Tuesday, September 01, 2009

May 18th was a long time ago.

Ahh. Tomorrow classes start. I ended up on campus today, running errands, and discovered that...wow. There are a lot of people. Huh. I think I know why I like the middle of the semester after everybody stops showing up. Oh well. It will still be fun.

I'm not sure how much fun art history will be, because I got a rather snippy e-mail from the professor basically telling us that we were ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING OUR SYLLABUS OFF D2L AND THERE WOULD BE NO PAPER COPIES AND OMG YOU'D BETTER HAVE IT. However, it hasn't actually been posted on D2L yet. So...yeah. There's that.

Anyway. Jewish history looks ridiculously easy- three tests and a paper. Other than the anal-retentive prohibition of eating anything or using a laptop, seems pretty good.

However, I don't get my T-Money fix until Thursday. *pouts* This is very disappointing.


mickey said...

have a great semester.....

Eileen (i'm too lazy to sign in) said...

So much for that Desire 2 Learn.