Monday, July 06, 2009

Never a good thing.

I have very little going on in my life, and decided to check my Yahoo e-mail account this afternoon. After trying six different username/password combinations (What? It's been awhile.), I was greeted by that little Yahoo guy (a pale imitation of the AOL running dude) telling me I had 866 messages.

866 messages that held absolutely nothing of interest. According to the date stamp on the oldest one, the last time I checked that account, Obama had just been elected, the bailout hadn't gone through, and Franklin College in Switzerland wanted me to know that I only had two more weeks to register for Spring semester.

The rest were a boring collection of New York Times alerts, Borders coupons (which I could look at if I gave a damn), and Blockbuster alerting me to brand new releases that I probably would want to pick up, like Iron Man on DVD. Sure. I'll run right out and get that.

This is my problem with e-mail, and also why I have a very clean Facebook page.(Wait. I'll get there.) Unless it's my school e-mail, I never get anything fun. Everyone I actually know has my school account, so yes, I get interesting, actual human contact messages on there. And also stuff about classes. Which is almost as good if you're a dork like me.

But for the most part, it's spam. Spam I'm sure I signed up for at some point, but spam nonetheless. It's like a moral struggle between the increasingly nasty, "Hey, please pay your credit card bill. Like, now." messages and the "BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON, 60% OFF AT KOHL'S!" It annoys me. So I ignore it.

Facebook has a tendency to do this too- if you let it. Tons of applications send you messages and dispense notifications that seriously kill the "YAY! I got a notification!" buzz that those of us who don't enjoy actual human interaction get. So I delete all of them, because frankly, Facebook disappoints me enough by changing the template every time I get remotely used to it.


rockford said...

I guess we all know not to contact you via yahoo email now!!! Of course, I don't think I ever did because I do not think I even have your address!! I am glad to know that you keep your facebook page tidy - but I do not know what you are talking about with those notifications...maybe they do not send them to old people on facebook!!?? Thanks for the info on how to log on down here at your institution of higher learning - no one mentioned that the network was password protected but I guess it makes sense on some level - I am not sure which one - but your help will certainly make my day a bit more interesting - although it is fun to be here outside the theater again - it is almost a spooky feeling, I look up and expect to see old friends walking down the hall.... really strange..

mickey said...

That's why you didn't answer my 634 emails :):):)