Sunday, April 30, 2006

Eleven Days

And boy, are we counting. First, I reposted the boat stories on the post below in case Ojava wants to catch up on some more of our familial odysseys.

Rainy, cold, and windy. Oh, my kind of day. Especially when I have nothing to do. Imladris had to go be a good person this morning so we went to Mass last night, and I was able to sleep. Wonderful. And I've done exactly nothing else.

Except obviously search for CSI icons. Which is hardly an intellectual activity and therefore does not count. This does, however, make me feel good about myself because while I spend way too much time thinking about these shows and proudly ship Mac/Stella and Catherine/Grissom, I did not have enough time on my hands to come up with the cute little nicknames "Smacked" and "Grillows". See? I have a life. Major spoiler rumors going around the boards about the CSI:NY finale...I'd be glad to enlighten you further, but I don't want to ruin it for you. (Hint: Aiden's back...for now...) All three of them look great this week. Actually I can't remember much about Miami. Cruise ship murders, Catherine confronting her father (again), and a three-way marriage...oh the juicy forensic fun I shall have!!!

Teehee. Locke's a crazy. On the treamill this morning I was watching E! News, because there's absolutely nothing on at ten on Sunday, and there was just too much celebrity gossip to handle. Tom is still in Europe, now he's in Amsterdam talking about how much he loves his baby and Katie. Yeah...hon, why aren't you home with them??? I'm just mad at him now. And he interrupted Phillip Seymour Hoffman's interview to talk about baby Suri. You do not interrupt Capote!!! I'll be he stuck around for longer than a week after his kid was born! And that creepy Ken Baker guy who always lurks around E! apparently divined that Britney is in fact preggers, and she's due in October. Wow. That's a lot of information to get from her official statment of "No comment". Sheesh.

I'm going to go find food. Forrest Gump on TBS tonight! Yay-Lt. Dan!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another One of My More Inspired Pieces

The Fabled Family Day Trip, Part 1 and Part 2. Just to get you through those boring phone calls... :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Your Daily Update

I know how y'all look forward to it. Like coffee, or chocolate, or booze. Whatever gets you through the day, right???

Just finished my debate in government. It went better than I thought it would- we somehow managed to sidestep the entire issue of gay marriage completely and avoid the shower of self-righteous fundamentalist questions being fired from the group. We had one answer. "The constitutional arena is not the appropriate place for this type of issue." Amazing how many different ways you can say that. Got an amusing story about how Canada legalized orgies, too. Yeah, I really needed to hear that from a professor.

And then I hauled myself up the back maintanance stairway to the computor lab (all the fishies are inexplicably gone and there is now a sign on the door saying, "So long and thanks for all the fish"...I'm sure Anubis would appreciate that...) and printed off seven art movement outlines that the art history prof had not posted yet. SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Tha's like a hundred and fifty pages of slides- all at one time. I think Concordia is ready to expell me, and the little lab moderator person was glaring at me. And really, could she have posted these a month ago when we started doing the damn things? Honestly, I'm kind of worried abut whether she feeds her children or not. I wouldn't be surprised if she gives them a massive meal once every couple of weeks.

Completely changing gears here, Rosie's joining The View. Oh good Lord. Either this experience will magically turn her straight (because who wants to deal with those women all day???) or, my opinion, there will be a bloodbath episode by the second week when Rosie finally stops shouting and literally bites somebody's head off. Because, as the ill-fated Boy George musical debacle attested, the Queen of Nice is gone. Now it's just one angry lesbo. Who could probably snap Elisabeth Hasselbeck's neck. This is gonna be good.

