Saturday, November 07, 2009

So much learning. Not so much lunching.

So- I didn't write about the lunch and learn! Which is terribly upsetting, because I think it was the defining moment of my life week. I even got a lovely little greeting. Which isn't terribly surprising, as I was sitting...ooh...about on his lap because those Jews get there early. Which is the first thing I learned.

Other things I learned...

-I am not comfortable eating any sort of fish paste from a communal bowl. So not worth $10. That I didn't pay. So whatever!

-I am, however, totally comfortable eating your flatbread, Center for Jewish Studies. All of it.

-When one is considering any hair pieces, one should always go subtle. So...not a long blond ponytail that reaches to your middle-aged bum.

-Being under the age of 60 and believing in Christ's resurrection put me in a very much minority position.

-That was a little strange.

-No, really. They get there EARLY.

-Despite the fact that you can take three classes with someone, they can sit at the same table as you and not make eye contact.

-I've heard pretty much everything you have to say about FDR, sir. Even the "Ha! Trying living with her!" remark. I've never heard the governess story, though. That made me happy.

-Your views on FDR are slowly becoming my views on FDR. This makes me incredibly happy.

-As do any and all references to Eagle.

Yep. I definitely did the right thing by declaring that second major.

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rockford said...

So many things you learned!!! You hardly even needed lunch...