Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hate to extort and run.

Okay. Going to sit down and do a real update. Not a quick one, but a real one with links and everthing. Because I have feeling that Roma's this close to commenting. So. On with the update.

Oh. Maybe I should have mentioned that I have absolutely nothing to update about. I get up, go to school, come home and do laundry, and either go to work or just hang out here. I have a negative social life. Really. I don't spend any extra time outside the house than I have to. I'm not sure this is healthy. Eh. Don't care.

Also not healthy? Having a balanced lunch of cheesy garlic bread, a blueberry muffin, and a granola bar. Which is, I'll bet you guessed, what I had for lunch today. Because while we have frozen meat in abundance, all of our regular meat was gone, and I didn't have anything easy to carry. Thus the cheesy garlic bread (psych let out early, and they were the only place without a line), blueberry muffin (purchased this morning before I knew that psych would let out early), and a granola bar (in my backpack from a coule of days ago). Yeah. I am a beacon of taking care of oneself, no?

I have however, somehow managed to lose weight. Probably becasue of the not having time to eat anymore, and transversing the East Side every day. I'm tired just thinking about it.

You know what's awesome? The trailer for The Prestige. I officially heart Christian Bale again. Not that I ever really stopped, but there's only so many times you can sit through The New Word without wanting to run Colin Farrell through with one of those big pointy sticks Q'orianka Kilcher's people were so fond of running around with.

Ooh, pretty dress!!!

Just spent half an hour doing a survey to get extra credit in psychology, in which they ask me all sorts of funny questions like if I thought I was better lover after drinking. After I stopped laughing, it led me to question how someone would actually answer that. I'm picturing a really awkward phone conversation, "'s Jenny? From the bar? The other night? Red top...right, that was me. So. Um. I'm doing this thing for school, and I need to know if I was a better lover after a couple of drinks...hello?" Hehehe. I'm so evil.

Two points extra credit. Woot.

Oh, Lord. He should be disbarred for this. If not for the completely inappropriate counselor/client relationship, then for his shockingly bad taste.

New CSI:NY tonight---happiness!!! A bunch of Holly Golightlys hold up a jewelry store. Well, I can see where a story about an attractive good-hearted hooker would entice the CSI writing team...Movie Factoide- did you know that Capote was very displeased with the movie??? Because they kind of totally ignored his entire novella. I'd probably be pissed, too. Except I would be honored if I showed up on CSI forty years later.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

He's standing there all McGuilty and all he can say is "Meredith, what does this mean"???

He. Grey's Anatomy. Actually a pretty good season opener. Might have to keep watching. Yes, children, this is your long-awaited, much anticipated update, sadly late as I have been obscenely busy with school and TV and laundry (of which, by the way, we produce more than five people ever should). And I have to work seventeen hours this weekend, which is clearly bordering on unacceptable. Grrr. Oh, well. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of one of my nights this week. I'm so irresponsible. Whatever.

Oh, and I promise to do a whole big-ass premiere week post on my other blog, probably tomorrow. So don't fret.

But there's actually not a whole lot to write about. Because my life is supremely boring. Almost missed the bus on Friday, and had to run. Not fun. I don't like the bus.

Have a French quiz tomorrow, which is lending itself to many, many hyperventillitative fits. Especially since I have absolutely no time to study. I'm going to bring my books to work so I can go over it during lunch, in between eating and using my coupons (which are actually better than my discount) to buy birthday gifts for the Empress's birtday. I love her, but I really want to use as many coupons as I can. I'm so going to fail. And it's causing me to break out. *short, shallow breaths*

How are other classes going, you ask? Pretty well, I think. We've kind of been missing anything to tel me how I'm doing at all, like quizzes. Except in math, where I've gotten perfect quiz scores. Woot woot. I'm so happy for me, because I was seriously shooting for the mininum grade I can get and still move on- a C.

Psych is good, we're still in that basic, scientific stage, and since I'm perfectly clear on how neurons function, I'm pretty much sailing through this part. Test in a week, which is scary, but still.

And geography is quite possibly the most boring class ever. The woman can't speak English, she mispronounces EVERTHING. Protestants was pronounced as protest with an -ants on the end for an hour on Thursday. I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a pencil. I kind of just read other stuff during that class and take notes periodically.

