Friday, January 22, 2010

Have you added anything to the Constitution lately?

I'm pretty sure I've written about Roe v. Wade at some point on here. I can't link to it, because when I did a term search I just found my opinion on Gardasil and my letter to Queen Elizabeth that would have made more sense a few weeks ago.

But I'm sure I have. Because goodness knows that if there's anything that I enjoy more than commenting on social issues it's commenting on social issues that INVOLVE THE SUPREME COURT.

Yes. I am something of a Supreme Court Whore Groupie. I read their blog, man. I'm pretty sure their significant others don't do that. It's pretty boring. But I still read it. I read decisions for fun. I want to be on the Supreme Court. If I thought I could handle more than one day of actually being a lawyer without wanting to kill myself from boredom, I would be obsessing over my law school application right now.

(But I don't. So I'm not.)

ANYWAY. One of the (few) things I am (very) fond of criticizing the Court for is the Roe decision and the fact that it should never have even been a decision. It's couched in Griswold, which is a bad ruling, too. I don't care how awesome you think it is, there is no right to privacy in the Constitution. Also, no penumbras. And I think that Justice Blackmun allowed his personal experience as legal counsel for the Mayo Clinic influence his opinion. He unfortunately witnessed the admittedly horrible things that happen when abortions are attempted in, well, I don't know how else to say this, but less than ideal conditions. (Is killing a baby ever in an ideal condition?) And that sucks. But oh, guys, you messed up with this one.

Honestly. Viability? Because that's not an ever-changing mark. I think that's the thing that depresses me most about abortion- it's so hopeless. You don't know what that child would have done or been. When I was born, I wasn't supposed to live. If my parents had known before I was born what was supposed to be wrong with me, they would have had the option to abort.

But nothing was permanently wrong. (Well, that we know of. I'm only 22. It could still happen.) And I still could have been gone. Like the almost fifty million children who are because of this legalization.

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mickey said...

I am very glad you lived and I think if problems were going to appear they would have started in the first 22 guess is you are out of the woods :) You have an opinion??????? Really??????