Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Josh is happy for me...

Image hosted by I am now a full college applicant. You know, the stuff that everybody else does in the first couple of weeks of September? I prefer the last three days before the deadline. It's not like this semester has been really easy on me, people!!! Most seniors don't have to worry about Clorox vs. Lysol toilet bowl cleaners!!!

Anyhoodles, I started- and finished- them on Monday night. Including a beautiful essay about a risk I took. Mary was having trouble with hers. This was our conversation last night.

Mary: What was your risk? I need a risk!!

Me: Um...I left high school and started college at fifteen.

Mary: *pause* Damn!!! That's a good risk!!! How did you start?

Me: With a quote by Anais Nin.

Mary: You know what? I'm hanging up now... killed me.

So now I have nothing left to do but wait for the "I'm sorry, you are simply not qualified enough to attend out institution" letters to start rolling in. I catastrophize like this. There is no reason for at least a couple of the schools I applied to to accept me- suffice to say we stayed away from the Ivy League, but I'm convinced they're not going to. Ugh.

Best part of the whole thing is that now I can finally stop getting those threatening e-mails from my first-choice school. The ones that open with, "You moron. You only have a week before the friggin' deadline. Now, I'm not saying that it's going to affect your admission, but if you can't even figure out the DEADLINE, mabye you shouldn't be considering our institute of higher learning. IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU? WHAT, IS MENSA CALLING???? Sincerely, ----- University Admissions Department." I love those. And this is one of the places that rates you based on how many time you contact the university for information. Hmmm. Given that I delete the e-mails before reading because I regret beig made to feel like a loser, I'm thinking this is not boding well for me. Hmmm.

Ugh. But it's over now. Yay!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Except it's not. It's ten to eight in the morning. But it looks like nightime. It's very dark, and very rainy, and very foggy, and there were lots of Irresponsible Drivers on the road who thought it was a good idea to pass somebody when your visibility is like 1%. Okay, only one, but still. And my hair is a wet ball of fuzz now because it was raining so hard when I walked in. Bugger. Not that I'm happy to be here in the first place, because it's always hard to go back after a long break.

Anyhoodles, I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. Well, I kind of know how everybody's went. Imladris's apparently sucked, Mary didn't do anything, and anonymous spent part of the evening with me. Which I totally appreciate, by the way. Despite the fact that it wasn't the way it was supposed to be, it ended up okay. And I'm not holding out for Christmas. Optimism has never served me well. I'm from the Oscar Wilde school of thought.

What else did I do this weekend? (I'm seriously thinking, I don't remember...) Oh- I went to see Pride and Prejudice on Friday, which was super amazingly good. I forgot the conglomeration of guys that Imladris suggested, but Mr. Darcy is HOT. I love Colin Firth to death, and he will always be special to me, but this guy was more like Book Darcy, I thought. As I was buying tickets the young woman behind the desk was like, "Yeah, it's not sold out. Although it should be, because it's friggin' amazing!" HAHAHAHA. And yesterday I saw Just Friends with Imladris and Mary. It was incredibly funny! I thought it was going to be a super stupid rather Suriving-Christmas-like movie, but it really wasn't. Ryan Reynolds is so funny. How he puts up with Alanis Morisette, I don't know...

Also watched Apollo 13 on TV this weekend. I love that movie. I was incredibly young the first time I saw it...I watched it with a friend and her mom who sadly passed away when I was nine or ten, so I must have been younger than that. Which is strange, because it's PG-13, and my parents gave the MPAA a run for their money in terms of protectedness. I understood none of it, though. Why that woman was in Kevin Bacon's shower was a mystery to me (and frankly, even now I don't want to think about it). I personally think Kevin Bacon was a poor casting choice. Do you really want to be orbitting the earth with your life in Six-Degrees-Of's hands??? I wouldn't. And poor Mac!!! They should have let him go up. He never got the measles!!! Even though he ended up saving all of their asses in the end. Showed that surgeon.

Going to go glance over my accounting homework. Ick.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


GAH!!! It's snowing!!!!!!!!! Love the snow! So pretty and soft and a b*tch to drive in, but I don't even care because it's so pretty when it falls on the trees. And right before Thanksgiving, too!!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday, because you know you still have a month of festivity...with Christmas it's like, yeah, I'm gonna go eat the rest of the turkey and then pass out. And then go back to school. But with Thanksgiving you still have all that to look forward to! I do hope it stops before I have to drive again, though. :p

Didn't do much yesterday...pretty boring, actually. Went shopping, but only for boring stuff, and then sat at the doctor's office for and hour and a half. Not fun.

