Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things I Have Recently Discovered

I've taken to babysitting, because, well, Wisconsin raised tuition and I have credit cards and it makes Jesus weep less than stripping?

ANYWAY. Turns out you pick up a lot.

- The Milwaukee Country Club has a BUNCH of rules and a really long handbook. One that I read, cover-to-cover, and then checked the directory for people I knew. Because I am never going to be listed in that book with two separate addresses, one for summer and one for winter.

- Joe from Blue's Clues is kind of hot. A cursory IMDB search also indicates that he is (most likely) straight and engaged. Oh well. And here I thought I could have adorable children AND not have to keep them entertained.

- The couple, while perfectly nice, have no fricking clue what I've been through in that house. I was playing with the little girl on the floor and the mom went, "Heh, I bet you like coming over hear and having to deal with the hard floors. You must go home with sore knees!" Um. Yes. I tore up this carpeting. I've spend hours sitting on the floor because we got rid of the chairs. I once went home with sore armpits. Playing with racecars for twenty minutes isn't going to kill me. I promise.

- Playing with racecars on MY hardwood floor almost did, though.

- I seriously need to marry into wealth.


mickey said...

you are so funny:):):)

rockford said...

I remember telling Mr. Becker that that was Colleen's career goal at the time...he found it very amusing! Anyway, I would think it would be alot of fun to play with that sweet little girl and get to spend time at Grandpa's and with our neighbor friends...hardly seems like a job to me...and then, at the end of the evening, to have someone hand you large sums of me, it sure beats being a lawyer!!!!