I can't link this because I can't find the actual article, but apparently the National Anthem is being adapted into Spanish.
(I'm just waiting till y'll get this.)
Yeah, our National Anthem. I don't use this often, but WTF??? Okay, just a thought here. Maybe this is why immigration is such a freakin' big issue. And maybe this is why other countries don't really have a problem with immigration-if coming here meant actually changing countries and learning a new language and adapting to a different culture, wouldn't there be a significant drop of border-jumpers? I mean, I'm fairly certain that if I decided to sneak into France and live there incognito, they would not change the signs for me. In fact, they would probably laugh at my admittedly laughable pronunciation issues. And then deport me. Either way, it would not be pretty. I'm not saying we should deport everybody who's here already, or that we should make INS regulations so difficult that nobody from a lower economic background can come here, but when you start changing one of the symbols of the nation's identity, things have gone too far.

That's my political rant for the day. I will now lug my soapbox upstairs to the library and use our nifty automatic three-hole-punch machine that I can just not get enough of to punch the seven movement outlines I now have. Thank you and have a nice day. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Items of Celebrity Gossip That Are Too Good To Pass Up

First, updated my other blog. Oh the shipping fun I had.

I have no original ideas today (probably all sapped from last night) so get ready for some hilarious, self-absorbed linkspam.

J. Lo. thinks she's misunderstood. Awww. Poor J. Lo. That's not fair. Because I know a lot of girls on my block thtat look like this. Really! She's just like us.

Jessica is upset about Nick's tell-all article. Oh cry me a river. Maybe this is why Team Nick shirts are outselling Team Jessica shirts twenty to one. This, by the way, is a larger margin than the Team Aniston vs. Team Pitt fourteen to one. Ha! People hate you more than they like Jennifer Aniston. That's gotta be a dark day.

Wow, Kellie's even sweet when America is stomping all over her. Great. Now that pretty b*tch Katherine is going to win. And we're going to have to watch Simon mentally undress her again.

Ugh. Where are my brownies?

The Real Rose is suing the Fake Charlie. Who happens to act like that in real life, apparently. Anyway, I'm confused. And sad because I forgot to tape this Monday night. I need TiVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle of the Heroin Chic bitches.

Katie Holmes is not a zombie. Ironically, I'm more concerned about Catherine Keener's fashion sense. Girl's got a lot to work with, but low rider plaids?

And finally, CSI should get on this one.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh Snap

My Inner Pop-Culture Whore is dying.

I am always cheerful and I do not dwell on my mistakes

First, updated my other blog. Snaps for me!

And I'd just like to put up the original frozen meat post in case Ojava wants the history of it. Sad to say, it's been a year and we still freeze everything. You never know when those Russians might take over.

Teehee. Alan. I think we'd get along well. Why does no one else???

I've been sucking down the Advil Cold and Sinus lately. They say it doesn't make you drowsy. They lie. My mouth feels like cotton and I could possibly fall asleep at the keyboard. Sheesh. I've never had allergies before- why now??? I think my body is trying to punish my for making it get up early by slowly destroying me from the inside out.

Went icon searching again. Wow. Last week on her blog Imladris was saying how desperately important The Notebook was to teenage girls. Why? It was kind of boring and depressing and completely unrealistic because I don't care how much in love you are, Alzheimers does not go away. I have a theory that it was the first actual adult movie that those girls saw- you know, not Disney or Harry Potter (which, coincidentally, seems to RUN THEIR LIVES), and they just think it's so cool. To which I say, please go out and watch another movie. Because if I have to look at another "They fell in love didn't they?" icon, I will go emo and cut myself. Sheesh.

Going to go do something completely unproductive...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I am the queen of wasting time looking at crap on the internet

Do you know how much time I just spent on one icon site??? Thirty-four minutes. I did that this morning too. I had to take a quiz by tonight for govenrment, but instead I spent half an hour on message boards (somebody gets hurt in the CSI:NY season finale---on snap!!!) and looking at other sites that I kind of forgot about the quiz. And by that time, I was tired and cranky and I just wanted to go read. And I still had to do my quiz. Bugger.

