Wednesday, September 02, 2009

That's better.

First day of classes was lovely. Had a latte and a muffin and a wrap and wow, is it weird that I can tell you more about what I had for lunch than what went on in my architecture class? I don't think so. Of everyone in my family, my relationship with food has always been the healthiest. Well, at least until I met Pacific Wraps.


My Italian Renaissance class is lovely, and the professor is not the evil woman her picture and emails make her out to be. She is, however, an architect. She gets into, like, building materials and tension and stuff and whatever, lady, can we talk about iconography in relief sculpture yet? Because that is so much more fun.

Tomorrow is so much religion than I may decide to screw it all and become an atheist by 5:00 (unlikely, I suppose.) Jewish Wisconsin, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, Arab-Israeli conflict, and intro to Jewish history. AND then I feel like I should got to Mass just to reorientate myself.


rockford said...

Please do not become an atheist by 5:00 - I have invested almost 22 years of my life in trying to help you understand the Catholic way o life --- remember: all that matters in life is that you please God, that your career must make you happy and please God, that when you get to heaven God will not be asking you your multiplication tables but rather what kind of person you were, etc....let me guess, these all sound a little familiar, right??!!!:) Twenty-two years is a long time to invest :) -- don't throw it all away because you took too heavy a class load:) ...don't worry, I KNOW you are kidding...(it's not like you have an English teacher trying to steal your soul....I know, I know, "she is not"!!!! Oh, there is so very much to worry about when you are a mother:)!!! By the way, that Mass thing, always a very good idea...I'll bet they are going to miss you at morning Mass now that school has started - who will serve and distribute will seem so empty without Grandpa and without you!!!!

mickey said...

lattes and muffins are good :)