Am now trying to eat a muffin without getting it on my white sweater. Hmmm...Oooh, and tonight I get to bake! I suck at it. These pumpkin pies should be interesting....

New CSI:NY episode tonight---yay!!! It looks like a creepy one, too---dolls. Dolls are inherantly creepy. Except the American Girls. I still play with mine. Well, not really play, but dress up. Felicity is in her palace gown sitting on my bed right now, and Kirsten in dressed up and in a chair. The rest of them are around the house...I remember when I told my dad that I wanted Molly (this was a couple of years after I had gotten Kirsten). His reply? "Why? You already have one of those." See, I think they should not let the guys work this case. Because you know it's gonna be like this...

Danny: We found your hair on this doll.
Stella: *cough*Uh, no, we didn't, Danny...we found his hair on the other one...
Danny: What? They look the same...

That would be how my father would be as a CSI. :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas Music...

...before Thanksgiving should be outlawed. Not all of it, of course, because I listen to Joshie sing Believe and O Holy Night all year round, but that's kind of for a different reason. But when the radio station you listen to plays it nonstop...that's what gets kind of annoying...

Good weekend. Tiring weekend, but good nonetheless. I kept waking up at like eight and then feeling really rested, so I got up. And then by ten it was like my body realized "Wait. You kept us up till two last night. Now we will make you pay." Not fun. Breakfast with Mary was good though...mmmm...Snape...ahem, moving on...

And good news on my whole quest for higher education front (not that I've actually started applying to colleges yet...I'm such a bad person...), but I got into the class that I really wanted but was waitlisted for. So I have my ideal schedule! Well, not really, because my law class got moved, so I have to go every single day now, but still. This is awesome- it means I don't have to take accounting again!!! Alleluia!

Didn't really watch any good TV this weekend. Saw the beginning of Grey's Anatomy last night, but then turned it off to read Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens because I was totally into it and Mary was about to go all crazy on Elizabeth's a** when she wouldn't give her safe passage through to Scotland. I don't think that was very nice. Everyone should read this book, by the way. It looks kind of long and intimidating and boring, but it's totally not. I read over two hundred pages of it yesterday...

Everybody should watch CSI: Miami tonight!!! Looks quite interesting!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Things I Will Do for Middle Aged British Men... include sitting in a theater until three in the morning for movies I don't even like. Wow, I have some serious issues. :p

No, I kid, the movie was good. It was fun..."Come on, you're the adult!!!" And the sheer anticipation that all the other people in the theater were showing was kind of infectious. Or maybe Imladris was just hitting my arm so hard I started to get lightheaded. Either way, I saw the fourth Harry Potter movie last night. Pretty good. Not as good a film as the third one, but a very entertaining movie.

Alan was in it in the background a lot, even though he only had one line for the first two hours. And only like three in the whole thing. But the "The use of it on students is...regrettably forbidden" line was worth the price of admission. Well, especially for me since my parents bought the tickets, but whatever... Why doesn't Snape ever show his little deatheater mark thing??? That would rock!!!

Q: What does Ralph Fiennes look like without a nose?
A: Not nearly as hot. At least seventy-five percent of his hotness is in the nose apparently. And in not being evil incarnate. But that's rather irrelevant, really, given my fascination with other slightly misguided characters in the franchise...

Speaking of which, I would personally like to thank Eileen for coming up with a theory that explains the events that happen at the end of the sixth book (that I've never read, btw) in a sympathetic-to-Snape light...I appreciate it!

And the Moaning Myrtle part was hilarious, but only if you know Jude from Bridget Jones's Diary. I was just sitting there thinking, "Oh my gosh, Jude is harassing Harry Potter...this can't be right..."

I was quite tired this morning, though, when my rude alarm awoke me at ten to seven. Grrr. I bought the biggest coffee this damn place offers...

My art class was mercifully low-impact- we watched a PBS video on the Medici family. Ah, those Medici's...15th century Florence's answer to the mob. Except they don't have a Francis Ford Coppola movie made about them. Still, they bought the papacy. That's gotta count for something...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Two Good Things and One Bad Thing

It's a pretty good ratio, I think...