Really. Everybody's grammar is really depressingly bad. They can't seem to get it through their heads that "your" and "you're" are two completely different words. I found this really funny icon that wouldn't save to my computor about all the bad grammar. "Your stupid". "My stupid what?" HAHAHAHAHA. Wow. I'm an English geek.

Teehee. Crazies. People who are so wrapped up in their own little private heartaches bug me. Read a newspaper. Sheesh.

So watched bunches of movies this weekend. On Friday I went to see American Dreamz, which was pretty good in an offbeat kind of way. Which I understood a little bit more when I realized it was directed by the guy who did About a Boy and In Good Company. The American Idol spoofing was quite funny, though. And that cousin was hilarious. "I'm going on..."

Yesterday I went to see The Sentinel. The reviews say it sucked. The reviews LIE. Maybe I'm just freakishly easy to please or something, but I really enjoyed it. Except it was like too many TV shows rolled into one- it was 24 with The West Wing, and a little Desperate Housewives because I don't care what people say, you cannot look at Eva Longoria without seeing her as Gabrielle. At one point they suggested bringing in the criminal investigation unit and I was like, "No! I can't handle another television show!!!" Everyone should go see it. If only for the KGB agents with British accents.

And then today Imladris and I saw Friends with Money. I'm totally into indies, now. Really good. Lucious Malfoy thought Voldemort was scary? Try telling Catherine Keener (or any woman, for that matter) that her ass is getting too big. Watch the horror. I'm a huge Catherine Keener fan now, btw. I love anyone and anything connected to Capote.

I'm going to go watch Les Miserables (DVD sale at Borders!!! YAY!!!!) and put stickers on envelopes. Oh the fun I shall have. Updated my other blog, too, so read and comment!!! :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm so freakin' weird

Alan was eight when Henri Matisse died. The guy who was around when impressionism was big. I wanted to cry in art history this morning.

Meanwhile, updated my blog with stuff about Alias, American Idol, and CSI:NY. Thumbnail view? Stella is no longer good enough for Mac.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


School should die. It is not fair that I am here and everybody else in the world is not. Bugger. Anyhoodles, so much to talk about today!!!

First, I finally read To Kill a Mockingbird. I cannot believe I've gotten this far in life without reading it. It was unbelievably good. Not only does it completely change your life and the way you look at and respond to people, but it completely draws you in and is so enjoyable. I was actually a little bit peeved that my mom's chemo was finished and I had to drive home instead of read more. (Not really, rockford...)

And so moving! I know that books make me cry more than most people. I cried at the end of Gone with the Wind, I cried towards the end of Les Miserables, when Jean takes out the little dress that Cosette was wearing the first night he took her in, and Of Mice and Men screwed me up for a week. (Really. Has anybody else read that? I think John Steinbeck had some depression issues. I watched the movie a couple of months after I read it, and thought I'd be okay with it. Not so. Somehow Mac from CSI:NY executing his best friend is still pretty damn depressing.) But when Atticus thanks Boo for his children- oh!

And then I watched the movie yesterday, which was completely awesome and now I need to go buy. Did you know that the character Dill was based on Truman Capote, Harper Lee's childhood friend??? How sweet!!!

Yeah, what else is happening??? Not a whole lot. Ooh, watched some British House of Commons while I was doing my three miles this morning. Because at six o'clock in the morning, there's not a whole lot of stuff to watch other than live from London and VH1 constantly replaying My Humps. And when it comes to a decision between funny Brits screaming at a bewildered Tony Blair or Fergie's "lovely lady lumps", guess what's gonna win? That is some crazy stuff right there. Both the song and the legislature, actually...

