Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now we're being followed by rocks. Never heard that before.

I have a 4.0 GPA. And Jack the Monkey is pleased for me.

Probably a good thing that exams finished up the week before Pirates, because my mind has been kind of preoccupied with nothing but Piratey goodness since then, and I'm pretty sure that prior restraint, existential generalization, and the Hundred Years War would have been WAY more confusing when I was just imagining what kind of cocktails we'd serve at my wedding to Jack Davenport...

*ahem* Crazy over.

Piratey goodness is slightly more interesting than my actual life, where I'm being forced to undergo forty hours of training for a job that I've repeatedly refused to do. Eh. At least it's paid.

Also, I have no added "That my manager ordered the Kama Sutra Pop-Up book (so many jokes, so little time)" to my list of things that I NEVER NEEDED TO KNOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH. *shivers*

I'm really hungry. I think I'm going to go make some pasta to put the chicken parmesan on. Bye bye.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh, those three were aesthetically pleasing, let's just let it go now.

I promise I won't spoil anything, in case Mickey doesn't want to know how it ends. :D

So, Pirates. I've been to see it twice, I've written a bunch of emotional blog posts and facebook away messages about it. It really was amazing, really a fantastic ending (?) to the trilogy, and definitely made up for the admittedly not-as-great-as-the-first-one Dead Man's Chest (Still loved it, though. My fandom is still intact.)

It wasn't even the plot so much that I absolutely loved (because honestly I couldn't follow it a lot of times), but the whole thing.

I loved crazy Jack. And not just because multiple Jacks are every fangirl's dream.

I loved the whole surrealist Dali-persistence-of-memoryness of the whole Davy Jones's Locker.

I flippin' *loved* Barbossa. Not as a fangirl, but I was SO happy that he was in so much of the movie, because he clearly rocks.

I loved Norrington, who was hot even struggling to pick a side.

I even loved Will, who got like ten time hotter than I ever could have imagined in the last ten minutes.

Only two teensy problems with the whole thing. One was Beckett. He was kind of dropped injust to distract us with no introduction and a vague back story alluding to "betrayal" that never got explained, like the writers realized that they needed a new British guy with a pole up his ass for us to hate. In some cases, this can work. If a villain is bad enough, the audience will accept it and hate him automatically. (Think Barbossa in the first one. Why was he a bad pirate and Jack a good one? That makes no sense actually.) It didn't work here, he's not a strong enough character. It was just like, "Wait. What?" for most of it.

Also, he changes height like six times in this movie. Although frankly if I had to be on screen with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp I'd at least want to be as tall as them. I'd probably wear lifts too.

And the whole Calypso turning into a giant thing. I caught myself thinking, "Okay, well now it's just ridiculous," and then I realized that I was able to just accept undead pirates and a freaking Kraken but the giant upset me?

But my favorite moment? *teensy spoilers ahead* When Barbossa calls Elizabeth Mrs. Turner. It was just a such a sweet thing and it was like, "Oh! They remembered!!!"

Gah. I love this movie SO HARD.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I can't...

I just...

It can't be over. I'm in tears. It was amazing. Amazing. I love it. I'm downloading the soundtrack right now and buying a real copy at work on Monday. Oh my God. It's over.

It's too much...

*runs in circles*

FIVE HOURS AND 16 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot even describe how unbelievably happy I am about this. Every time I see a commercial, I begin to screech like a howler monkey and lose the power of speech.

The slightly more intelligent, self-possessed me will return after this weekend. Maybe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


As anyone with basic powers of observation will have noticed, I changed the blog template (seriously. Blogger needs MORE!!!).

Also added a section about stuff that I'd read recently, because I'm kind of getting sick of forgetting what I've read. So there.

Only one thing today---26 1/2 hours to go!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You will now be subjected to random picturage because I just got a Brand! New! Camera!!!

The whole album is up on Facebook, along with captions. Just so my faithful readership (all two of you) knows. :D

Also, I'm now really poor.

I'm trying desperately to become less poor by applying for every scholarship on the internet except the one that wants a CD of my original piece of Latin music. Now, if I thought they meant Latin as in "Dominus vobiscum" well then sign me up. But I think they mean more qué demonios? Latin , and well, I've got nihil. Nullo modo.

Damn my classical education!!! Dr. Wilmeth didn't prepare me for the real world!!!

Also making me poor? This trip. That I totally can't afford and am probably going to have to go on alone because Mary is pussy-footing around and Imladris is jobless. *sigh*
And the State Department got my name wrong on my passport, so now I need to send it back. I am NOT AMUSED. And really, how hard is it to get the name right? They had my application and my freaking birth certificate. *sigh* Why couldn't my parents have named me Jenny or something easy???