First Good Thing: It's snowing!!! Yay!!!! I mean, just that piddly little lake effect stuff that doesn't really count, but still!!! Everybody whines about snow, but I just love it. Unless it means I can't go somewhere. Then I don't like it. But this is just beautiful!!!

Second Good Thing: I got my keys with my Josh keychains back!!! I lost them like a month ago at a hospital, and figured that, as it's been a long time, I was never going to see them again. But they found them!!! Yayness!!!

One Bad Thing: Matthew McConaughey was named Sexiest Man Alive. Grrr. What the hell??? Why not Johnny again??? Hmmm??? Matthew McConaughey just bugs me. He looks so arrogant and so "I know I'm hot" and it negates any physical hotness he may have had in the first place. (And it's there- I'm not blind...) He just seems like an arrogant person to me. At least it wasn't that guy from Desperate Housewives. That would have really sucked. He bugs me for than Matthew McConaughey...

Finally, I updated my TV blog with stuff about CSI: Miami this and comment, please!!! :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Too Early For a Title

So you're not getting one. Deal with it.

I'm so tired. So unbelievably tired. I don't know why- I didn't exactly do anything strenuous yesterday, or all weekend for that matter, and I went to bed at ten thirty last night. I don't know, it's like I've been in a perpetual state of exhaustion since eighth grade.

Maybe it was because I was freaking out about my law test this morning. It's on seven whole chapters of contracts. Yeah, I can hear your sighs of envy over the computer. Because really, when you're looking for fun extremely long bordering on sadist essay questions, you think contracts, right??? Ugh. I'm so going to fail.

And my art professor is ticking me off. She's upset that people aren't doing the reading (which they're not) and decided to take it out on all of us (I am doing the reading) and told us on Friday that "there is a very good reason for you to do your reading for Monday..." I hate cryptic people. A quiz? And essay? What??? I did the reading, but I did it last week when it was actually assigned, and therefore have forgotton much of it. A essay I could bs my way through, but I'm not so sure about a quiz. So now I have to read the fifty pages again in the next half hour. Bugger.

But as of eleven o'clock this morning, I will be feeling quite good. Even though I have homework in every class and have to lug all the incredibly heavy books home, and then back on Wednesday, at least I won't have to worry about another law test until the final exam. Yay!!! I'm not sure that law school is the best choice for me.... :p

At least it was a good weekend- got two really cute skirts. Which is difficult, because I do not look good in skirts. It's a given. I just don't. But I found some cute ones. Ooh, and a pretty sparkly (but not in a cheap way) sweater to wear for the holidays!!! And it's slimming, which is good when you're consuming a large percentage of your body weight in pumpkin pie. Slimming is what we're going for.

And it's finally cold outside!!!! Yay!!! Thank goodness, I got outside this morning and my dad had scraped off my car (okay, his car. But I was driving it...). Thank you, Daddy!!! I'm such a little princess. Probably a good thing, too, as I wouldn't really know where to find that scrapy thing. Hmmm. I should probably figure that out before winter really comes...

Have a good Monday, everybody, and watch CSI:Miami tonight. I know, I know, it could never be as good as last weeks. But still...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm such a vindictive little b*tch...

Image hosted by


FYI, for those of you who don't know, this is January Jones (paramour of my beloved Joshie) at a function with a ginormous diamond on the only finger that really matters.

Now I know how my aunt felt when Paul McCartney announced he was getting married.

They haven't announced anything though, so I'm holding out for she just thought it looked pretty with the dress.

CSI had better be frickin' good tonight, because I need to watch a pretty blond die a horrible death. Going to go buy Tears in Heaven off of iTunes and dress in black.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Doctor Zhivago

I couldn't fall asleep until two thirty. So I watched Doctor Zhivago for a couple of hours instead. Reminded me how much loved it---I haven't seen it in a couple of months. Although Lara's theme was getting kind of annoying. As was Julie Christie's cake makeup. And she's clearly not seventeen at the beginning. Try closer to thirty. And who decided that when casting the archetypical Russian Omar Shariff was the way to go??? Not that his portrayal wasn't really good, it's just...the man's from Egypt for heaven's sakes!!!