And in celebrity news, well, we have an embarrasment of riches. First and formost, TomKat has given birth (silently and without medication presumably) to a TomKitten, and you can read my take on that here and here. Or just scroll down. Whatever. And Brooke Shields gave birth to another presumably preternaturally pretty baby, who maybe with the held of antidepressents she won't want to kill (better hope Katie doesn't have those feelings!!!). As if the juicy reproductions weren't enough, we have divorces aplenty. Eddie Murphy's divorce is finalized and Brian Grazer is apparently dumping his wife. Yeah, you're probably saying, "What? Who is Brian Grazer?" Well, he's Ron Howard's producing buddy and his wife did a really funny thing for people a couple of years ago. I feel badly for her. BOOOO Brian Grazer. No one else will love your spiky hair. Finally, Nick Lachey was apparently Jessica's bitch and was told when his marriage was over. Oh sadness. I'm totally on Team Nick. Did you know that Team Nick t-shirts are outselling Team Jessica t-shirts twenty to one? That's a bigger margin that last years's Team Pitt vs. Team Aniston. Wow, I really need to talk to real people more often.

Have to go to class, but awesome TV tonight. Well, except no Lost. Booo!!! But Alias finally comes back, and CSI:NY is new! YAY!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just realized this

Picture this- thirty years from now, Suri vs. Grier. I'm thinking a Celebrity Boxing revival with an eighty-year-old Matt Lauer as ref. The ratings would be insane.

Oh the Rapture

My inner pop-culture whore is bursting with joy. Meanwhile, Suri? What the hell?

Monday, April 17, 2006

The one bad thing about college

Is that you have to be back at school right after Easter. Unless you decide to be irresponsible and skip your not-too-interesting law class and stay home an extra day instead. *ahem* Guess what I'm doing tomorrow??? :)

(Aw, screw it. I just tried for five minutes to post a picture and it's not working. No icons today.)

So how was everybody's Easter? Mine was suprisingly good. On Saturday Imladris and I went to the Easter Vigil, which was beautiful and fun because we played outside with Mary (I sound like I'm eight) afterwards. And said "twas pink" for old times sake. And we were having massive amounts of fun on the playground (they've gotten surprisingly better since my childhood- which was about ten minutes ago...spinny things that you stand on- freakishly fun!) until Imladris announced that there was probably a rapist in the cattails and CSI would find our bruised corpes underneath the equipment and Mom would have to show them pictures of us for some reason that I didn't get. It kind of killed the mood and we went back inside to eat more cake. (Colleen: To see what the word "catskills" means, click here.)Evil Imladris then locked Mary in the garbage thing. Yeah, that wasn't very nice. ;)

Yesterday was good too. We went to Mass and Daddy's parent's house. Good food. Way too much sausage, though. What is it with the eastern Europeans and meats??? The rest of the day was quiet, but good. Imladris and I watched Elizabeth, an awesome movie with Galadrial and Brother of Fiennes (who is nowhere near as hot as Ralph) and Barbossa and James Bond and Santa!!!! (Or, Cate Blanchett, Joseph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush, Daniel Craig and Richard Attenborough if you want to be technical...) Freakishly good movie. Apparently, there is going to be a sequel. Oh the joy.

Well, I'm going to go eat the lots and lots of food I have left over, k??? Ciao, faithful readers...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tantum Ergo

I am such an old school Catholic. Give me a really long Mass at night with candles and songs in Latin and I'm there. I think the only other faith I could be happy in is Greek Orthodox, because they have even more stuff than we do. As Imladris says, it's the only church that can make you walk into a Catholic church and go, "Oh. Minimalist." I think this is why I love the triduum so much, because it's so Catholic. The rest of the year we spend trying to make everybody feel good about themselves and be all ecumenical and everything but for these four days it's like, "No. This is what we are. We are going to use incense and chant in Latin, dammit. Deal with it." My Latin teacher would be proud. I'm now spontaneously declining nouns in songs. "Pacem". Third declension feminine accusative singular. I really need to stop doing that...

Freakin' hungry right now. And really bored. I hate being bored on Saturdays. It makes me feel all depressed for some reason. I'm so weird. Imladris told me yesterday that I'm quirky enough to make a guy interested. I took it as a compliment.

