Saturday, December 20, 2008

Very Post-Vatican II

So apparently Fr. Newbie (who isn't so new anymore, but whatever) is fond of the YouTube, as we now have a video Christmas card.

I am all in favor of this, and seriously squeed because frankly I think YouTube is about as awesome an invention as could have been made. I mean, really, there is nowhere else where you can find amazing videos of David Tennant in drag. Or some guy playing Tony Blair talking about Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley and then regenerating into David Tennant? I mean, really. This is quality stuff here, perfect for completely squandering your afternoons or maybe your 4.0. Lots of things.

ANYWAY, once I stalked David Tennant gave a cursory view to the actual video (children's pictures, Luke's gospel, blah blah- cute), I started clicking on the other videos because there is nothing I like more than watching self-important videos put together by parishes when they're trying to get people to give money to them. Oh, I love them. When we did ours last year I almost fell out of the pew I was laughing so hard. Fantastic school...*chokes* "St. *Enter Name Here* has changed my life! I used to be a crack whore! But now I'm entering a convent and saying my final vows in six months! Give thousands- your children will thank you!" Well, since this parish was located in Whitefish Bay, notsomuch with the crack whore part, but still.

Except for one thing- the background music was "Have a Little Faith In Me". Don't get me wrong- love the song. Consistently one of the most played songs on my iPod. But I'm guessing no one on the staff has ever seen Benny and Joon, because yeah, I'm not sure that taking advantage of the borderline-mentally-disabled (even if you look like Johnny Depp) is really the image they want to conjure up. Just a thought.


imladris said...

I have very little faith in St. Eugene's Parish after working the Dinner Dance last year.

mickey said...

I would like to make a video showing my take on that guess is the donations just might dry up....