Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thoughts during the MTV Movie Awards

-Kate Winslet being a Nazi is kind of funny.

-Megan Fox scares me. No. For reals. She's not pretty. She's just scary.

-Twilight Guy looks like he wakes up and is immediately weary of his pretty. So weary that he cannot even shower.

-Twilight Girl is SOOOO over this.

-High School Musical Girl is not over this, and is PISSED that Twilight Girl won instead.

-Ben Stiller is too old for this.

-Really. Way too old.

-Anyone else get the feeling that the Harry Potter cast didn't show up so it wouldn't be supremely awkward when they bumped into Twilight Guy backstage?

-Why is Hayden Panettiere with Zachary Quinto?


-Why do I care?

-Did they honestly just congratulate Heath Ledger for winning best villain? They congratulated a dead guy? Nice, MTV. Really nice.

-You know what? I'm too old for this.


mickey said...

me too :):)

rockford said...

You have NO idea HOW too old I am for what was on last night...when did it become "entertainment" to see which so called celebrity could use more obscene words per sentence? I don't know, call me simple minded but I do not see what talent was displayed in such an exchange...