Anyhoodles, my favorite part is when they imprison the tsar and all the little Bolshevik's are celebrating and going crazy and are all "Just workers in a worker's state!!!". Yuri and Lara are just standing there going, " This totally isn't gonna work..." Love me some commies...

Speaking of commies, I finished The Sisters today. Super good. I love how they all embraced their own little branches of facism. Lovely, really. I have a new favorite line (this totally trumps "Hitler send roses.") "Why do all my daughters fall for dictators!?!?" HAHAHAHA

Finally, I watched the first part of the CSI:Miami/NY crossover last night. Oh. My. Ga---. So amazingly good. Even though it was like nine forty before Mac showed up. Still. Jerry Bruckheimer can totally take my first born. I'm not going to post anything on my other blog about it until after the conclusion, but I definately will then. Everybody must watch Wednesday at 9 central, k????

Monday, November 07, 2005

Long Break

I love my law professor. She presumably had to go be a lawyer and cancelled class today. Yay!!! So I have an hour and forty minute break with nothing to do!!! Well, except homework, but really, that's just a bummer if you know what I mean.

Of course, it's not as good as the long weekend some people in my family have. Who were all cozy and warm in bed as I was shivering in the closet without insulation trying to find my coat at seven thirty this morning. And will be arising in probably and hour to leisurly get dressed, have breakfast, and then be chaufferred to a friends house. Grrrr. But I digress...

Weekend was fun though. Got two adorable sweaters at Boston Store---loves me that store!!! Saturday night was full of thunderstorms...really big ones with loud thunder and lightning and sheets of rain. It was frickin' awesome!!! I love storms. I sat up on my bed and watched the rain fall for like half an hour. Then I got bored and watched my CSI: NY DVDs...we have decided (this is the royal we, I haven't actually discussed this with anyone...) that The Fall is Flack's greatest episode. He's so tortured and conflicted and everything...I do love me a tortured, conflicted guy that I can save!!! I think I have a maternal complex or something...

Sunday was good. We got up late and were kind of late for Mass, but no biggie. Kind of just lounged around the house for the rest of the day. Did Panera with Mary---super fun, girls. "There's a donut in the street!!! Let me out!!! Swing low and I'll just pick it up!!!" HAHAHAHA...Imladris, you crack me up...

Oooh, reading a super-good book, The Sisters. About the Mitford family. (Yeah, I didn't know hwo they were, either.) That Unity was messed up. Seriously, anybody who was that into Hitler...yeah, something's not quite right. My favorite line of the whole book so far was about the gifts that Unity received after she shot herself in the head (another Hitler thing, btw...). "Hitler sent a dozen roses." Now, that doesn't even seem real, does it??? We don't think about Hitler sending flowers, do we??? Freaky. And three of the five girls were devoted to one kind of facism or another!!! Decca was a communist, Unity wanted to sleep with Hitler (say it with me now..."ewwww!!!!"), and Diana was just a freak!!! Kudos to Imladris for recommending it. Love me some crazies!!!

Approximately twelve hours and forty-seven minutes before CSI:Miami tonight---crossover!!!! Yay!!!!

Approximately twenty-three hours and forty-seven minutes before I can go buy my copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD!!! Yay!!!!! :D

Friday, November 04, 2005


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...was in a very generous mood in 1963.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Things I Did Today

1.) Went to the grocery.

2.) Managed to get lost trying to find oatmeal.

3.) Bought oatmeal.

4.) Mixed oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

5.) Set something on fire, causing the stove to smoke.

6.) Filled kitchen with smoke.

7.) Set off smoke alarm.

8.) Fanned smoke away from the smoke alarm long enough to make it stop screaching.

9.) Baked approximately four dozen perfectly moist, chewy cookies.

10.) Ate approximately three dozen perfectly moist, chewy cookies.

11.) Watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on DVD.

A productive day, I think.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I don't like school. It should die. And never come back. Is that okay, everybody???

I'm freakin' exhausted. I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday, didn't get home until eleven, and then cleaned the house until two fifteen when I had to leave to go pick up my sister. And I did the silver service. How great am I??? I think I can sleep tomorrow...

Crap, it's 8:20...I have four minutes to finish my bagel...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creepiest Story of the Day

Woody Allen is doing his best to keep Halloween from ending by telling Vanity Fair that he enjoys "a more paternal relationship" with Soon-Yi. *screams*