Have to work tonight. Don't want to work tonight. At least it's upstairs. In fact, I think I may be done in the cafe forever. Maybe. We'll find out tonight.
So I'm going to go try to ward off this nauseousness that just kind of hit me (I'd swear I was pregnant if I didn't know better what with the mood swings, odd cravings, and sickness).
Oooh, wait, I forgot about 24 last night! How awesome was that??? I'm so happy Chloe's having a baby. This should not have come as a suprise to anyone, though, because any time a woman of childbearing age faints on a TV show, she's automatically pregnant.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy birthday, Jesus. Sorry your party is so lame!

Oh. My. Goodness. How amazing was the season finale of The Office??? I loved it. It kind of made up for the way they stomped all over my Jam ship at the beginning of this season with all the Karen-ness (Please. Please. Leave. You are Quincy Jones' daugher. Don't you have better things to do?). Almost.

It was so sweet. I loved it. Also happy about Ryan getting the job. I love Ryan.

I have a paper cut on my tongue from stamping (twice, the USPS decided this was a good week to raise the price. I hate them.), sealing, and return-addressing 500 envelopes in about an hour and a half. I rock.

But the paper cut---oww.

This did, however, give me a chance to watch the next episode of the Tudors online. And now I think I need to go confess what I was thinking about when Thomas Moore was rambling about the disease of Luthernism (tee-hee. As someone who spent three years at Lutheran university, good luck taking them out. They PAINTED OVER THE BLESSED MOTHER. They have no shame.), because he. Is a. Saint. *sigh*

Maybe I'll go watch Emma again...(can it still be again if you've pretty much had it on loop for three months???)

Sooo, finished with classes, and freshman year and wow exams are way more stressful when they count.

Still haven't really wound down yet, Friday felt like school because I had an exam and then was cleaning out my papers and stuff from my office/study, and yesterday I spent working and drinking friends through their problems at night. You know, I might be a better friend if I listened more and was a drinking buddy less. Hmmm. Nah.

I was working at the information desk the other day, kind of wandering because nobody needed any information and there wasn't anything for me to do except read the copy of Van Wilder's Guide to College or something that somebody has left on a table (actually quite funny). So I decided to sort through the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF HARRY POTTER CRAP that goes along with this whole thing. Now, when you pre-order the Harry Potter book, you get to choose a Snape side, and then you get a cute (nauseatingly so) sticker or bookmark that has a bunch of different sayings on it about Snape. Usually they're pretty generic, like Snape Good or Evil? Friend of Foe? (what I'm forced to wear as a name tag...gag), but we got new ones in. The good one was pretty normal, but the bad one- honest- said, "Snape is a very, very bad man."

And I started to laugh so hard I could barely breath.

Have I reported on The Painted Veil? I don't remember. Anyway, I watched the DVD, and it was amazing. Actually really like the book, which I don't think is too spoilery because my readership doesn' Also, the repression? Kinda hot.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Confess here often?

From the Pick-Up Lines for Catholics group on Facebook. I'm easily amused.

I have a migraine and a history final in the morning and oh my God was the Hundred Years War complicated. Which one was crazy? (Oh. Charles VI. Thank God for Wikipedia.)

Ugh. I read the Alison Weir book on Queen Isabella. That's as much as I know.

Maybe I'll go watch the next episode of The Tudors in an effort to aquaint myself with the Wars of the Roses. It's connected. Kind of.

Also very tired, as I was on a bus at six fifty-one this morning.

I don't remember driving home. That can't be good.

Think I did okay, though. Surprising, considering the fact that I did nothing but watch season finales on TV last night. Bones was good, so cute at the end, even though it's quite obvious that Booth and Bones aren't going to do anything. Criminal Minds was amazing, but I am not pleased with Karen Hayes from 24 trying to kick Hotch out---go back to CTU and leave my crime dramas alone, bitch.

And then, CSI:NY. What to say? Other than the major ickiness, it was quite a good episode. A few smacked moments, lovely. GAH! PEYTON STUPID WHORE.

I hate her.


The Office finishes up tonight. So I'd better have my dynastic struggles figured out by then.

Speaking of which, this sounds like something I would do. In fact, I'm a little bit surprised I haven't done it already, seeing as how I fall on the steps pretty much daily.

Pssh. I knew it. Melinda was always too good. She should just go have a recording career and let Blake and Jordin drunkenly stumble out of limos for the next ten years.

Well, that's all I've got for you today. Off to go try to figure out the damn investiture controversy, and maybe pass out.

