Tuesday, October 06, 2009

IMDB to the rescue.

IMDB has saved my life on several occasions. And not just he "oh, crap, I know I know that guy from somewhere...maybe a CSI?" occasions. No, real occasions like the ACT.

When I took the ACT one of my vocabulary words was anachronistic. As ridiculous as it is, I didn't technically know what that word meant. But I did know that it was sometimes listed a goof on IMDB, and therefore probably meant something about being in the incorrect time period. And I got a 35 on the verbal portion of the test.

On my Jewish history exam this afternoon my extensive Nanny viewings came in handy, as most of the questions were about your garden-variety Judaism like "can they eat pork?" and hello, I did not spend hours of my life watching Nick at Nite for nothing, mister.

So...I'm not sure where I was going with that. Except maybe to tell any youngsters out there to watch more TV? Because it will help you later in life?


rockford said...

Homeschooling gave you the free time to pursue so many avenues of interest that have helped to round out your education!!! Without homeschooling, you never would have had the time for The Nanny And, of course, your love of IMDB helps also....

mickey said...

I too have learned much from tv :)