HAHAHA. That would be awesome. Especially if Snape was involved some how.

I'm thinking of putting this on my license plate. Okay, back to my slightly annoying habit of promoting the CSI:NY to anyone who will listen, you all must watch this week. It's another one where Danny gets involved with the Tanglewood boys, and something upsets Stella. The preview looks awesome. I didn't get to see it on Wednesday because the stupid lottery was being finished or something, and it took up the whole freakin screen. Bugger. Who is hugging Danny? Is that Mac? I'm very confused...

Happy Easter everybody. I'm planning on getting drunk and staying that way.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ewan McGregor adopted a little girl from Mongolia

How does he feel about an eighteen-year-old from the United Stateswho wouldn't mind just calling her real parents on weekends??? I'm kidding, rockford...

As a Nancy Drew afficianado...

...I found this absolutely hilarious. Note: I did NOT write this. I am nowhere near this funny.

I have a whole new respect for Imladris

Because, really, I could not do this school at seven thirty thing every day. I would die. Now I know why she wakes up early to watch my get dressed on the days she's off of school and I'm not. I'd gloat too. Sheesh. I'm exhausted!!!! One more day, and then I can sleep...Easter never looked so good...

So I ended up on the London Times e-mail list because it was the only way I could get a story for school, and I kind of skim it, because I find it way more interesting than the constant "OH MY GOD, Bush just dropped another point in the polls- should we impeach him just for being unpopular?" that we have here, and this morning I opened it and found this article, complete with a cartoon. Oh, Tony. Don't you have enough to worry about what with your wife cavorting with porn stars and ex-cons, and your son crashing into just about every lamppost in London? 1.2 million pounds??? According to my trusty currency website, that's like A LOT of money. Sheesh. No wonder he's our bitch.

There was also an article about Prince Harry graduating from his little military place. It is entirely possible that Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq or Afgahnistan. Yeah. That's totally gonna happen.

We listened to the sappy Don McClean version of Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) in art. Josh did a way better job. The guy who brought it in said he felt like throwing his entire iPod away because it sucked so bad. Josh has quite a little following in that class---one of the girls was trying to convince this guy that he'd even swoon over him because he's so pefect. He is. *sigh* I'll bet she's never driven to the middle of Illinois to peel off fifties in a McDonald's parking lot for tickets that may or may not actually exist. Yeah, I have some problems...

Speaking of Josh, somebody seriously has to tell Boy to get his a** is gear. It's been two and a half years since his last CD, and I'm worried that people will forget/stop caring about him. Because not everybody has pledged to mother his children like I have!!!! Okay, returning to earth...

Capital punishment debate in government today. The girl I was working with on another project has to argue agianst it, and she's a little bit scared of what the class will do to her. They kind of all come from the fundamentalist fry 'em attitude. I don't agree, but I also don't speak in class, so Jenny's on her own with this one...

Only twenty-four hours and I'll officially be on Easter break. It will be less than that, though, because we're takig a taking a law test, and it shouldn't take me long ot fail with that. I have such confindence.

In celebrity news, well, not a whole lot going on. Maggie Gyllenhaal is having a baby and engaged to the Worst Air Marshal Ever from Flightplan. I don't really care, because she pissed me off when she said we were partly responsible for 9/11.

Oooh, updated my other blog. Read and comment, please!!! Also look for freakish amounts of updates later this week, because I have a full evening of new shows tonight (CSI:NY- Supermen. Somebody please tell me Flack has something to do with this!!!) and CSI and Without a Trace are new on Thursday. Yayness!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring is Sprung

Doesn't it always seem like Holy Week is unseasonably warm? I don't know if that's really true, it just seems to be that way in my experience. Ya like the new template??? Ooooh, pretty colors...I'm sure I'll get bored in a month, but for now I'm lovin' this one. BTW, this was the template I had when I first started this blog. Oh the history...