So, altogether, pretty good! :p

HAHAHAHAHAHA. *ahem* Having car troubles, y'all. Had to go pick up the parentals at a random Pick n' Save yesterday after work because the car wouldn't start. But while we were sitting there in the pouring rain it started to work. Yay! Daddy Dearest decided to be brave and drive home, which went well until they slowed way down and I was thinking, "Good lord they're being cautious! It's not that wet..." and then realized that the car had died again. Unbelievably, they were able to coast the whole way home, where the car is now sitting inert in the driveway.

Okay. I should feel badly, because this undoubtedly will cost a ton of money that we really don't need to spend right now, but do you know what this means??? I get to take the pretty car to school until we get it fixed!!! Whee!!!! *does appropriately somber snoopy dances*

Ooh, Elizabeth icons. Pretty. I love that movie. Especially the last part when she's getting all harsh and severe and Barbossingham is watching and being all, "Oh, my little girl's growing up!!!" Thought the choice of putting Mozart's Requiem Aeternam as the background music was inspired, too.

Speaking of Elizabeth I movies, I've been watching, appropriately, Elizabeth I in ten minute incrimants while I fold laundry and such. And it is awesome. The Earl of Essex just knocked up some random lady in waiting and Bess went absolutely batshit crazy, yelling and screaming and hitting and running and then made them get married so there. Hehehe.

Although four hours of Helen Mirren getting it on with Orlando Bloom's kid brother is infinately disturbing.

Hehe, I like to think that this is my sister and I when we were, no, I kid. We only talk like that *now*.

Speaking of the Empress, we went to see Hollywoodland this week. Because it "looked interesting". Uh-huh. Sure.

Anyway, terribly depressing and long and lot and lots of Ben Affleck's ass. I don't know when I'll feel clean again. At the same time, though, it was a good movie, in a sad, depressing kind of way.

Have to go change my shoes. Have a good Sunday y'all. Without a Trace is back!!! WHEE!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Est-ce qu'il est vraiment malade? Ou est-il allergique a l'ecole?

Having been deathy allergique to l'ecole myself at many, many points in my education, I sympathize with le petit Nicholas (apparently a beloved cartoon character in France, at least according to my book. Whatever. These are the people who keep reelecting Chirac.), whom we are using ad nauseum in French to teach us all how to say such important things as "He is happy. He is active. He is not timid." For once I want le petit Nicholas to be fat, sad, and in a bad relationship. But I digress.

Le anyhoodles, Baby Roma requested it, and I have to acquiese to her request. Baby Ada thinks she and Roma should get together and talk about what nutcases their mothers are.

Gah, so unbelievably sick of school. Kind of over this whole higher education thing and am considering exactly how much money I can make working full time. Not a whole lot, incidentally, and I'm thinking I would kill myself halfway through the first week out of sheer boredom. And Baby Ada wants a college fund. And formulas, because I'm sure as hell not breast feeding. And I wouldn't get to see my hot TA. *sigh* The things we'll do

So, despite my mother's protestations, I have decided to go to law school. Well, in four years. But still. Because the only classes I've ever really loved are law and art history courses, and teaching is a bit of a pipe dream for me, and it requires way more work for way less money. And I've heard that female professors are like forty percent less fertile than other women, and let's face it, I don't need any help in the infertility department. So a law degree would allow to me have a nice lifestyle and perhaps even adopt if I end up not getting married, which I guess I should plan for. And if I do get married, well, I'll join the long line of women in my family who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a doctorate degree and then let it hang on the wall while they decide stay-at-home mom is a way better thing to do. Not that that's a bad thing, because I owe my entire life and goals to my mom, but still. So, major crisis of faith averted for now. At least.

What else is going on? Oh. Nothing. I'm so goshdarn boring. Ooh, reading Bleak House, and it's really good--as good as the movie, but kind of different. I just finished the part where John proposes to Esther , and it manages to be sweet and non-creepy in the book too!!! Yay!!!! Also, I spilled coffee all over it this morning, so Baby Ada really will have a dog-earred copy to carry around with her. Maybe I'll buy her a new one once she's actually conceived. Or I meet her father. Whatever.

Whee!!! It's finally cold!!! I'm so happy!!! *does snoopy dances in a flattering sweater* Yayness!!! I have bountiful outfits planned out, so it had better not get warm again, because that will just screw up my plans. Sheesh.

Major happy seizure-inducing premieres tonight- Criminal Minds and CSI:NY. And new episodes of Bones and Justice. Which means I have four hours of TV to watch and three hours to do it in. Probably a good thing I don't work again until Saturday.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The solution to my literary baby name problem.

