Friday, August 28, 2009

I know, it's been a few days.

Last night, babysitting:

Zoey: Where's that blue lady?

Me: Who?

Zoey. That lady that was with you. The blue lady.

Me: Um...oh, my sister? Colleen? She was wearing a blue shirt, that's very smart of you to remember.

Zoey: Is she coming?

Me: No, she had to go out with her friends.

Zoey: Oh. *pause* She wears your shoes, you know.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Zoey: That's silly.

I'm going to miss that kid.


mickey said...

I know you are....too bad they are leaving :( I assume they will be coming back for visits and will need a babysitter????

rockford said...

I will miss her too - yesterday, when she and I had a "tea party" in Grandpa's family room, I thought about how very long it had been since I had been lucky enough to share a tea party with a little one and I all I could think was that I just wish that she were going to stay and I could enjoy watching her grow up...but I'm thinking that she - and her mother - are more than ready and really need to get back home...she has big plans to ride her bike, run through her sprinkler and play with her doggies....but it was such fun...