Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm still Catholic, don't freak out.

I was kidding Colleen yesterday about her using God's name and she goes, "Yeah, well, you're a Jewish studies major. Don't tell me about my God."

It was funny.

And yeah, I think I'm probably going to end up replacing religious studies with that. Which means a.) I was weirdly prophetic a month ago, and b.) two down, one to go. By dropping religious studies, I can drop my Gnosticism class, which will bring my credit level down to 18, which is considered regular tuition, which means I don't need to come up with a $900 overload fee, which I don't have, which means I don't have to borrow like $700 from my parents again. All of that- is a good thing.

The thesis thing also kind of resolves itself if I end up doing this- obviously the only way to make it count as the Jewish studies capstone is to write about the Jews, so there you go. Thesis topic found.

Now I just need to take the GRE and I will be all ready to go back to school!


mickey said...

I am so glad you have solved some of your you know I had 4 majors before I graduated. I know you will always be Catholic...I am just not too concerned about that!!!

rockford said...

I can just hear the tone in your sister's voice as she said that to you:)...I am glad that the whole major thing is bcoming resolved for you...and the GRE?? When is that going to be??? Please give us all a warning....just kidding, I'm sure there will be no freaking out or melting down involved....