Sunday, June 28, 2009

A neurotic day

Scene: Kitchen, Chez Morena

Morena: *breezing in* So I want to register for the GRE this week...

Mom: *chokes* You want to what?

Morena: Register for the GRE. For later in the summer.

Mom: Oh. That makes more sense. I thought you said "take" and you don't just "take" tests without any freaking out.

Morena: *laughing* Oh, you mean this huge test that is the only test that will ever matter in my entire life? Hahaha. Yeah. No. Believe me. We're leaving plenty of time for the breakdowns.

Mom: That's what I figured.


On to the TMI portion of the afternoon...I have a teensy little rash. It's hardly disfiguring, and it's not on any weird body part or anything- just some bumps on my upper arms.

Of course, in my head, you know that scene from Star Trek? When Kirk is having a reaction to something? Well, McCoy could totally just jab me with the hypospray because I spent the afternoon alternately dying of skin cancer, second degree burns, or (my nemesis) meningitis. had no answers at all, thank you very much. Except that I should call my dermy. Well, I don't want to call Dermy. Dermy is far away, and he requires a copay. I want to tell me something that Sophie2459 in Arkansas used to make it go away.

Ultimately decided that it was probably just a sunburn rash and not anything deadly. Of course, meningitis is sneaky like that.

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rockford said...

Yeah, GRE sans a meltdown or twenty - not gonna' happen!!! I'm no dummy, that one I know for sure!!! I do believe that the rash is probably not going to kill you within the next 12 hours or so...I think we are safe waiting to call Dermy tomorrow after we see how it is doing - I believe your diagnostic tool on the internet said "rare" for memangitis with no symptoms but an arm rash...who could you possibly take after, worrying about such health issues???:) After all, my diabetes can't just be diabetes, it has to possibly be pancreatic or liver cancer...ah, why spend a day without worrying... :)