Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two shout-outs?

Today in Jewish Wisconsin we got the why-I-became-a-Jewish-studies-guy speech, and frankly it was disappointing and not at all clear. My money's still on a woman.

Anyway. Then we got the why-you-should-become-a-Jewish-studies-major and he said, "We even have a few Gentiles!" and smiled at Katie and me. Woot. Represent.

Later, when discussing the movement of Jews from the East Side to the North Shore, he started talking about how Whitefish Bay has an ordinance where you can't have gatherings late at night and they enforce it for weddings at the JCC? But not St. Monica's down the road? And in my head I'm all dude, I go there! I have very little to share during that class because I'm a.) not Jewish, b.) less than ninety-years-old like the rest of the class and c.) really not Jewish. But I could have shared something about that!!!

This has nothing to do with anything (like the rest of the post did?), but I went to Marquette's Grad School Open House tonight (Worthless, in case you're wondering. But I did get a waiver for the application fee! Which means my parents I won't have to pay yet another $50 for the privilege of being rejected. Life is good.), and the financial aid guy seriously said, "All other schools are $865 a credit, but there aren't any other fees."

Oh. Good. So I'll just have to take up prostitution, but I can keep both of my kidneys.

I love private schools.

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mickey said...

I know of a place in Whitefish Bay where late night gatherings are really the norm:):):)