Oh, and if Mickey would like to know how How I Met Your Mother actually ended (I didn't give it away in the last post, I promise), please let me know. I could compose an essay I loved it so much. *tear*

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's going to be legend- wait for it...

How awesome was the season (yes, thank you, God just the season!!!) finale of How I Met Your Mother ??? I cried. Really. I don't cry.

I was screaming obscenities at the screen during the whole pregnancy thing, because I. Don't. Like. Robin. She is a cold frigid person who does not deserve Ted's children. So there. *sticks out tongue*

In other news, oh, good. I like her. I shall watch her spin-off.

I am not shocked. I would not want to be the guy next to him.

Everyone needs to watch CSI:NY tonight. SERIOUSLY. They're all wet and have guns. It's an obvious ratings ploy. I DON'T CARE. It's like the producers read the message boards. I know I'll be rushing home from my logic final to watch.

Well, I need to go study.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Well, you were being kind of a grinch.

Art history is over. The flashcards are worthless. If I hadn't worked so damn hard on them, I'd be overwhelmingly happy.

Not looking forward to Wednesday night/Thursday morning, what with the two massivly difficult exams within twelve hours of each other and also everybody is wet on the season finale of CSI:NY, so clearly how advertising developed after the industrial revolution is not going to be first on my mind. {Insert joke about my inappropriate CSI-crushes here.}

After that it's just history, which could be insanely easy or make me want to open a vein right there in class. I honestly have no clue.

I just got an e-mail from sombody who must be in my history class saying that he was in jail for the past two weeks, and really hoped he could salvage his grade. Yeah. I think that may be a perfect example of the evil of the "Reply All" button.

NBC announced their fall schedule this morning, which I was not terribly interested in as I only watch The Office and that wasn't going anywhere. Studio 60 is officially not coming back. *tear*

CBS does theirs on Wednesday. *crosses fingers for HIMYM*

The Empress is taking her AP Psychology exam tomorrow. I've never taken any AP tests, but these are apprently administered under third-world conditions for six hours or something insane, and frankly it makes me a little bit glad that I haven't ever taken one. I wrote for an hour and fifteen minutes this morning and my hand still hasn't uncramped.

I'm very much oppposed to standardized tests. I still have ACT flashbacks. They're evil.

Watching Brothers and Sisters on because my tape (Yes, I realize I should have a TiVo. I'm poor. Leave me alone. ) didn't work. Dead babies for Mother's Day. That's nice.

Well, it's wicked hot here and I'm going to go lie down on top of my bedspread and try to remember truth functionality (Sadists made it a comprehensive exam. Bastards.), so a demain.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

History. It's just one thing after another.

A year ago I was sobbing in the car after my art history final. Oh the way we were.

Witness the death of my last shred of academic integrity. I don't even want to show up for the finals. *headdesk*

The last week has been completely and utterly worthless, especially when I drove down for my JMC discussion (my sole class yesterday), and the TA walked in, collected papers, announced that this was his last class and he was kind of sick of us, and then left. Yes, that is a two hour round trip for a FIFTEEN minute discussion. I was not amused. I ended up with majorly unmotivated TAs this year, too. Art history person told us in April that she was done with this and couldn't really be bothered to grade our tests because she was finishing her thesis, and then made us all go see her exhibition because she didn't feel like teaching that day, and JMC guy is apparently over all of us.

Today was so worthless I couldn't even really be bothered to stay. JMC professor had a hangover, which she was quite vocal about (it was actually pretty funny).

I am at the end of my rope.

Get off for Mother's Day, though--- *whee* Totally didn't think that I would, especially what with the last minute begging/pleading/ransoming of my first born to get off for the Confirmation of the Empress.

Although, I suppose I could have missed that, as I was not asked to be her sponsor. *haughty sniff* I demanded during Mass that the Boy have me as a sponsor. I refuse to go through life not doing that. And the person I was totally banking on doing it for has now apparently abandoned the Church and is leaving the country on a big boat, so that's probably not going to happen. I need more friends. *sigh*

Just FYI, I'm taking applications for people to travel to London with me in January. Mommy Dearest and I had our bi-monthy sobbing fight discussion regarding the trip this morning, and as the Lovely Mary seems to be backing out on me, I need a traveling companion to make her feel better.

One that, preferrably, is tolerant of those who are not white people from Milwaukee,

And my application I mean do you have the money? Because that's really all I need.

Speaking of British things, the first Prime Minister you can imagine voluntarily having sex with resigns. And annoucned thatsome guy I don't even want to think about in the same sentence as sex would be his successor. Booo. Poor form. On a slightly more serious note, this is quite sad. I liked Tony Blair.

