Thursday, September 24, 2009

Viewers like you.

Today in Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed we watched a video because...well, ostensibly it was to "tie together our study of the life of Moses." I think it was just because the professor didn't want to talk for seventy-five minutes and hey! I don't want to listen to you for seventy-five minutes and then memorize everything you say by Tuesday!


It was an interesting video too; kept me interested, mostly in trying to figure out if Bruce Feiler is gay or not. (Turns out no- just southern.)

I had a few thoughts- mostly about why there are always angsty walking-around-ruins-with-dramatic-music-whilst-contemplating-the-universe shots in these PBS documentaries.

And I'm sorry, are you allowed to just go to St. Catherine's Monastery? Like, to sleep? It's hardly a Motel 6.

Also, can you just wander around? I mean, it's hardly safe. If I were just trying to devote my life to God, I'd be really sick of having to interrupt my Byzantine Greek chanting to go find whatever Eager Beaver American who had just read The Da Vinci Code and gotten himself lost in the library. Talk about your penance.

You need an hour to get dressed for a 4 a.m. prayer service? Who are you trying to impress? Jesus doesn't care.

During the prayer service: "This is the most extraordinary display of devotion and faith I've ever experienced." So we're gonna film it!

Riding a camel: Oh! You made a "Lawrence of Arabia reference"! I'm sure that's the first time he's heard that! Yankee bitch.

Looking at an inscription: "Looks more like Latin to me." Yeah. Sure. I'm going to listen to the guy in the NorthFace jacket over the Greek Orthodox monk who is like 150 years old and is discreetly rolling his eyes in the corner.

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mickey said...

I'll bet it was interesting to watch you during that video :)