Wednesday, January 20, 2010


No, not the irritatingly infectious Britney Spears single that is totally not at the top of my current playlist and even my iPhone loves it so much it pops up on shuffle an awful lot. Pssh. That would be weird.

No. Rather, this is in reference to the number of books I have to buy this semester. Ah, the joys of being a senior. My freshman year I spent $700 a semester on books. I'm not entirely sure how. But I know that packaged sets for two foreign languages and a geography survey are EXPENSIVE, y'all. And I'm almost completely positive that they were not worth it. Because I can't even remember what I took freshman year. So I'm thinking the books weren't that valuable.

Wait. That's not true. I remember French because it was so blindingly horrible and medieval history because it was awesome. The other eight? Not so much.

Anyway. I'm a senior now, and I've managed to skate through the last few semesters buying the bare minimum. I believe it was the semester that I was told to buy two Jewish study bibles that I adopted the "screw you" attitude towards book buying. So now I wait to see if I really need them. And if I do, then I'll see if the library has them. And if not, I'll get old editions from the internet because- psst!- the professor probably hasn't read enough of them to differentiate between editions either!

So this semester I managed to get all of my books from the library or alternative sources (God bless e-reserve), and only have to purchase three. One is a course packet, which I'm mad about having to buy because it's all stuff that I already have for my thesis and whatever, I do not want to go to some random printer on Oakland so I can have a THIRD copy of Nostra Aetate. I bought another one for $12 (including shipping) from some probably less-than-reputable internet person. (There's a special place in hell for someone who cheats a student out of a holocaust book.) And the final one I don't even need for a month an a half and...yeah...I'll deal with that later.

My last semester in undergrad and I don't even have to enter a bookstore.

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mickey said...

I don't think I entered a book store my first three semesters of undergad :):):) but I am happy for you!!!