Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A very productive day of procrastination.

First, can I just say that Godspell is on TV right now? And I am still loving the acid-trip gospel story aspect of it all, but I am still rather uncomfortable with SpyDaddy being Jesus in technicolor pants and a Superman t-shirt.

Second, Cousin Amy on 17 18 Kids and Counting is my favorite person in the entire world. I want to be friends with Cousin Amy. "Fearfully and wonderfully made"? I almost died.

Third, Colleen just announced that her dream was to be a preacher's wife like Victoria Osteen (now on Larry King). "It's too bad priests can't marry, because I would marry a priest and we'd get us a big church and I'd dress like that every day! Sittin' in the front row, hands raised, smiling like I'm listening...I could write a book! Oh, I could write a book." Mother would be so proud.

Okay. Christmas is in like two days, and we're having people over. So today I polished the silver, cleaned all the glass in the house, washed the Waterford glasses (Waterford tends to freak me out, because I'm a klutz when I'm not drinking), and moved everything in the kitchen and scrubbed underneath it.

Sadly, all of this cleaning left very little time for the GRE practice test that I was supposed to do today. This was clearly inadvertent, and will undoubtedly be rectified...sometime in the next few weeks.

But hey. I may not ever be accepted to graduate school and therefore have no job, but I will have an unnatural amount of Waterford crystal.


rockford said...

The Waterford does multiply does it not - remember, that is why Grandpa drank out of it every day - he alsways said if he broke it there were plenty more where it came from!!! Now, since all my thoughts and energy have gone to the job at hand at his house for the last four months all work here has, in fact, gone neglected and I really did not even have the energy to care much but I really do appreciate that you whipped some of those neglected things into shape today - it does make me feel better when the Waterford is just sitting there all ready to be used and a layer of dust does not do much to make one want to partake of a glass of wine - when all is finished there, I have promised myself I will, honestly, attack the "office" in our room - it has become a mountain of denial (much like our box of denial...)with Dad's entire vidio library piled on top of it because when I stay away it becomes a horizontal surface just waiting for him to "organize" his video tapes of scary movies...Thanks for your help, and don't worry, I won't ask for help with the desk!

mickey said...

Yum....I will have my Christmas cheer out of a Waterford glass if you don't mind!!!!