Friday, August 07, 2009

Maybe he knows I voted for McCain.

Even though I haven't actually changed majors yet, I decided to go ahead and drop my gnosticism class before the cut-off for, you know, being charged.

This means that:

1.) I don't have to take a GNOSTICISM class.

2.) I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays, which will make the whole car situation a lot easier.

3.) I saved $900 of overload fees.

4.) I don't have to head to the Illinois border and start stripping to come up with the $900 in overload fees.

5.) I won't have the urge to scrawl "I'M PAYING $900 TO TAKE YOUR STUPID CLASS WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH???" on my exams for Jews in Wisconsin.

A pretty good deal.

According to PAWS, I owe $3853.15, of which financial aid (I use that term loosely- the money that the government is allowing me to use for a few months while they begin charging me exorbitant interest RIGHT NOW because God knows that this whole "Grandpa's house" thing has been such a financial boon to us. Please, Federal Government. You obviously haven't been reading this blog too long.) will cover $3731.26. So I only have to come up with about $120.

Which means I might be able to actually afford books! I know, right? Don't get too crazy.


mickey said...

books are a good thing when in college :)

rockford said...

Glad you can afford the books - I am just so sorry that your Dad and I are too selfish to share the millions we have laying around...that is why the government thinks you are so well off...they just don't understand that we want to use it all for our little extravagances -like chemo -and not share it with you...