Monday, June 08, 2009

Undomestic Goddess

I'm making baba ganoush. Except I don't like any of the spices that are in the recipe. So I'm using other ones. So I'm thinking it's less baba ganoush and more seasoned eggplant mush.

The recipe called for roasting the eggplant. I don't know how to roast an eggplant. Or, indeed, anything. I called my dad. Obviously it was hilarious to him. "Hi, Dad, it's me. I need to roast an eggplant...why are you laughing...seriously...stop laughing..."

Wait until he finds out I'm going to use his food processor that I don't technically have any clue how to work. Who's laughing now?

ETA: The recipe turned out well. A little garlicy, but tasty on pita bread. I managed to roast the eggplant and not start any electrical fires with the food processor. A good day.


rockford said...

"Seasoned eggplant mush" would probably not sell as well as baba ganoush....If Steven ever starts that restaurant of his, do not offer to help him name the dishes on his menu....and, thank you for not starting any fires!

mickey said...

I don't think Steven will let me do much at that restaurant either....we can all just EAT :):):)