Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reasons why Law and Order: UK is AMAZING.

-The totally awesome opening, in which the "people" are protected the forces of the Crown.

-The fact that Freema Ageyman is in it. I love Donna, but I think Martha might be my favorite companion, and is definitely prettier than Billy Piper. I'm glad she's working again.

- The Order part? Involves wearing wigs. God. If I lived in London, I would so have chosen law school.

-The fact that it's so great I'm ignoring that there is no such thing as "UK" because the UK isn't really a single country.

- The desktop screensavers on the computers? A royal seal with the initials "ER". AWESOME. I think I want to have Elizabeth Regina emblazoned on my desktop.

-The tough but lovable head detective. Some things never change...

-The fact that one of the witnesses spoke French. FRENCH!!! Tough but lovable detective apparently was hiding his ability to speak it fluently, too. As you do.

-When they object in court, it's not "your honor!" it's "m'lady!" or "my lord!" AHAHAHAHAHA.

-It's not "The State of New York v. Smith", it's "Crown v. Smith." Why don't we have a Crown again? Stupid rebels.

-Do I have to mention the wigs again? Because I will.

-Seriously, I'm moving to England and becoming a lawyer and hanging out with Martha from Doctor Who all day. New life goal.

Oh, Dick Wolf. I didn't think you could ever supplant my love for Goren/Eames, but I think that you have.


mickey said...

How is it that I have never heard of this Law and Order?????

mi_morena said...

Because it's on in Great Britain and you're a xenophobe?

I-lean said...

where did you watch this?

mickey said...

watch that mouth missy :):):)

mi_morena said...


rockford said...

Just what the world needs - more law and order series...but I am sure the wigs are worth it!!!:)