Friday, October 09, 2009

It's like high school. With less money, actually.

Okay. There's this department at school. A department that shall remain nameless. A department that's actually quite easy to figure out because I'm really only intimately acquainted with two departments, and, well, this is one of them. Anyway. The professors in this department are basically little children and spend their days searching for ways to screw each other over.

Unfortunately, the students involved sometimes get screwed over, too.

Like me. Who is enrolled in an advanced independent study course in this unnamed department. At UWM you need to fill out a study proposal form detailing exactly what you're going to do for the class in order to get credit. I talked to my professor, he told me what to write, I turned in the form.

Except the second person who had to sign the form doesn't really totally like my professor. And maybe kind of totally didn't accept the form because (s)he didn't like what my professor wrote on it. Leaving me without the required study proposal form completed.

Cut to Wednesday, when I happily go out to get the mail. Look! There's a letter from the College of Letters and Sciences. Ooh, this is exciting. I love getting letters from school. Since they stopped sending paper bills, all my correspondence from UWM is always happy- I don't want to toot my own horn but they don't send out letters unless you're failing or doing well, and believe me, you'd know if I was failing something. Hell, you'd know if I got a B.

Except this was not a happy letter. This was a mean letter, yelling at me about this study proposal that I have yet to submit. AND HEY, MAYBE YOU'RE NOT A SENIOR AND MAYBE YOU DON'T HAVE A 2.5 GPA STUPID WHORE.

What. Oh, no. You do not tell me that I'm not eligible for independent study. I am a senior. And I do have a 2.5 GPA. In fact, the only reason this is a problem at all is that MY STUPID PROFESSORS CAN'T ACT LIKE ADULTS.

So I had to fill out a new form with way more information (field trip- whee!) and turn it in have Katie turn it in, and so help me God, you guys in the Unnamed Department had better put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT because I AM AT THE END OF MY ROPE DO YOU HEAR ME? 18 credits, cancer, thesis avoidance writing, grad school applications, and mounting credit card debt because shopping is a way better way to deal with this than, like, actually working.



Rockford said...

It is not called shopping - it is called Retail Therapy...and it can, in fact, be far more expensive than regular therapy and I have yet to find an insurance company who will cover said costs....On the main subject of this post -- I can tell how angry you are - do you know how I can tell(?????) - I can tell because you wrote a blog post that left the very real impression that your GPA is, in fact, 2.5 -- now, I know you well enough to KNOW that if you were in control of all of your faculties (i.e., not quite so angry), you would never write anything that would leave such an impression :) -- I'm not saying anything about how you are about grades... I'm just saying that you and your grades have a compicated relationship....cute, but complicated...and it was very nice of Katie to help you - I hope that all is settled now (a little selfishness here on my part - not quite sure I can take it if all is not settled!!)

mickey said...

bad teachers bad teachers making my niece unhappy!!!!!!! This is just not acceptable..want ME to talk to them????????????????????