Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This was lovely.

I love Wednesdays. Especially when I'm an awesomely motivated student and finish all my work on Tuesday so I have nothing to do on Wednesday except sleep in and attend one measly lecture where again? Avignon Papacy? Hardly even worth it.

One of the things I accomplished yesterday was a draft on my statement of purpose for graduate school. Something which I've been freaking out about since...oh...about freshman year. Until yesterday when I went to an information session led by the lovely head of graduate studies and professor who adores me, where he told me it was worth, like, next to nothing. Only slightly better than GRE scores, which, THANK YOU GOD. So it's basically two pages of why I'll be able to do graduate level work, and I found it disturbingly narcissistic. But oddly uplifting because it was like, why, yes, I have written tons of papers using primary sources and yes, I have written extensively on the Northern Ireland conflict, and yes, my background in Jewish studies does make me more apt to be comfortably using sources from antiquity.

Now I just need to modify it for the theology applications, which shouldn't be too tough.

Although the thought of my future being decided by eight guys sitting around a table makes me want to throw up. Just a little.


Rockford said...

Don't worry, your future really is not being determined by those eight guys sitting around a table -- Remember, your future - all of the parts that really matter -really is being determined by ONE GUY (Ok, "guy" may not be the most reverent of terms, but it works here...)who, as I have always told you, loves you even more than I do and wants what is the very best for you...and, if it makes you feel any better, He is sitting right there at that table with those other eight guys... So relax and just do your best - the rest is in God's hands...and that is a pretty great place for the rest to be...

mickey said...

ditto :)