Thursday, July 02, 2009

Evanston's not far, is it?

I met with me in ten years a neighbor yesterday to talk about my life's goals and have her talk me down off a GRE-related cliff and now have brand new things obsess over. Like statements of purpose! And terminal Ph.Ds! And post-doc years!

And now I completely want to go to Northwestern.

They have a Ph.D program that I could apply to for next fall, several professors I could work with, and all admitted students are granted funding that includes a tuition waiver and a living stipend.

Only problem- it's in EVANSTON. And I'm not. The reason I would need a living stipend would be so that I could move out. The place I will be moving to is in Fox Point.

According to MapQuest, that's about an 89.66-mile problem.

Oh well. At least I've stopped freaking out about the GRE.


mickey said...

to quote Uncle John....Amtrak :)

rockford said...

Northwestern??? When did you discover this??? You have not said anything about it??? Let's talk - maybe we could make something work...would you have to be there every day??? (Fr. Paul is going to Chicago for his PhD work and still living in Fox Point - maybe it is the same as the Hmong set up???) Marquette does not have the same terminal PhD program???(by the way, I hate that name - it sounds like you are going for a PhD in dying...)