Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm not going to tempt fate.

I would say that I'm finished taking the last standardized test I'm ever going to have to take, but I'm sure then God would think it was funny to make me go get an MBA or something that would require ANOTHER admissions test that would require ANOTHER morning spent chewing on my bottom lip and dragging my mother to friggin' Brookfield because I knew if I was alone in the car it would just lead to more major freaking outage and I CANNOT HANDLE THAT. Yes. Haha, God. I see what You did there.

While we were driving out to the testing place, I asked her if she was nervous before she took the LSAT. My mother's LSAT scores are something of a legend in my family. She worked ridiculously hard and earned a ridiculously high score that she maintains is due entirely to her practice test acumen and I maintain is due to her innate intelligence and STOP PUSHING THE KAPLAN BOOKS AT ME WOMAN I DON'T WANT TO WORK THAT HARD.

ANYWAY. I figured she must have been pretty nervous about it, seeing as there are also stories where she blanks and loses it during a law school exam. My kind of person. No wonder, half of her DNA makes me!

She kind of thought for a minute and said, "Yeah, I was a little nervous. But I also hadn't told that many people. I didn't PUT IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET."

Pssh. You know what? This the 21st century, Mother Dearest. And if I want to overshare, dammit, I am going to overshare.


mickey said...

lol....all over the internet

Rockford said...

I did not say it was wrong to put it all over the internet...I just mentioned that I had only told my Mother that I was taking the test...there is a difference in those two statements...and, if you remember, I pushed the Kaplan books at you for your ACT, by the time you got ready for the GRE I had learned that it was time wasted - you are probably going to to what you want, not what I suggest - all I said was that it worked for me...a thousand years ago when I took the LSAT...and, I might add, you did quite well on your own:)!!!!