See? I'll bet you didn't even know I had one.

But I do. Because despite the fact that I am apparently covered in scales underneath my clothes (Thank you, Ms. Fielding), I have all of my hypothetical children named (at least they haven't started commenting yet, like my niece, Roma). Well, except that the names change. The perennial favorites are Anastacia (Tacy) because of Betsy-Tacy, and John, because, well, you're disowned in my family if you don't name one of your kids John. I'm half convinced that one of us is going to have all girls and have to call one of them John, just to keep on coming to Christmas.

But for years I have been searching for the perfect literary-inspired name. I'm such a book dork, and I want to name my daughter something that will remind me of one of my favorite stories, and will also give us a chance to have a touching moment when she asks me where I came up with her name (also, I have these hypothetical touching moments in my head a lot.). I will then give her my copy of the book that inspired her name, and she will read it, not knowing what it really means but still that it's important, and she will carry it with her all throughout her life, to college, her first apartment, after she gets married. See how touching? I thought so.

Problem. There are very few good, pretty literary names. Unless you want to name your kid after a cheating ghost (Rebecca---the heroine doesn't even have a name. Talk about your self-esteem issues), a simpering fool (Isabelle from Wuthering Heights), or a whore (Gone with the Wind). Of course, you could always go with your general Elizabeth, Jane, Catherine, but that's not too interesting, and maybe the kid will refuse to believe that you really did name them after this book and instead just picked a name out of the baby name book. Which is completely unacceptable, as it does not lead to dog-eared copy fantasies.

And Scout has been done already by the Moore-Willises. Boo.

But, thanks to the good people at the BBC and Charles Dickens, I have solved my crisis. I shall name my daughter Ada Clare. She, however, will not fall in love with her cousin. Not that Colleen's kids won't be adorable, but I will being having none of that. There is no room for incest in my hypothetical adorable, curly-haired daughter dragging around Bleak House fantasies.

*Blogger won't do icons. Blogger is not invited to the cozy hypothetical world.*

Weekend---yay!!! Have to work both days---boo. But I do get to be home for all my major premieres next week, though. YAY!!!!!!!!! Only have to miss Boston Legal, but I probably would have taped that one anyways. I am way more interested in my CSIs than how big my paycheck is.

Speaking of which, kinda, the Ponytail of Weath and Prosperity failed me last night, and was only saved at the last minute by Mickey swooping in and leaving a very generous tip (thank you, Mickey!!!). The Ponytail was also slightly off last time too. I don't know what it wrong with it. It's being cut next Thursday, so maybe it will feel better then.

Imdris wants the computer, so I shall have to go. A bientot!!! (I can't get the little cedille on there...)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In which we deal with old obsessions, new obsessions, and national tragedy. Oh. And my birthday. That's okay, I'm used to it.

Shall we start with the depressing one? Okay. Although if you'd prefer to start with something a little bit lighter, just scroll down to the next section, in which we discuss the power of the iTunes repeat button and how it can simulate actual human contact.

I was completely going to put up a "Five years later" post on Monday, but I got a little busy doing...well. I went out to dinner. And watched TV. And ignored my French book. Yeah. That took pretty much all day.

I couldn't really think of anything profound to say, because there really is nothing you can say. Not if you lived through it. Nothing can describe that sickening feeling we all still get whenever we see those pictures. I read a review of World Trade Center about a month ago, and the reviewer said that Stone added some CGI effects to fill in the stuff that we don't have on film, but it was weird because nothing, not even a computor, can create anything as horrible as that video of the second plane going in. I still stop breathing whenever I hear a breaking news thing. I don't think that will ever go away.

And I don't really even have a terribly dramatic "Where were you?" story. I was putting clearasil on. There were no phone calls to relatives in another danger (I know one person in New York, and we're hardly close), no delayed flights, nothing. I was just at home.

No matter how undramatic it was, I am so thankful that I was at home, though. I got to watch it- I was watching when the Pentagon was hit, and when the flight went down in Pennsylvania, and when the towers fell (by that time, it was just me and my sister). That's something very few people in my generation can say, because they were all in school. As horrific as it was to watch that day unfold, I'll be able to tell my children about it, and it's a little bit sad that most other people my age have only memories of sitting in school.

