Sunday, August 16, 2009

Irish Fest Break

Most things in my life stop the third weekend on in August. Like blogging. Or cleaning my house. Or sleeping, eating normally, doing athletic beyond walking from complex carbohydrate to complex carbohydrate (Dinner last night was a potato and french fries. Yeah. I know.), or being fiscally responsible.

But I have an Ireland sweatshirt! And a Connemara marble necklace!

But it was fun- I loved the whole focus on Northern Ireland thing, even if it was disturbingly nationalistic. I danced on a table and managed to not fall off like the woman next to me. Also, the woman who read the first reading this morning said "appreciate" with an "s" sound, and that made me happy.

I came home and had major plans to vacuum, do some laundry, and work out. And...then I took a two and a half hour nap. Which was also good.


rockford said...

Yes, it was a wonderful and not fiscally responsible weekend - and I, too, required a nap upon returning home - but Irish Fest weekend is OH so worth it!!!! {Even without the carbs:)} On to the 30th next year!!!! (Better start resting up and saving up right now!)

mickey said...

maybe we will join you for the 30th anniversary. Glad you had a good time and you need a break from being a responsible person. I wonder if that was the same table I danced on a few years back while Rockford was making reunion food?????? Interesting thought :):):)