think would be bountiful invitations to major events and staying home with my parents (who will probably fall asleep) and drink Baileys and probably read an esoteric history of some British monarch. Fun, huh? Do I know how to be young or what??? I feel so werid, like I skipped the whole part of my life where I need to have constant stimulation and human contact and am now in the mid-thirties where I really just want to stay home with my husband and children. Except I lack either a husband or children. Which makes staying home with them a little bit of an issue.

But I kid, our New Years is always fun. My dad makes a lot of food, and usually milkshakes, but I didn't see any preparations for those today, so not so sure about that, and we just watch TV. When we were little we watched New Years Eve on Sesame Street, which I thought was just the bomb because all the adults came back home and had celebrated at midnight with their kids and their Muppets. As a child who had amazing parents who also eschewed numerous party invitations to stay home and watch Sesame Street, I was appalled that Maria and Louis would go out and leave Gabriella. But then they came back, and everything was happy again. Now we watch Dick Clark and yell at the moronic pop stars...good times...

Totally changing the topic, I have too many e-mail addresses. It's crazy. They take up half the space on that little AOL bar up there. I've got my regular screen name, the super-secret screen name I had to set up when Stalker Boy decided I was the mother of his children despite the fact that I think I made it pretty damn clear that having his children was not incredibly high on my To Do list for that week (which nobody uses except eBay...), the Yahoo one that I use at least as much as AOL because it's the only one I can get at school and they give you fun little graphics, the one from the school I actually go to, which sometimes decides to be a bitch and not work at all, and finally today I got one from the school that hasn't even accepted me yet, but they sent a little note urging me to check it every day. That's five. For a girl who could assign one to each friend and come up with an obscenely high number left over, this is a little bit irritating.

Going to go eat...everybody drink your orange juice...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cutest Little Crazy...

...that you ever did see!!!!!

Lupe's Christmas

...was surprisingly good. Especially since I was expecting one that we'd all just as soon forget about. But it wasn't---it was really good. Santa went a little teeny bit crazy this year, which I totally didn't mind. I got a bunch of DVD sets (both Arrested Developments!!!!!! YAY!!!!!), and a bunch of DVDs (expensive Apollo 13!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!), a couple of books (Her Little Majesty!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!), a beautiful box (increased economy for third world nations!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) American Girl (a friend for Felicity!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!).

Yes, I realize that I'm eighteen.

But Felicity needed a friend. Kind of like when Mom took Imladris and me to the the American Girl store when we were really little, and we could each buy one thing for our dolls. I chose a dress or something. Colleen chose a friend. :) And got lots of loverly gifts from family, too. Lurve my Magic Erasers... ;)

It feels like I've seen bunches and bunches of movies lately, but I guess it's really only been two. Fun With Dick and Jane was quite funny...but it's a lot of Jim Carrey. I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Carrey's, but it was a lot of him. Still funny. And the Family Stone was funnier than I thought it would be, actually. But there was that dying mom storyline that you totally didn't see coming that made Finding Neverland look like the feel-good movie of the year. Still really good, though. I still need to see Cheaper By the Dozen and Rumor Has It.

Hung out with Mary at Borders yesterday---super fun. Except I wasted five bucks on an icky frozen pretzel and bad coffee. But I got two books and a CD. (Requiem!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Note: The Mozart Requiem is the best background music for daydreaming, musing, or just being upset. It makes everything seem way more dramatic. Seriously, I sat on my floor staring at a dust bunny for an hour last night, and I wasn't bored. Amazing.

Crap, I'm late...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Am Domestic Goddess

(Note: These are not my cookies. These were downloaded off of Google Images. I did not take the time to decorete them with different colors. I prefer the method of decorating where you just turn the bowl of frosting upside down and let it drizzle over the cookies. Way more easy.)

Am like a prison-tattoo-free Martha Stewart. Am also talking like Bridget Jones. Must stop now.

Anyhoodles, I have made three batches of cookies in the last two days, as well as some rather deleriously good fudge, if I do say so myself. What brought on this sudden burst of domesticity, you ask???
1.) We were getting dangerously low on cookies.
2.) Mommie Dearest always insists on being hospitable and offering Christmas cookies for desert on Chrismas.
3.) While this is a lovely habit, I wanted cookies left over. ;)

And they all turned out pretty well. Mexican Wedding Cakes were easy and quick and made five dozen (always a Good Thing). I had to use a flashlight and a yardstick trying to find the various parts of the spritz machine in our Completely Impractical Corner Cabinet, but we eventually found them, and eventually figured out how to work it, and eventually made cookies that really did resemble wreaths and not just blobs of green crap. And the cute little cutouts were going quite well until I got about halfway through and knocked the bowl off the counter and it dumped the dough right in the trash, which I was kind of secretly thankful for because then I didn't have to wipe it up off the floor. How sad is that???

