Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes. Fantastic timing.

I haven't worked, like, all summer. I have no life. Of course, the week that I have almost full-time hours and actual things to do, I would get a cold.

Okay. No, I don't have to go to Harry Potter at midnight tonight when I have to be up to open the store tomorrow morning. But, dude, it's Snape. Doing something to someone that I'm not going to mention in case there is someone who has been researching penguins in the arctic for the last five years and doesn't want the ending spoiled for her.

But, oh, God. So sick.


rockford said...

I guess that I am just too old to understand the Harry Potter thing...ok, I guess I do not understand the any movie at midnight thing either...but, I sure hope you all have a great time tonight :) !!!! Feel better:(

mickey said...

Sorry you don't feel good.....have a great time at the movie :):):)