Friday, July 03, 2009


Ah, the almost 4th of July. When the colonists got fed up with helping to pay for their government, committed treason, got monumentally lucky, and we celebrate by setting off fireworks and getting together in large groups of people in a community park. Good times.

My family is being remarkably noncommittal about the whole thing this year. Still, no one will tell me what we're doing tomorrow, and it's like 10:43 pm. I just need to know if I need to be parade presentable, people.

Not that I would be wearing red, white, and/or blue. Because that's just way too cutesy for me. I haven't don that since my mom stopped dressing my sister and I in matching flag-colored outfits.

(They were cute, actually.)

(I imagine they would be less so now.)


rockford said...

Yes, they were cute actually - especially the ones that Grandma Del made for both of you girls -- SO cute!!! But, I'm thinking you are right - at 19 and 21 the little rompers would probably not be appropriate - nor quite as attractive:) - even though I think that you are the most beautiful girls in the "whole wide world"!!!!:)

mickey said...

oh I think they would still look cute in those outfits:):):) We just came from the Lakefront fireworks...good but not as good as the Big Bang...enjoy what events you go to :)