The fudge is Pretty Damn Awesome, too, if you ask me. Hopefully there will be more than four people to eat it... :P

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

HAHAHAHA...okay, only one person will get this. Whatever.

Today's Drool-Worthy Picture...

...goes to, who else??? The Revered Mr. Depp. I'm in a pro-Finding Neverland mood after watching Jamie Foxx "sing" on Regis and Kelly this morning. *gag* Except it wasn't Regis and Kelly, it was Regis and Bonnie Hunt, which was okay too because she's hilarious and they showed clips from Cheaper By the Dozen 2. I have a confession to make. *looks around* I loved Cheaper By the Dozen. I really did. Even though I was ready to kill Hillary Duff after twenty minutes, I still loved it. I even bought the DVD. I have issues.

So many movies coming out, no??? There are like three that I want to see this week, and Flighplan is at a cheap theater, but it leaves on Friday, so I'm trying to figure out a time when that would work. Fun with Dick and Jane looks absolutely hilarious, and I really want to see the Family Stone. And then Rumor Has It comes out on Christmas, which looks kinda funny. Maybe because I find the idea of Anne Bancroft (rest her soul) morphing into Shirley McClaine a Little Bit Hilarious.

I am sitting here drinking my coffee with soy milk because we're out of real milk. Word of advice- Don't. Just. Don't. You will regret it. It's not pretty.

Oh, and I'm sending telepathic thoughts to my professors to send me my grades. Law Person is already two days late, and this is not good for my nerves. I need to know if I failed!!!! *looks at picture above and calms down---then goes crazy for completely different reason*

Going to go attempt to bake Christmas cookies in spite of the fact that I cannot seem to figure out how to work that damn Spritz machine thingy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's amazing

Johnny makes everything better... :D

Monday, December 19, 2005


..who else thinks that Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman are the same person???

(P.S. Read the other post from today. I know its long and boring but I need your approval to know my self worth!!!! :)

The caption on this picture...

...actually said, "Yes, you may right click and save." Because clearly this person who owned the website realized that this picture was too good for her to keep to herself. I find that a Little Bit Funny.

Anyhoodles, how is everybody's Monday going??? Good, I hope. Mine's not, really. I'm torn between worrying about the alive members of my family and mourning the loss of the furry ones, and comforting the other, more emotional members of my family who are really mourning the loss of the furry ones. It's a very confusing time. Hence the need to find odd Alan pictures on the internet.

That aside, I'm quite content now with having surfed the web for half an hour with a loverly little cup of coffee. I actually haven't had breakfast since last Monday, for the simply reason that I could not figure out what normal people ate for breakfast. Usually, this is not a problem, as I buy coffee and a bagel/muffin at school on the days that I have school, and sleep past the time I get hungry on the days that I don't. See? Need for breakfast alieviated. Unfortunately, the Cute Little Cafe would be upset if I showed up every morning now that school's over. However, being a Smart Young Woman, I decided to go to the grocery and get bagels and coffee and make my own breakfast. (Or, really, I put them on a list and my dad got them. I'm not making drastic strides towards independence here...) How industrious is that??? ;)

Saw King Kong this weekend. Yeah, pretty good. I mean, I'm glad I went, kind of in that War of the Worlds sense, where you're glad you saw this huge movie, but it was too long and there were too many odd creatures and shooting. I couldn't really not go, though, because every time I pass up going to a movie with Imladris I end up falling desperatly in love with whoever starred in it. It's just a curse. That didn't happen this time, though. I was only into Adrian Brody for three minutes freshman year when we had a TA in gym who looked kind of like him. Pretty good, though. We lurve Peter Jackson.

Went electronics shopping in my mom's room yesterday. Quite fun, actually. I was randomly commenting on the fact that my alarm clock/radio/CD player was broken, and I really needed a new one, and she offered me my dad's, who hadn't used it since, oh, we moved in. So I got that all set up, and then I realized that my phone was really annoying me, because it was corded and what's the point of having a phone in your room if you have to sit on the floor with your back against a box spring anyway? So I commented again on how I needed a cordless phone. And my mom gave me one that they had in their room, but weren't really using. It was awesome. She saved me like seventy bucks of electronics!!!!

I am being forced against my will to wear my glasses for the next two days. Damn prescription eye drops...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I promise I'm not stealing Imladris's idea...

Image hosted by          bloodyhell.png

...but these were too good to pass up. Love the pissed off one. :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Image hosted by

Even as Willy Freakin' Wonka Johnny deserves an award!!! Apparently the HFPA thought so too, because he's nominated for a Golden Globe!!!!!!!!! *thud* I'm so happy!!!!