Have to work tonight. But I don't have to do dishes and I do get to wear my very cool headset, so I'm not too upset. On the other hand, Grissom is hanging out with his little dominatrix friend again on CSI. My headset isn't that much fun. And I didn't mean that to sound as dirty as it did, no matter what impression the paragraph above may have given you. I promise.

Okay. I'm talking myself into a corner. I'm going to go now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

He has a Ph.D. and a great ass. Let's not get bogged down by ethics here.

Spring semester is almost over. Had my last logic class. And I'm feeling appropriately sentimental.

Mostly because I was standing at work this weekend and I thought about where I was a year ago, and WOW, I should have just CALMED DOWN. I was so worried about getting a job, and what school would be like, and would the State Department hire me, and how to reconcile my attachment to art history with my "practical" goal of international relations.

I wish Now-Me could call Year-Ago Me and tell her that yes, she would get the job but it would be a good year before she actually enjoyed it, UWM would be fine and she will not, in fact, get lost, that she will change majors four times before finally settling on one that the State Department would not care about, and that art history at CUW was a completely unique experience and she should just accept that and move on. Also, she's still going to feel like a neurotic kid.

Because that would have made her feel better, I think. At least until she received an iPod for graduation and felt no pain for another three weeks.

Also making me feel sentimental is the fact that I was confirmed two years ago today. The Empress was confirmed this weekend , and was appropriately moved. Major party sacraments always make one feel nostalgic.

Had a lovely time at the actual ceremony, except for the missing kneeler part where I had to kneel on the cold floor in a skirt and wow, I would not have done well in the Middle Ages. But that's not really important.

The party was very much fun too. Had lots of champagne with the Empress, and felt a little bit woozy at work on Sunday, but not as much as I felt mad at those people who would arrive and order something complicated and force me to not yell "Would you wait one freaking minute? I am in the middle of Sic et Non!!! Dammit!" *sigh*

Teehee. Baby Mumble.

Not a whole lot else going on. I'm really over the First Amendment. I've always generally been in favor of it, but after writing out a 16-page study guide primarily consisting of constitutional law for a journalism class, frankly I'm beginning to think that it's more trouble than it's worth.

So this has been your update.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Give him a break. He is only five minutes older than we are.

Six more days of classes. Mixed feelings. Okay. Not too mixed. Ever since I decided that perhaps not all newsrooms were like in All the President's Men, I am so over JMC. I don't want to write the last paper, I don't want to go to final, I really, really don't want to go to the last discussion. It can just go die in a corner. *sigh*

Art history is starting to bug me too, because we don't actually talk about anything terribly historical. They give me a list of pictures, I memorize the pictures, and write them down on the exam. Other than my amazing ability to make flashcards, I'm not being challenged a whole lot here.

Logic. Meh. Don't care.

I will miss history, though. For so many reasons. I'm pretty sure that until I graduate I'll smirk whenever I walk past Sabin Hall. Incidentally, this will not occur a lot, as it is practically in another county.

I'd really like to write on a typewriter. It's one of those things that as a baby of the eighties I never got to experience. Sad. However, I would not like to attempt writing anyting other than jibberish on it, because I know I would screw up and have to retype the whole damn thing. Can you imagine having to write a doctoral dissertation on it? I'm shocked that anyone went to grad school before Microsoft Word came out. I know I wouldn't have.

Oooh, also registered for classes next semester, and got into all of them. So now I have ancient Egyptian civilization, a cultural history of the 1960s (What? It counts towards my major-of-the-day.), art history (more flashcards---whee!!!), personality, pysiological psychology, and intro to oceonography. 18 credits. I shall die. A horrible, papery death.

And Mary's only taking three of them. Aww. My little girl's growing up!!!

In keeping with our educational subject matters today, it is appropriately the Ross-dating-a-student episode of Friends. Tee-hee. I've had crushes on professors before, but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have written "the hottie of the paleontology department" on my evaluation, like the girl in the episode. And not just because CUW didn't have a paleontology department.

I came damn close with Hot Psych TA last semester, though.

Nothing fun to put on my evals this semester, though. Nobody has incited hate like geography person, or... well, we already discussed Hot Psych TA.

Went out for coffee with Kate today. Cute new place that replaced one of my favorite restaurants. Not really the point of the visit, but still nice.

I'm very pro-military, and even supported the war before it kind of became ridiculous, but I have a very, very serious problem with recruiters who leave major things like treason out of the conversation until you've signed the papers. I'm just saying...

I'd like to be totally wasted right now. (Mary: I'm thinking of JMC right now..."whoo!!!" or "Spring Break '98!!!") It's been a long week. Wait. It's only Wednesday. Crap.