Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now I'm really confused.

I got an letter from the History Department today, congratulating me for being singled out by one of my professors last semester as an "outstanding student".

It was a professor that I hated. For most of the semester. He was...weird. Creepy. Discussed lots of stuff my little repressed self doesn't want to discuss (unless it's a Facebook discussion of The Lost Symbol, in which case all bets are off.). EVER. Certainly not in a seminar.

But you tell the department that I want to spend the rest of my life in that I'm outstanding? Dude, I will have your babies.

(Even if his sexuality was a constant question amongst my friends and I. We were very confused.)

So yes, this is very exciting.

I think my favorite part was the paragraph at the end which was the standard, "Hey, if you have any questions about the history major, please contact me", and then signed by the head of the department, who happens to be my thesis advisor.


That made me laugh.


rockford said...

Congrats!!! If I had known how happy such letters made you, I would have sent you one myself during each of the semesters we homeschooled:) Ok, you already knew how great I thought you were...maybe a letter would have been just a touch silly.....

mickey said...

wow I have said it before and I will say it again......YOU ROCK !!!