Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pay Attention.

I don't write about sports often. I think...never? So this pretty much a one-shot deal, guys.

I'm not a huge sports fan. I rode horses and did gymnastics when I was a kid- hardly team sports. I have been to four baseball games in my entire 22 years of existence. When there is a football game on in the room I'm in, I'm definitely concentrating more effort on whatever book I'm reading/drink I'm drinking (if it's a Super Bowl party)/test I'm freaking out about than those very confusing yard line things. Whatever. I hardly consider football a real sport- overweight guys falling on each other? NOT A TALENT.

Anyway. I am, however, from Wisconsin. And I'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to not know that there was a pretty big game going on today. And even dumber to not know that it didn't end well. And I must say, that sucked.

I know it's a game. I know it doesn't really matter. I know this more than most people because I honestly do not care about football at all. I know nothing about Aaron Rodgers except his name and number. He could kill babies and little kittens and make his grandma cry on his off days, and I really wouldn't care. I still would have wanted him to win today.

(A quick Wikipedia check indicates that he does not, in fact, kill kittens.)

Because I don't care how much you harp about how Brett was wronged or whatever, that was still a completely obnoxious move and you know what, we don't like you anymore. So there.

Except we lost. Which actually makes it less of a "so there." BUT STILL.

In other news, I was very productive this evening, doing all of my homework that I was supposed to do tomorrow and even watching National Treasure, which I think is my favorite movie ever. Coming from a person who can not watch historically inaccurate movies without throwing the DVD cases (DaVinci Code? Hit the wall like eight times.), this is high praise. High praise indeed.


rockford said...

Oh, your Aunt MC is not going to like this one...I can almost hear it now - no, really, I think I can hear her...(well, she is probably glad that Aaron Rogers does not kill kitties - she'll like that part)!! Anyway, I never thought I would hear you refer to the Packers - or any team for that matter - as "we" :) You're just not that into it...

mickey said...

I think people who live farther away than 2 miles can hear Aunt MC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't usually like to disagree with you however........the game ended the way it should have ended...the best team with the best quarterback won!!!!! Oh and yes that would be MY TEAM :):):):) I don't dislike Aaron and I don't wish him any harm (note if the o-line doesn't start showing up for work Aaron will be dead) I just don't want his team to win!!!!!! Most of my family and many of my friends are upset with me on this topic, but I don't really care.....I have always and will always speak my mind and I am a Brett fan to the very end!!!!! Ok I am getting off the soap box now because I have some work to do...thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

mickey said...

.....oh yeah just one more nephew in Florida, Joey, is also a Brett fan and we had just a lovely conversation yesterday during the game!!!!! Joey's Dad and my dear husband also had several lovely conversations during the game but they were very obviously being Packer fans!!!! We talk to the Floriza Z's during most Packer and/or Viking games :):):)

rockford said...

See, I told you I could hear her :) !!!!