So as not to bring down the room, also on Monday was my birthday. Whee!!! We officially have too much food in the house. And with all of us back in school, it's not getting eaten and I'm actually a teensy bit thankful for my father deeply rooted Polish omg-the-Russians-are-coming-let's-freeze-everything philosophy. Because otherwise the cheesecake would have gone to waste. And that would be a tragedy. (Yeah, I just realized that I used the word tragedy. Obviously not as big a tragedy as the one discussed above...)

Got some lovely gifts, and I now have an iHome base, and a poster of Van Gogh's Cafe at Night on my wall. My sister gave me a membership to the art museum, but it hadn't arrived yet so she made quite possibly the funniest little note ever. It began with a picture of Alan with his head down and the caption said, "Alan is in despair." And then there was the whole, "No, seriously, it's coming blah blah blah" part, and then at the bottom was a picture of Alan and Daniel Radcliffe with a little caption that said, "Daniel showed up too, but Froya requested that he leave." I'm still laughing. (For those of you who don't get it, well, e-mail me. This is a family blog.)

I was going to scan it in here, but apparently we don't have the scanning software installed. *pout*

Gah! So many obsessions to write about! What am I going to do?!?!?! *deep breath* Okay. Nothing like the obsessions that will be completely overtaking my brain next week, when all of my shows come back. *sigh* Too bad I have to continue this school/work thing. No fun at all. *pouts*

Okay, first on the obsession list---Josh's new song is on iTunes, and he announced the release date (November 7). *squee!!!!!!* *faints* *is dead*

Okay, and the sad part? It's the only song I've listened to since I got in yesterday afternoon. I listened to it the entire way to work, the whole way home, on the bike this morning, in the car on the way to school, in the bus on the way to school, taking Mary home, getting home after picking up Colleen, and even now, on the background. It's beautiful. I love it. I may never turn it off.

Oh, and thanks to my trusty iHome base, Josh can now wake me up in the morning! Well, not really, because that would just be too good to...yeah. I'm not going to finish that. Because this is a family blog. ;)

In honor of my newest obsession, all of today's remaining icons will be from Bleak House. Which is the best thing to come out of BBC since Pride and Prejudice, and that was ten freakin' years ago.

Everyone. Must. Go. Rent. This. NOW. Of course, I am not including Mickey in this, as I know she has an aversion to all things cultural unless it has ears, but everyone else must go find it. I spent the entire weekend watching it, and then spent every waking moment of Monday and Tuesday finishing it. I could not wait until today to finish it, so I stayed up until close to midnight last night. Which was more of an ordeal than you might imagine, because Imladris didn't want me using my player, I couldn't find The Boy's underneath all of his crap, and so I had to use the one downstairs. It was worth it, though.

*teeny spoilers* Except I was a little bit bummed because by the end I was totally shipping Ester and Machete Boy's Uncle, even though it was a teensy bit creepy and Oedipal-esque. But her with the hot-in-that-Dickensian-way doctor is good too. *end of teeny spoilers*

And now I'm really kind of sad that I finished it!!! I want more!!!I'm debating whether or not to buy the DVD now, or wait and see if a special edition comes out around Christmas, because that's what they're doing in Britain. Decisions, decisions. I can't wait to read the book, because apparently the show the pretty faithful, but obviously you can be more descriptive in an eleven-hundred page novel.

They're cousins. Eww. Almost makes Ester and her boss/guardian/fiancee (but no one must know!!!) look normal.

Gillian Anderson was fantasic in this. Except she must have completely strained her face and neck muscles after looking so harshly for the entire time. Ick.

Don't hurt the stingrays, man!!! They didn't do anything to you!!!

Okay. Can somebody please strap them down and prevent them from reproducing again? My mom's first comment was about how hard it's going to be to drive with both of them perched on her lap. Hehehe.

Damn. And I thought it would last forever.

How about we finish the day by merging our old obsession and our British obsessions in one old British obsession? Mary and Colleen may fill in their own jokes...

ETA: I accidentally uploaded this to the wrong blog, and had to copy and paste, so if sentences don't have periods or something it's because it somehow got lost. Not sure how well the links fare when you copy, so let me know.

ETA 2 The Return: GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!! MUST KNOW MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This is not the Kelly Kapur story hour!!!

But I suppose it is my story hour, because you all chose to read my blog, in which I have nothing to put but stories of my sadly uninteresting and rather bland life. Oh, well. Don't expect too much today, as I am not feeling terribly full of things to write about. Oh, but I did update my other blog.

