Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 2

Much like when one has a newborn, I've been up late with my iPhone the last few nights. Mostly because Apple is an evil company that most likely employs people who are way, way more intelligent than me (and didn't get an embarrassingly low score on their practice math GRE this afternoon) to sit in a room and come up with way to screw up something as simple as uploading data.

Fortunately, they also employ people who answer phones and give you illegal solutions all the while telling you "No, miss, I'm sorry. There's no way you can do that. But please right click for me..."

Our relationship. It's complicated.


rockford said...

See, you would be a very good mother:)!!!! We sure got the right guy on the phone at iphone - he is most likely no longer there after providing you with the steps around their insane "copyright issue" restrictions!!! I am so happy for you that it finally works!!!

mickey said...

glad you found him.....remind me sometime to tell you about my AT & T conversation I had after leaving you on Monday!!!!!! But yes the extra line is cancelled.....