Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Jesus,

Um. Hi. It's Kathleen. You knew that, though, I guess.'s the thing. I have a few tests tomorrow. One is on Jewish history, and you know, they're Your people and all. The other is on, well, You. And let me tell you, those gospels? Are all different and require a lot of memorization.

I've been kind of busy lately, Monday with confirmation class and Tuesday talking about your followers and I'm kind of exhausted right now.

So if you feel like writing a few essays tomorrow morning, that'd be awesome. Because I really, really don't.



mickey said...

My guess is that He will write some great papers for you today :)

rockford said...

This sounds quite similar to your Dad's prayer every Sunday evening when he was a kid...and had not done his homework...except that you went right to the Top and he went to his Guardian Angel! Of course, the big difference here is that you really are working very hard and are just asking for a little help, a little insiration - I think he was asking the poor angel to get out his pen and pencil and get to work on those missing assignments!!!! Good luck today - I will be praying for both you and Imladris and I am sure you will both do just fine!!!