So, Week One of Higher Education: I'm exhausted and slept for eleven hours last night and am considering murdering my Russian professor in his sleep. Because any man who thinks that you can re-learn to read and write in seventy-two hours when it took you eight years the last time (yeah, I was a little slow. I was deprived of oxygen at birth, not my fault.) should not be allowed among the living. Humph.

Had a really weird dream last night. I was five, and my mom and I and my brother, who had just been born only was named Christopher (not his real name, in fact, that was supposed to be my name if I had been a boy)were sitting on a porch swing (we didn't have a porch swing) and my mom was talking about how she and my dad were breaking up (they didn't), but he was taking a video of us and being remarkably friendly for a man abandoning his family. And Imladris, who should have been an omnipresent toddler, was nowhere to be found. Oh, and I was very articulate, which was decidedly not what I really was circa 1992. Weird, no?

It's better than Colleen's dreams, where she's being tortured or raped or something horrible. Girl's got dream issues, I tell you.

OMG, the trailer for The Queen? Unbelieveably awesome! I know, I know, you're all thinking, "Um...yeah, a British film about something that happened less than ten years ago in which all the major characters are still in power (which, I'll admit, is slightly weird), yeah, I think I'll pass." But don't!!!!!! It looks great. I've watched it twice, and have been moved, and uplifted, got a little teary, and then asked God to save the Queen, because even if she isn't my queen, I still have a strange affection for her, and feel the need to correct people who think she is a cold, unfeeling, ineffectual ruler. Because she's totally not, she just realizes that she can't be a big teddy bear and still be a Queen. And, in case it matters, I think she's a good grandmother.

Anyway, go see it now!!!

I'm there opening day. Who's with me???

Speaking of Helen Mirren, I am now her Biggest Fan. Up until yesterday when I rented Bleak House, I had been watching Elizabeth I in ten-minute segments while I get dressed or fold laundry and it. is. awesome. I'll watch anything about the Tudors, but this movie is one of the best I've seen. It really captures Elizabeth I as a fragile, kind of insecure woman, not as a frigid, "Virgin" (and I use that term *very* lightly) Queen. From what I've read, I don't think she ever really escaped being bastardized by her father, and everything she did after that was sort of a remedy for the awful things that had happened to her as a child.

I still think, however, that Virginia was wrongly named. Maybe Whore-town or something, but Virginia doesn't go.

Ciao, children!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

What a fun, sexy time for you.

Okay, kind of a quite update, because I have nineteen minutes before I have to go clean the kitchen and eat breakfast and then I won't be home until ten thirty, when I will definately be going directly to sleep because I have to get up at six tomorrow mornng. I'm tired just thinking about it. But I miss blogging!!! Just a quick note---I'll put something up on my other blog tomorrow about House, Justice, Bones, and Rosie's First Week of Estrogen-Fueled Craziness and Why I Think She And Joy Behar Are Going To Be Having It Out Soon So I'm Taping Every Morning Just So I Don't Miss It. I don't work tomrrow, and I don't have Russian, so I'll have way more time.

Speaking of school, I have decided to wait out French and Russian and see which one I'm doing worst at by October 2, the last day I'm able to drop a class. Given how last night's Russian lab went, I'm thinking Natasha/Natalya/Natalie might end up being my favorite professor... :P

Major News Two Days Ago---The Suri Has Landed. Damn, that kid's cute!!! If you ignore the dead Muppett on her head.

Also (don't really feel like linking), apparently David Spade and Heather Locklear are "taking a break". Oh. Sad. And I thought their angry rebound quasi-adulterous relationship was *forever*. *sigh* What will I believe in now???

I didn't know you had muscles in your shins, but apparently you do, and they hurt like a bastard. The University of My Choice is *way* bigger than Concordia's little one stinkin' building. And I thought getting from accounting to Latin was hard.

In other news, my brother has turned into a baseball monster. He's watched those damn games the last two nights. I am *not* amused.

Heh. That's a funny picture. That episode of NY was actually on last night, and I had to tape because CBS was being a bitch and not showing it at it's normal time but instead putting it up against Justice, which I Could Not Miss. Grr. Have to watch later, I guess. Can't wait for the premiere---thirteen days! Whoo!! Yes, I know they're not real people. I don't care. *sniff*

I must go eat breakfast and unload the dishwasher. I know you're all jealous...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yeah, but that was retar---that wasn't very smart.

