Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Facebook needs to step off.

Okay. Facebook. You know I don't like your redesign. Once again, you've managed to make it MORE DIFFICULT to interact with people while simultaneously making it easier for their random Farmville crap to fill up my newsfeed. My sister could announce she's engaged, but if she does it five minutes before one of my friends goes on a Farkle binge, I'd never know.

(No. Really. I'd never know. We live in the same house but seldom actually talk.)

But now your "suggestions"? That used to be just oh, hey, you might know this person? Are getting invasive. And annoying. And vaguely judgemental.

Like I have this one friend. We were really tight for awhile, and now we don't see each other so much. She's not very big on the whole Facebook thing (perhaps WHY we don't see each other that much, because it's pretty much my main form of communication), and she only has a few friends. So Facebook has taken to telling me that I should suggest friends for her because she has so few. Which is mean. I think. And then I should write her a message! Because it's been so long!

Okay. Fine. It's been awhile.

But then they moved into familial relationships. Like my cousins. I have a lot of cousins. I love them all. But I don't feel the need to constantly write on their walls. And I don't appreciate the gently condescending, "You haven't written on John's wall in awhile." Yeah. I know, Facebook. Leave me alone.

That's getting invasive.

But the worst is the "poke" suggestion. Which never existed before, did it? I mean, I know that this can mean different things in different circles. But in my circle? Poking someone means you want to...well...I just left a Theology of the Body talk, so I could give you a lot of sacramental language, but you get my drift. So unless it's an accidental slip where you meant to click "send a message," I don't poke ANYONE.

And the people you are suggesting I poke, Facebook? Are family members. Or friends' parents. Or members of the clergy.

(True story- I have yet to be suggested anyone who is remotely close to me in age or in any way eligible.)

And that's just inappropriate.


rockford said...

Sorry -- I left my comment about this post on your facebook instead---mostly because I had to chase around the internet to find the rest of your post so I just started writing....oh, that silly facebook and its changes -- the portion of your post that showed up on my "home" page ended at the end of what could have been a complete thought rather than in the middle of a thought so I just had to figure (because I know you and know how you write...) that you may have writen more and so had to go looking...in other words, thanks to facebook, many readers may have missed out on your complete statement of your feelings...they are the poorer for it....maybe facebook will put the "more" button back and correct such an injustice...

mickey said...

I am confused....how do you really feel????????? lol btw I agree with everything you have said. Really I should write to a friend and tell them how to get more friends????? I don't think so!!! And the poke thing...oh my!!! Is there any way to stop that farmville crap and what is farmville??????????????????????

Nicole K said...

I feel like Facebook clearly doesn't understand that sometimes I CHOOSE not to interaction with someone because I only want to be their friend to stalk them. Duh!