Monday, June 01, 2009

Yes! You get my thoughts on theology AND Jon & Kate Plus 8!

I know, right? You're thrilled you know me.

Okay, first. Jon and Kate Plus 8. Or, Kate Being A Martyr Plus 8 and Jon Off Doing Something Else. Which is how it's been this season.

Okay. After watching this episode (and wiping up the drool of excitement when THEY WENT TO CHARM CITY CAKES!!! THEY PLAYED WITH MARY ALICE!!! I WANT TO PLAY WITH MARY ALICE!!!), I kind of think the whole drama is mostly contrived. I mean, thought that before, too, but the premiere was so depressing and practically ended with a custody agreement. This one was more, oh, let's give one parent a reason to go be on their own but they're all still living together so things must not be that bad. Except everybody is mopey.


However, if they actually do break up, I'd like to offer a loving home for Aaden. I love that little kid.


I got to Grandpa's this morning, and yep. My flowers had been replanted. My artistic staggering? Gone. They're in a straight row now. DO NOT WANT.


Meanwhile, I'm having a teensy bit of trouble with this other-people-living-there part. As we established earlier, I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE TOUCHING MY STUFF.

I like people touching my countertop even less.


So apparently Mel Gibson got some Russian pregnant? And is obsessed with it? They called in "experts" to discuss the doctrinal ramifications of Mel's, which seriously makes me wonder who their expert is. That Jesuit from the Colbert Report? That would be pretty cool. I love him. I kind of just want to follow him around. Maybe he could introduce me to the guy who plays the Captain on Criminal Intent.

Anyway, apparently Mel is forgoing Communion. Which is nice, although I don't really feel comfortable judging him. (Shut up. Sometimes I'm not judgemental.) But what's more concerning is that it appears that his little chapel? Is actually a weird new religion. They keep mentioning how they'll have to return to the "mainstream" Roman Catholic Church to get an annulment, etc.

I always thought it was just a really conservative community that offered a Tridentine Mass, not this weird "traditionalist" Catholic sect that's not normal Catholicism.

Huh. That's strange, and it makes Mel Gibson seem even more crazy.


I'm sneezing. This had better not be the cold that the Artist Formerly Known as the Boy brought home. I will kill him.


rockford said...

Oh, so many topics tonight!! About Jon and Kate Plus 8...I feel personally betrayed because we loved watching it for the kids and for the sweet family life and now it is "oh so popular" because they are separate so much - not nice for those little ones! (Yes, Aaden can come and live with us...)It was pretty funny with Mary Alice though - it was like your whole world of tv friends all together:) -- sorry about your flowers but I think if we end up renting to these folks we are going to have to allow them to touch the countertop - they may think us weird if we incorporate "no countertop touching" into the lease...although they may think us weird when you are there everyday looking in the windows to make certain they have not done anything to the house that you do not approve of...I better warn them...Mel Gibson - there is nothing to say because my Mother taught me not to judge other people yet it confuses me that my parish would be to liberal but being married and getting your girlfriend pregnant is something you go on the Tonight Show to brag about to Jay Leno - just a tad confusing...sorry about the cold, but you could show some sympathy to the poor child and not just blame him - there are other cold germs in this world and I'll bet some of them were at a certain bookstore and/or restaurant this past weekend...thanks for the blog, they are always so much fun!!!

mickey said...

wow what to say???? I will just say that yes I am thrilled to know you:):):)