Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My rope. Let me show you the end of it.

It's the first Christmas since Grandpa died, the single most stressful exam week I have ever been through, but yes! Let's throw a biopsy on top of it. Absolutely, no problem. Thanks so much, universe! Maybe if I scrap hard enough at this paint on my forearms, I can open a vein.

I swear to God. I don't know that the freaking hell the ABM Treaty says or what the frick an SSBN is and I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE DO YOU HEAR ME.

However, and this is a big however because it eases my mind considerably, I got a fantastic grade on one of my term papers. A term paper that is long enough and in the right format that I can submit it as my writing sample on graduate school applications. And as my thesis will only be half-finished by the time I'm applying, this is a veritable Christmas miracle.

But one more. Only one. At 12:00 tomorrow I'll be finished. For five weeks. You will be lucky if I get home before I start drinking. I may stop at Granpa's and have a tearful, painty cocktail.

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mickey said...

you are so right....sonmetimes the end of the rope just looks like it is way too close..hang in there!! Congrats on the paper...see you DO rock :):):)