It's. Freakin. Early. Especially when one worked seven hours yesterday, consoled distraught friends for two of them, came home and spent half an hour figuring out how to help distraught friends, and then could not sleep due to a sadly erring decision to drink a free pumpkin chai at nine-thirty and instead spend half the night watching Frasier, folding laundry, plucking one's eyebrows, watching Arrested Development, and finally watching the first part of Elizabeth I (Helen Mirren's gynecological exam= major ickiness). But the pumpkin chai was quite tasty. I'm so stupid. I must, must realize that I have a problem with drinking caffeinated drinks so late. I'm such a freakin' moron.

And my alarm was being a whiny little bitch and didn't ring thme norning, so I didn't ahve time to exercise, and I'm sure once I wake up enough I'll feel bloated and unmotivated. *sigh* I cannot wait until I get my iHome base...that had better be my "party" gift. It's hardly a surprise...I bought it.

So yeah, did the whole little bus thingy this morning at seven thirty (gah), and it turns out to be not nearly as inconvenient and depressing as I expected, but rather convenient and rather easy. Granted, not as convenient as driving and parking next to the door, but still. You have to make compromises somewhere. However, discovered that you must pull that little thingy in order to make the bus stop. Hmmm. Learn something new every day.

Also found a place to get coffee (yay), and a place to blog (yay), and a place to study without computors (yay). I believe I shall explore the library in a little bit, after Mary is safely following me around again, instead of actually having to be on her own for a class. Maybe that coffee place will be better.

Kind of want to either go to class or go home. Not really appreciating having to kill two hours sitting here when I don't have any homework. And i can't figure out where the USB port is for my flashdrive. Hmmm...shall have to look for that. Oh. Found it. Side of computer. How convenient.

So nothing going on in the world of pretty people today, y'all. Except that in approximately thirty six minutes some major shit will be going down on The View, and I will be forced to watch the tape tonight in order to witness said major historical shit going down. Oh, and we know that the Crocodile guy died. Yes, it's tragic. Yes, it's very said. But we do not need to hear about it twenty-four/seven, mmkay??? I *want* somebody to talk about Israel or Lebanon or something again. Grrr.

Well it's about time!!! For years it's been "Well, if you don't get on this reproduction thing RIGHT NOW your kids are going to come out with three arms and it's going to be ALL YOUR FAULT MWHAAHAHAHAH." Grrr. I think it's about time somebody starts blaming the men. Maybe in fifty years we'll find out that it's all their fault, just like determining the sex of the baby. All those queens were murdered in vain---it was all Henry VIII's fault...

Oh, and Orlando? That's a story that never, ever has to leave the beach, okay?

Nine and a half hours to House...*happy dances*

Don't have any icons today because I negelected to put my pictures folder on my flash drive in the mad rush to pack and everything this morning (I thought I had two and a half hours more than I actually did...impacts things just a little), but I promise that the next ones will have something, okay?

Have a great Day After Labor day, everybody!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Polly! Cover your mouth!!!

Okay, now, you might think that today is a bad day. A horrible day, even, because I have to work for bunches of hours serving, oh, that's right, NO ONE, because nobody really wants to go shopping on Labor Day, and I have to go back to school tomorrow with seventeen (!!!) credits, eight of which belong to foreign languages that I have a rudimentary grasp of (one has a different freakin' alphabet), and I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done that I have to.

But it's not. It's a beautiful day. Because of this. *squee* *does happy dances* I'm thrilled. And it's absolutely beautiful!!!! And he wrote it. How sensitive!!! I love it. It was worth the three year wait. Okay, maybe not, but that's okay. And apparently November 7th is the release date. 64 days. *drums fingers on desktop* I want it NOW. Grrr.

No icons. Die, blogger, die. I am *not* in a good mood.

It's a new View, which is nice, because Lifetime is doing one of their Abused/Abusive/Dying Women/Transsexuals having issues with their mothers/fathers/authortiy figures and being beaten by/beating their life partners/children/underage lovers movie marathons instead of Will and Grace. Bugger bugger bugger. Danica Patrick is co-hosting. Yeah, she scares me a little. I think she's really a man, actually. Still, it's good to have a little new craziness. Must tape tomorrow, as I cannot bear to not see the crazy shit go down on Rosie's first day, but I will sadly be in geography. Humph.

Also premiering tomorrow---HOUSE!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! I've waited like four months for this!!!! Ooh, and I have spoilers...