Oh, Orlando. How we love your vapid cuteness.

Busy morning. Let me tell you, you do not miss the extra fifteen minutes of sleep that you get until it's gone. I got up early to drive Imladris to school, and then went to business law. Yeah, nothing like negotiable instruments to wake you up at eight o'clock. Then I had to go write our opinion paper with my Justice partner. Yeah. If they were going for authenticity, they should not have had every justice write an individual opinion. Then I ran errands. And now I want to go to sleep and not wake up for a very, very long time.

HAHAHAHA...that's so me. :) No, I kid, I've never actually stalked anyone. Speaking of me, though (it's my blog, so I guess we were...), I got a letter yesterday from a company I had applied for a scholarship from saying that my essay was going to be published in their upcoming book of student authors. Of course, I'd rather have the money, which they'll decide if I get by the end of June, but this is pretty cool too. About 5000 essays come in, and they only accept the top 3%...which is 150 essays...and of those they pick around ten to give money too. And I really want the money. But I am quite pleased with myself...

So I was bumming around the internet waiting for my hair to dry, and I came across this article. And it got me thinking. What was the novel that impacted my life the most? Further signifying what little life I had, I actually thought about this, and decided that I shouldn't count Nancy Drew (which pretty much accounts for my entire formative period) or Betsy-Tacy, even though those are some of the best books I've ever read, and focus on adult novels. I have to say that it's a dead heat between Wuthering Heights and Gone With the Wind. I read Wuthering Heights when I was twelve and sitting on a hospital floor and really, really needed something interesting to disappear into. And I've gotta tell you, the English moors and a hot brooding guy beats St. Luke's any day. That was the book that really got me reading the classics. And then Gone With the Wind was just such an amazing story. I read it for the first time when I was thirteen, and loved it so much that when I finished it I cried. A lot. And then I sat down and read the whole thing again. (I read it again last year, and was amazed at how much I missed...I was pretty damn innocent then...)

So what was the book that influenced your life the most? (Imladris and racergirl, I want comments!!!!!!! Anonymous is just going to put a travel guide to Walt Disney World...;))

Monday, April 10, 2006

Too Damn Warm

It's supposed to be 62 degrees today. Watch my hair grow three times it's size. BOOOO!!!!

(Icons aren't working. should die.)

As per your requests, I put up a Master post on my TV blog...enjoy the sarcastic meanness. :)

So how was everybody's weekend??? Good? Good. Mine was quite fun. Went to Boston Store and got pretty clothes (yay!!!) and then Panera and ate too much to fit into said pretty clothes (yay!!!) and then went for coffee on Sunday. Yay!!!! Good times. Good times.

Watched bunches of movies this weekend, and came to the conclusion that war is generally hell. On Saturday I stole Imladris's DVD and watched Casablanca. Upper, no? I've never actually seen Casablanca in it's entirety and was expecting to be quite sad. I wasn't. She should have gone with Victor Laszlo. He was her husband. And, excuse me, he was in a concentration camp while you were galavanting all over Paris with Humphrey Bogart. *cough*Whore*cough* Did love the ending though, with Boggie and the funny short Nazi. teehee.

Then I watched Saving Private Ryan. Wow. They were not kidding about the first twenty minutes. At the beginning I was just like, "Eh. I've seen worse. ABC had to put a warning before this?" And the the battle started, I guess. Damn. I saw some guy's intestine. While he was still alive. *shivers* Speilberg has some issues.

So I'm totally late for class. Bugger.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, Joey

How could you do this??? Now I don't really care if you get cancelled.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crazy Art People

So we watched a bunch of PBS art videos today from like 1985 because, well, the nearest I can figure is that the prof didn't want to do the powerpoint. Which was fine, because I didn't really want to sit through one. :p The first one was absolutely ridiculous. There was this woman sitting in a purple room with a guitar. Really. A guitar. And she started playing it. We spent like twenty minutes on Toulousse-Lautrec, which I think could have easily been avoided by watching Moulin Rouge. Because we all know that Ewan McGregor is way more fun to watch than Crazy PBS people. He just is.