Of course, he's up against Joaquin Phoenix, who is such a critical darling despite being a crazy, but I can still hope, right??? And Hugh Laurie's up for best actor in a TV series!!! It's a good day!!!!! :D

Pride and Prejudice is up for best musical or comedy!!! Yay!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Exams Taken: 3
Exams Failed: 1 definately, two probably. Hell, maybe even three!
Exams Left: 1
Percentage of Me that Cares Anymore: .5

I have a constant headache. It's not fair.

This weekend was good---saw Pride and Prejudice again. Super good movie. The crowd was full of lonely single women who were still clinging to the idea that their Mr. Darcy is going to come...of course, I was with my sister, so that's kind of sad, too. But I'm young. I have an excuse for being pitiful. Anyhoodles, we luuurrrrrrrrvvvvvveeeeeee Mr. Darcy. :D

And Imladris and I did our traditional holiday viewing of Love, Actually...ah, good movie. Although we realized that the more we watch a movie, the less of it we actually see, because we're just yelling random comments at the screen. The necklace is mine, bitch!!!!!!! ;)

Why doesn't anybody write about Artemisia Gentileschi??? I could only find one book on her, and it was a novel, and it dealt mainly with incest. Ick. Going to go read about Catherine de Medici instead.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I Rock

I do. I've been accepted to one of the schools I applied to with a several-thousand dollar scholarship right off the bat, I got an A on my research paper, I'm totally ready/don't even care anymore (accounting) for exams next week, and I just took an accounting quiz (which we all know is the work of the devil and should be banned) and only had to guess on like three questions! Now, granted the quiz was only ten quetsions, but still. I'm feeling rather good about this. :)

Anyhoodles, who saw CSI last night??? Was it good??? I had to go to Mass and haven't watched the tape yet. And I couldn't even concentrate during Mass. Thought about Point of No Return throughout most of it. Inappropriate, I know. Mary kept looking at me and laughing. I don't think that was terribly appropriate either... ;) And, for her enjoyment, so she doesn't have to keep scrolling down the page, I'll repost our phone conversation that she gets so much joy from, although I'm not entirely sure why...

Mary: Mary: What was your risk? I need a risk!!
Me: Um...I left high school and started college at fifteen.
Mary: *pause* Damn!!! That's a good risk!!! How did you start?
Me: With a quote by Anais Nin.
Mary: You know what? I'm hanging up now...

Happy now???

Monday, December 05, 2005

That's it...

Image hosted by

...we're buying The Island. And National Treasure. And a South Korean bootleg copy of Anna Karenina.

Too Many Books

Do you ever have this problem? When you simply have too many books to read? I'm finishing one today, I have one on the Medici family that looks amazing, a great biography of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt out from the library, and volumes of Dostoyvesky that I really, really want to read but never seem to find the time to. (They are seven hundred pages, in my defense...) And 1776. I've had that one for two months.

But before all these I have to go to Borders and buy The Moonstone. Elizabeth Kostova, who wrote the amazingly brilliant The Historian (everyone go buy it- NOW!!!) was recommending it in Entertainment Weekly this week, and it sounded really good. And then I remembered- it was on Wishbone!!!! Remember that one, girls??? I only have a vague recollection of it, I think there was a servant girl standing on a cliff and something about a poison ring, and Wishbone, of course, was the main guy. So now I have to buy it. Thank goodness it's only $6.75!

And then that got me thinking about Wishbone, and how awesome that show was. I never had an aversion to being taught, but for kids who didn't really want to learn, it was the perfect way to introduce them to literature. And even I, who enjoy nineteeth century Russian literature, was not devouring Shakespeare and Dumas at seven. Not even Austen. I still haven't read Ivanhoe or The Prince and the Pauper, because they both looke exceedingly boring, but I know what they're about, and that makes me feel like a Productive Member of Society. :) I really hope they either come back on again or release them on DVD before I have kids, because I can't imagine them not having them see those.

Onto non-book related items, because I know certain people make it a point never to read anything other than a Las Vegas Guide Book or anything that starts and/or ends with "Walt Disney World", I really hurt. We decorated for Chrstimas yesterday, and I pulled something lugging one of the huge trees upstairs. And now I've got that sciatic pain down the back of my leg. You know, the one that makes you not able to move??? Lupe's not pleased. And she's got a boatload of work to do this week. Grrr. Not in a good mood. Especially since I was researching this sculpture I have to write a paper on, and it said that there was a replica in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, which made me remember that memebers of my family will be there next week for the second time in the last three hours or something and I'm just going to be writing about good ol' Nike of Samothrace. Grrr. And why the hell is she in Caesar's Palace, anyway???? She was a Greek sculpture, not Roman, and not from when Julius Caesar was around- or any of the Caesars for that matter. Ugh. Crap, I'm late for class...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Finally Updated... TV blog. This is what avoiding your research papers will get you. Read and comment, please!!! :)