House is happy again, because of the little cheating death thing, and he asks Cameron out!!! Oh snap. Their relationship would never work, but apparently Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison are really pushing for something to happen to their characters, which is at first blush, a little bit creepy, but I kind of understand because almost anything would be better than the painful mooning that Cameron does every freakin' episode now.

That's all the spoilers I have, sadly. Can't wait. *squee*

I don't actually have anything else to talk about. Have a good Labor Day, y'all!!! :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

He won't see the good parts, he'll just see the beating!!!

Ah, Arrested Development. I've been devouring the third season (not too hard to do, only thirteen episodes). Loves it like whoa.

As per my creepily unborn niece's request (and who can refuse a baby who's off in sub-Saharan Africa or someplace???), I'm updating. Bow before my internet kindess.

Kind of to talk about hte same stuff. I had three things to accomplish today, 1.) Clean downstairs room of all scary spiders and old notes from last Spring, 2.) Clean attic of all scary dead flies and books from ten years ago, and 3.) Clean microwave of scary exploding taco meat. I've done the first two, and seriously screwed something up in my back carrying a load of old Practical Horseman magazines (keeping them in your attic for seven years? Not so practical.) to the garage and then fleeing from what I was convinced was a scary mouse/vole/flesh-eating mutant rodent. *ahem* It was a very dignified flee.

Last week, when I was started the little clean-out-the-attic-bins thingy, you may recall that I found bunches and bunches of old books and then threatened never to teach my children to read. Yeah. They're now not going to be let anywhere near a place that has books. Because I found the rest of my Nancy Drew collection, my entire Thoroughbred set, The Saddle Club, The Babysitter's Club, The Pony Pals, those stupid little yellow Girl Scout books, and bunchs and bunchs of other ones (OOOOH, Sister of the Bride!!! I loved that book!!! Except the bride was like my age. Hmmm. I'm alone like a dog. Sad now...), and managed to condense them into two bins, which I think was quite conservative because there were roughly, oh, a billion of them.

Discovered that I have a copy of The Princess Bride, the movie version of which I was planning on renting because it seems like everybody in the world has seen it. Except me.

Also decided that the left-over bin would be used for school-book overflow, because I have four more years of getting unnaturally attached to textbooks. Another thing my children will not be allowed to do. They will be required to sell or throw out all textbooks on their way home from school at the end of the semester, lest they end up having sick, twisted internal debates such as follows.

Author: Ooh, film history!

Author's Inner Conservative: What are we "ooh"-ing about? You hated that class.

Author: No I didn't! I loved it! It's film, and...history. What more to love?

Author's Inner Conservative: Um...yeah. You skipped half the screenings because they were long and boring and did less than half the recommended reading. Oh, and comletely winged it on the final exam.

Author: But I loved it!!!

Author's Inner Conservative: No. No, you didn't. You hated it, and the crabby sleep-deprived teacher (new baby) and the fact that it kept you at school for all day Tuesdays and Thursdays (except when you skipped the three-hour long Japanese screenings towards the end of the semester), and the fact that the "interesting" guest was that pot-smoking dweeb who made American Movie. Oh, and you used your hatred of it to allow you to skip chemistry lab, which followed it.

Author: HEY! Not fair. That was a very difficult semester!!! I had Stalker Boy and Scary Rhetoric Bitch to deal with. I wanna keep my book.

Author's Inner Conservative: No, you don't. Why would you save a book from a class that you hated?

Author: Because I WANNA!!! *stomps foot*

Thankfully, Author controls muscle function, and we kept the film book. I will not allow my children to undergo this sort of trauma.

Also cleaned out my room downstairs, because I've kind of been ignoring it all summer and it rather resembled an attorney's cluttered cavern what with the negotiable instruments notes scattered amonst the cobwebs. And I really need a clean environment to start classes.

Okay, I still want to know exactly what they were hoping to accomplish here. I mean, you can't really sell it. You can't really hang it above your fire place for lively cocktail conversation ("Darling, isn't that The Scream?" ""), and you can't really take it anywhere in a carry on, so I'm thinking maybe it shouldn't have taken two years to find the damn thing. Sheesh.

GAH!!! I'm nice! I'm perky! I talk about the weather! I got $3.16 in SEVEN freakin' hours yesterday. Bartender hate.

CBS released promos for the upcoming CSI: NY premiere. *tear* They will NEVER take Smacked from me!!!! *strangled sob*

Okay, I just realized I left reality for a moment there, and it wasn't pretty. I'm gonna go watch Reba.