Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yes. I want a doctorate from this place.

Overheard in the union:

Guy on phone: "Dude. I did something bad. *pause* No, really bad. *pause* No, I peed on her! *longer pause* Yeah, I was wasted. *pause* No, it wasn't that bad. She had to wake me up to tell me. She slept on the floor. This morning was fine. *pause* No, trust me. We'll talk about it later. I have to go to class."

Oh. My. Lord.

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rockford said...

Ah, it is so good to know that the future of our nation, the best and the brightest, those being given the gift of higher education so they can join the ranks of the leadership of our nation - are such upstanding young people...such faith in the future this provides...our best days must be ahead of us.....Somehow, I just can't see young George Washington having this conversation.