Oh, emo children. Okay, I'm kind of removed form the whole high school thing, the closest I get is picking up my sister. I didn't really know that there apparently an emo revolution of sorts. Because it takes me an hour to get through the "You're (usually spelled "your") the only one I can ever love, why can't you see my heart is breaking" set to soft Kelly Clarkson lyrics stuff to find funny icons. Really people. There are a lot of very upsetting things going on in the world right now. We're at war. Some of us still stop breathing everytime we hear a breaking news flash. Apparently this bird flue thing is pretty bad. Sports are taking over the world. Why are you wasting so much time being so crabby??? Ugh. Children disgust me.

Speaking of disgusting, I was watching VH1's worst fashion moments or something yesterday and I was so shocked at this that I almost fell off the treadmill. A battle of epic (literally) proportions. Good Charlotte vs. Very, Very bad Charlotte. Yes, that is the lovely little soprano who was invited to the Vatican a couple of years ago dressed up like a dominatrix. (She should lay off the carbs for awhile before the next concert, no???) Somewhere, Clinton is searching desperately for her phone number.... Aren't we glad Joshiekins only did one song with her??? As if January wasn't bad enough...

Well, children, I think that's all for me today...nothing interesting going on in the celebrity world. Katie Couric is leaving for CBS, but anybody with a computor and brain knows that already, because apparently that's a big thing. And Tom Cruise announced that his dad was abusive. That actually explains why he's trying to kill this poor young woman.

Happy Half Birthday, Imladris!!! So Ugly It's Cute wishes you all the best, I'm sure... ;)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If he wasn't dead already...

...I'd be thinking of fun ways for him to. Because it's been two days and I'm still tired from losing an hour. And now I can't eat until eight because I have a weird thing where it has to be dark before I can eat. That is one alleged manwhore who should have kept his mouth shut. Bastard.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Wonderful Weather

Well, probably only for me. It's cold and rainy and windy. So windy that I almost blew off the driveway when I walked outside. Although I think that's because we live in this weird, Matrix-like air current that gives us only the extremes in weather. It's the only way to explain why we don't have a porch railing anymore.

So did everybody like my icon goodness on Friday? I hope so. How was everybody's weekend??? Mine was good. I did absolutely nothing. It was quite nice. Oooh, and CBS was having their frequent Clean Out the Crime Show Dramas time last night and they played the CSI:NY season finale from last season. Oh. We love that one. Here is what I thought about it when it was first on. We watched King Kong on Saturday. Wow. That's so wrong there's a word for it. I made the mistake of saying that around my brother, and he was immediately like, "Wait. What word???" I'm such a bad influence.

Completely changing subjects, I opened my e-mail yesterday, and there were fifteen e-mails from FastWeb all bearing the same message. "Oh my God, if you don't fill out this scholarship in the next five minutes you will die poor and alone!!!!" Well, okay, it might not have been that dramatic, but still. And it's not like I'm ever going to win anything. You wanna know why?

Because I'm normal. I'm happy, I'm heathy, I live in a nice house. I don't have any illegitimate but charming children. My grandfather got through WWII without an injury (not that I wish one on him, but if he had shot himself in the foot on a submarine I'd be eligable for another ten grand. I'm just saying.) My parents are nice, normal, fairly healthy, well-educated people who have held/are holding good jobs, are still married and love each other, and have never gotten drunk and beat me up. This sucks. One of the essays wanted me to write about an incident in my life the illuminated a greater social injustice. Yeah. Um...I really want an iPod. And a car. Are those social injustices??? I think not.

Any other Monday I'd say that I'll have something up about CSI:Miami, but those basketball crazies are taking over my CSI. Oh the sadness.