Friday, December 26, 2008

Team Jen

Oh, yes, I called it. When Colleen and I were ruminating on what Ms. Aniston would do for Christmas (because John Mayer doesn't seem to be a real Christmasy kind of guy), I decided that perhaps she would spend some time with the Cox-Arquettes. Colleen suggested that indeed, little Coco might love to spend the holiday with her godmother.

Because even though she's back to not wanting her mom to die a horribly untimely death, I'm not sure they're at that holiday place yet.

Hmm. I wonder what Brad and Angie are doing? Probably chilling in Africa someplace, watching qualified people do good works and then returning to the United States and looking down condescendingly at the rest of us poor fools who are lacking in unbelievably pouty lips and borderline creepy addiction to adopting underprivileged children from various continents (I think they're missing one from Antarctica. Collect them all!!!) because we have no idea how good we have it or how little we are actually doing to alleviate world hunger/poverty/AIDS/disease du jour.

I don't like them very much. Their preachiness annoys me to no end.

But then again, so does John Mayer. I face a moral quandary, readers.


rockford said...

It bothers me that "Brad and Angie" are held up as such wonderful role models for moral living - I'm not throwing stones because I am VERY far from perfect but does no one remember that he was in fact married when they began dating and that they are adopting and producing all of said children without any benefit of marriage and in the "old days" someone may have mentioned that said situation was not exactly within the moral norms of our society....hate to be politically incorrect, but....

mickey said...

I like Jen....she can do so much better than Brad....Angie give me a creeping feeling!!!!!