Monday, June 29, 2009

Sports-Related Revelations

- I really, really enjoy buying alcohol for myself. I never got off on any of the typical teenager/adolescent stuff, but these last nine months? Being able to buy my own drinks? SO MUCH FUN. I don't care if it's juvenile and immature. IT'S FUN.

-I really, really hope I put my license back in my purse.

-I did. Oh good.

- It takes me a few innings to figure out what's going on. Like, who's hitting the ball.

- Once I get it though, I'm not nearly as stupid as I may appear.

- Well. Okay. Still pretty stupid.

- Beyonce's Single Ladies coming on in a mixed crowd is just...awkward.

- Those little rakey guys who run around making the dirt all pretty again? My favorite part.

- Yep. Still pretty stupid.


mickey said...

lol....rakey guys....sounds like you had a great time!!!

rockford said...

For most sports fans the "rakey guys" are not the highlight of the game....nor is the being able to buy a drink....maybe, just maybe, you are not so big a fan of baseball??? More just a fan of visiting with Mary and having a drink??? No ticket needed....

mi_morena said...

But visiting with mary and having a drink is more fun with 39,000 other people!