Thursday, June 11, 2009

Very Serious Historian has Very Serious Business to discuss.

I don't know if I ever wrote about this, but I probably did because during the semester, most of my posts are OMG TEST COMING GONNA FAIL PHEW THANK GOD GOT AN A. On one of the tests I had for Ireland, I completely forgot to write anything about the Irish literary revival. It ended up not costing me that much (Favoritism. You're doing it right.) and I got a 98, but I was still kind of pissed. I really enjoy getting 110s. (Shocking. I know.)

Anyway. I've been watching the movie Nora and I am fairly certain that if we had been allowed to watch that in class instead of listening to a lecture, I never ever would have forgotten to put James Joyce in there.

Well. Except the movie is basically soft-core porn and it took me like twenty minutes to watch because I fast-forwarded through most of the awkward bits because whatever, I don't care how old I am it makes me uncomfortable okay? I had to leave the window when two birds started doing it the other day. So maybe communal educational viewing wouldn't be the best idea ever.

It also made me wonder how close to the truth it was. Was James Joyce really a crazy manipulative douche? Because wow, if that movie is correct, no wonder Ulysses is so hard to get through.

James, I hear you, man. I myself am something of a control freak. In fact, I had a moment this evening when it occurred to me that I would make a fantastic anorexic if I didn't like food so much. This is going to sound angsty and overly-dramatic and make me seem like a 300 lb agoraphobe on LiveJournal, and that's really not true. It wasn't even an incident, it was just a few sentences today that pissed me off and made me mad and my first thought was "Okay, what can I control instead?" Honestly. If I didn't have the relationship with complex carbohydrates that I do, I'd probably weigh 90 lbs.

ANYWAY. I hear you, is what I'm saying. But dude, sometimes you just have to let go.

So. I'm definitely advocating more Ewan McGregor movies in History 353.

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mickey said...

really ..... you post about tests?????