Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woefully inept.

Hah. So. I went to a friend's piano recital tonight, and listened to an hour of fantastically talented people play fantastically well.

And suddenly the fact that I crapped out and can only play one song after like eight years of lessons (on and off, but still)? Is horribly pitiful.

I have no talents. My great skill is having opinions about everything. So I chose to be a historian. There is no swelling music or glorious finishes in history. Unless it's National Treasure. But I don't think I'll ever use my conflict resolution/Biblical scholarship training to discover a treasure with Nicolas Cage. Unfortunately.

Gah. Hate the world.

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mickey said...

Never fear we have the same talent.....I took lessons all 4 years of high school and can't play a single song....and some might say I have an opinion on everything.....my opinion is that you are in good company!!!:):):)