Sunday, September 06, 2009

We're at that place.

I helped my mom clean out her closet this afternoon and we came across her wedding gown. I realized that unlike every other daughter in the world, I've never tried it on. Clearly, this had to be remedied.

Also I was a little bit tired of sorting sweatshirts. My mother has a lot of sweatshirts.

I was pretty sure it wouldn't go on, because my mom weighed about as much as an African AIDS baby when she got married. It did go on, and it closed past my waist, and then stopped at my chest. I guess she wasn't a 34 D. Whatever.

She also suggested that my black bra made me look "less than virginal". Thanks, Mom.


rockford said...

Hey, anytime...I hope you had fun trying it on..both you and your sister looked so beautiful in it!!! Thanks again for helping me with the closet - are you sure that you did not like those sweaters???:) ...because I could go out in the car and take them out of the give-away bag if you would like me to keep them - or better yet, you could have them:)

mickey said...

my dress was one size larger than your mom's so feel free to try it boys won't be wearing it:):):)